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Arunav Deka, Bronze Award participant from YES Centre Assam Valley School shares his passion for music and the belief The Award has brought him

The only power I believe in…Music

I used to be a regular person with no aim in life, with no clue of where this circle of life would lead me. But it all just came to place when I began to take things seriously; I knew what I was passionate about, what would lead me to be someone I can be proud about.

It was the music, an art of meditation, a power which expressed me every time I wanted to be heard.

A voice that consoled me every time I was upset with the something or the other. A melody which brought a smile to many faces. A path which inspires many to come along with me or besides me. Those who simply heard me, reflected their beliefs on me.

"Music brought a lot of change in my life, making it more systematic, pragmatic and worth living."

And there’s another worth I have made in this phenomenal gyre of learning is enrolling in the Bronze Award this year . It has helped me strengthen my capabilities to seek opportunities and open many doors, I look forward to becoming a master of, in the years to come.

While I continue my search, I hope to learn more and seek every oppourtunity to learn from the activities of The Award in my School and outside.

"I want to explore the possibilities through the Award, learning music and exploring my strengths... here I strive to a new beginning."

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