Failure is a Stepping Stone to Success - Bharti Rao

“Never let Success get to your head; never let failure get to your heart- Anonymous”

To put in simpler words, failure is inevitable. Therefore one should not get disheartened if we fail. We should not be downtrodden with failure instead we should stand up and keep going. If we get success we should not build an inflated ego because if we face any failure in future it will become harder for us to cope with it. 

We should always keep in mind that success & failure go hand in hand. If we don’t fail, we will never be aware of our shortcomings. If we see failure is really a stepping stone to success. Mostly all of us always have a negative aspect of failure. We should change our way of thinking towards failure and with a positive outlook, we should learn by failures. We should consider failure as success and take it is an opportunity.

We should always keep faith in ourselves take failures & setbacks as a normal part of life. Failures always help us to improve & encourage us to work harder to achieve success. If we are wise we should always take advantage of failures.

Bharti Rao. The Fabindia School, Email 

QUALITY - Rahul Kr. Thakur

Quality is a thing of excellence of something as compared or measured against other similar things and may be understood differently by different people. Quality determines how much and how well children learn and the extent to which their education translates. 

Every educator wants that their students have high standard and quality work. They always try to plan good lessons so their students can always do their best. 

Achieving quality can make yourself and others feel happy and good inside. We can also work together to get quality work and quality to care for the world. There should be always positive things in our words and thoughts need to be of high quality, there is no place for negative words. Its means not giving up of yourself, you need to believe that they can do it and educators must tell this to their students. 

And also in our circumstances, we need a friend who will stand by you when all will against. To get excellent in work we need a better quality of everything and for that, we practice and also educator can encourage their students for better quality work and students will give their best.

Rahul Kr. Thakur
The Fabindia School

Hard Work - Prakash Dangi
Hard work and punctuality are essential for a happy and successful life. They help in meeting the desired targets of one’s life. It plays a very important role in the life of a student. A student’s life is the building block of his future. He must practice punctuality and hard work in his daily life in order to achieve his goals and be successful.

These days, there is a lot of pressure on students. They are expected to be the masters in all fields. The cut-throat competition in their life cannot be left apart. They can overcome all this with organised work which adds to their efficacy. Organised work and punctuality go hand in hand. If a student does everything in time, by making and following a time-schedule ethically, he will never lag behind.

Hard work, which is the key to success, will help a student to enhance his skills. It will also increase his confidence which is a must for all students. A student must know the importance of time. The time that has once gone never comes back is an old saying and a student must keep it in mind. A student must know how to manage his precious time because student-life is the most important part of one’s life. And here if time is lost, it means everything is lost. 

He should not be taken in by others’ views. Rather he should be his own manager. And a good manager is one who does the right thing at the right time and at the right place. So, all of these three issues should be kept in mind by a student if he wants to establish good grounds for his future.

Prakash Dangi, The Fabindia School, Bali,


Addition, division, multiplication and subtraction.

These are the four mathematical operations.

If you are not good in these operations.

You are not good in calculation.

If you are not good in calculation.

You cannot solve simple mathematical problem.

Due to this problem you have tension.

Due to this tension you go to tuition.

But now a day’s tuition is a fashion.

So my dear student doesn’t go to tuition.

Take help from your teacher and, follow his/her instruction.

Suresh Singh Negi

The Fabindia School

My Good School - Where Passion Meets Education

My Good School Where Passion Meets Education
Recording of an interesting Insta Live session with Dipali Patwa, Group Head of Brand & Community, Fabindia, Board of Directors, Organic India USA along and Sandeep Dutt, Chairman of the Board that runs The Fabindia School, Author, Entrepreneur, Mountaineer as they talk about “School, where passion meets education.”

Change Unlimited Inc - Kalyani Chaudhuri

 “Never stop learning as life never stops teaching.”

March of 2020 will be written as a red-letter month for the World Education Systems.  Slowly and steadily when the Coronavirus was unleashing its tentacles to take the whole humanity into its clutches, little did we know what lay in store for educators in the coming months.  Nine long months have passed, the season has changed to winter from summer. But, have we been able to enjoy the autumn and are we looking forward to spring?  Well, metaphorically speaking, the whole duration has been that of a cold and cruel winter eagerly awaiting the spring.

Education has not stopped in our country as it hasn’t in the rest of the world.  How successful have we been in imparting knowledge through the digital medium?  Have the tall claims of ‘holistic education’ been honestly met? 

The life of educators has only been a rough road to ride.  The challenges for both the educators and the Head of the Institution have compounded to an explosive limit.  The most challenging ordeals for us have been:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Fee recovery
  • Emotional well-being of students, teachers and parents

Our faculty underwent rigorous training for the new learning management system, Google Classroom, from an EdTech trainer in April and May.  Attending each session with the educators made me realise both its potential and challenges as it was very new for me.  Reading up on the internet and watching supporting videos started clearing my head to formulate a clear pathway ahead. The second step was to form a Tech-Savvy Team with the educators who knew a little more about technology and were keen on exploring further.  A group of four educators were assigned to each TST member for 24/7 assistance.  

Webinars and workshops by experts on Technology in education from India and abroad came to my rescue to equip the team with all available tools.  The task was daunting but achievable.  It was a real acid test for every faculty member to understand the usage of these tools.  Many were into this for the first time.  The initial months were a nightmare for educators as they had to work extra hours to get tech ready.  Devices posed another mammoth challenge.  Space crunch at home was a topping on the tech-fiery ice-cream.  We began to understand it better.

The three steps involved in the process simplified our task.

  1. Mobilise
  2. Stabilise
  3. Strategize

We started curating Teaching-learning aids that would help us understand the learners ‘progress and map it well.  Quality of the Academic content and the delivery was of utmost importance as the educator was not only teaching the student but the entire family.  Training sessions as per needs were recommended and conducted, and the leadership team took the onus of the digital transformation.

These three steps worked in our favour with regards to fee recovery too.  We mobilised an internal recovery team.  Giving the time we needed to be understanding and soft in our approach.  Strategies to ease the burden were formed and well accepted by our patrons.  Though it’s still a long battle, we are positive that things will turn around. 

Happy calling was initiated by the Principal’s office.  Each and every family was given a call to check on their well being and needs.  It helped us know their challenges a little more and work on making things achievable for all stakeholders.  Educators were advised not to work after 4 p.m.  Their family time was never intruded into planning meetings.  Initially, they all cooperated to put the tech train on the tracks.  Once the journey began, we started getting used to the demanding routine and rigorous back end support work.  Their physical and emotional well being was taken care of by introducing exercise classes and ‘no work talks sessions’.  

The Student Council emerged as another pillar of strength for the institution.  Gen Z took it upon their stride to plan and host engagement activities for the entire student and parent and teacher community.  Celebrations ensued as we kept admiring our future caregivers’ resilience and tenacity. 

The three Cs ‘coordinate, correlate and collaborate’ lifted us from the doom that we had plunged into at the beginning of this ordeal.  Life creates ample opportunities for posing challenges.  It’s to us whether we wish to remain victims of the challenges or master them.

All’s well that ends well. Sustaining these new and effective strategies will determine our future successes.  The potential of blended learning has just seen the light of the day in our country.  A robust system in the upcoming NEP implementation should help ensure equity among learners across our country's geographical and social diversity.

Hoping to see our students returning to campus with exuberance and vibrance. The giggles and laughter much awaited in the now desolate campus.  I say goodbye, COVID-19, welcome 2021! Thank you, COVID-19, for making us stronger, smarter and gentler.

‘The world is changed by your example, not your opinion’.

Paul Coelho

Kalyani Chaudhuri

Principal Billabong High International School, Thane

Member Advisory Board Learning Forward India Director My Good School

Why do we Trust Simplicity? - Medley DGS

The straight from the heart discussion of teaching fraternity on Simplicity and Trust made me ponder upon the topic from the point of view of a Teacher, a Parent and a child. Trust and Simplicity are two different words but are entwined in such a way that one is incomplete without the other. Daily Newspaper ‘The Hindu’, once asked its readers “What was it that inspired people to follow Mahatma Gandhi?” to which a Class III student replied, “People followed him because he led a simple life”.  A student of class V said, “Gandhi Ji practised simplicity, he was fearless in speaking the truth; he practised what he said before asking others to follow.” All the responses directed towards the fact that is simple in thoughts, action and preaching made people trust Mahatma Gandhi.

I asked the teachers-

It might be easy to preach ‘’Simple Living, High Thinking’’ but in today’s era of ‘jo dikhta hai, wo bikta hai’ how would you make your students understand the value of simplicity?

Chandralekha:- That’s right, it’s not easy to make students understand why they should be simple? I often observe the girls, as soon as they come back from their outing/vacations that they start showing off their new toys, games, clothes and accessories to others in the dorm. I realized, this is the way kids show their happiness and excitement, but this showbiz can hurt the feelings of others who are left behind. As a school, we do many activities like giving a fixed amount to students which they can spend on school fairs. This helps them balance their priorities and value for money. Simplicity can be seen in many ways like in your way of living, in choosing your wardrobe, in expressing yourself, in dealing with an adverse situation, in your behaviour and words. As a teacher, I always make a point to appreciate simple efforts and behaviour in my class, so the students understand that simplicity is trusted and appreciated. 

Parents these days want their children to be smart more than being simple, how do you balance this?

Mamta:- We have to make children understand the difference between smart and simple, both these words can go together. Our Ex-President APJ Abdul Kalam was a simple and smart man. Simplicity is reflected in one’s thoughts and actions. Smartness is reflected as one’s intelligence which one uses to handle a crisis, manage people and situations. We often relate smartness with external appearance, expensive clothes, accessories and materialistic possessions hence, when we talk about being simple we get confused that the two words are opposite and to get one we have to leave other. Being simple does mean eliminating non-essentials from our lives, but that does not mean we cannot be smart. Bringing this clarity to children’s minds will help them balance the two virtues in their life.

As a parent, we often tell our children not to trust anyone, not to take stuff from strangers or talk to strangers. Now if we want them to trust others, is it not conflicting?

Rudrani: - It is very conflicting indeed, but at the same time, children must learn to trust. The news that we read or listen to show very often that children or even grown-ups getting into trouble for trusting unknown people. A trustworthy person always cares about you. However, there are many people who actually appear to be nice only because they want something for themselves at your expense. By getting exposed to various aspects of human beings and their nature through stories and real-life incidents, children can develop the abilities to judge the good and bad intents and motives of people. We always ask our children to be polite and nice to people, but that does not mean to put aside your skills of understanding and evaluating others. Children are told not to trust or take things from strangers because a relationship of trust can happen only when you feel comfortable with that person. In school and at home, children should discuss with their teachers and parents how to sense the intent of people, the ideas of belief, faith and confidence. 

How can we develop an environment of trust in our class?

Anubhuti:- Doing simple things with children can make them happy and content. In one of my online class, a student told me that today is Ria's birthday (another student). I wished Ria and blessed her, then we all sang birthday song and clapped for her as we would have done in the school’s assembly. This small gesture itself moved them. I did nothing special, but they all were satisfied and beaming with happiness. I was glad to see that it didn’t require any decorations, cake, gifts or chocolates, to make someone feel special. They trusted me with the fact that if they tell me something, I will listen and appreciate. I believe communication is the best weapon to inculcate simplicity in children. When we listen, give them opportunities to express their thoughts, the foundation of trust is laid.

As a teacher how easy or difficult is to trust your students?

Kirti:- If as a teacher, you want your students to have full faith or trust in you or they must share their thoughts with you then, you too have to trust them. In most cases, it's the students who prove to be more trustworthy. Once you let them know that you trust them, they won’t fail you. I've tried this with my class. Many times during the class test, I would go out of the class telling them that I trust them and believe that they won't cheat. After checking their papers, I really feel proud that just for the sake of good marks, they didn't break my trust. I also praise those students who failed yet chose not to cheat. To encourage them I also tell that, had it been for me, I too would have been tempted to cheat but resisting the temptation makes us earn trust and respect through it may lose us few marks.

Sugandha:- I am an artist. Just like a child, artists don’t understand complex things. We break everything into simple, comprehensible parts and bring it to our creation. It’s simplicity that we trust and get attracted to. By being simple and easy to understand, the teacher can earn the trust of its students. For me, it’s not difficult to trust children as they are simple and honest.

Simplicity is removing all the non-essentials from our life, eliminating complexity and chaos. Simplicity earns trust. It’s difficult to understand the complexity, and the human mind does not trust that it cannot comprehend. Thus, ‘Trust’ is the building block of any society. We cannot function for a day without trust. Buying groceries, visiting doctor, leaving the child to school, stepping out of our home all of it requires trust either on self or others.

Childhood means simplicity. Look at the world with the child’s eye-           it is very beautiful

………………………..Kailash Satyarthi

Team Medley DGS @ The Doon Girls's School, Dehradun - Anubhuti Sharma, Chandralekha Negi, Kirti Bisht, Mamta Kandpal, Neelam Waldia, Rudrani Ray, Sugandha Ahluwalia

Simplicity and Trust - Flyers DGS

           सादगी और विश्वास- यह कोई नया विषय नहीं है बल्कि इतिहास के पृष्ठों पर अटल स्मृतियां हैं। बंदर जाति, साधारण- पर राम का विश्वास पाकर समुद्र पर पुल बांधा। मुरा साधारण व्यक्तित्व, चाणक्य का विश्वास पाकर चंद्रगुप्त को महान सम्राट बना गई। अहिंसा पर विश्वास करने वाले महात्मा गांधी-पर स्वराज्य का स्वप्न पूर्ण किया। साधारण व्यक्तित्व की पन्नाधाय- उदय सिंह को पुनः राज्य प्राप्ति। दूर क्यों जाएं, वर्तमान में हमारे प्रधानमंत्री सादगी और विश्वास की प्रतिमूर्ति।

                                            गुदड़ी के लाल की यह पहचान, विश्वास व सादगी है जिसकी शान ।

                                          Simplicity and trust are two beautiful values which we require to build strong inter and intra-personal relationships. We easily trust people who are simple in their thoughts and reflect honesty. We asked a few questions related to these two values from the members of our group and they came up with beautiful replies.

1. What do simplicity and trust mean to you?  

Nandini: Trust is a foundation stone of any relationship; we lack the strength of any relationship in the absence of Trust. And to trust others, we need to trust ourselves first, we should have faith in ourselves. When we meet a child, talk to him or her, listen to the child carefully, give responses to his or her talks, show concern, share our realities, keep their secrets, remember their responses, keep our words and trust the child, we build trust towards each other. 

Simplicity means being simple, real and natural. It means being what you are, what you think and what you feel. 
2. What are the qualities that you look in others before trusting them?  

Urvashi: I would definitely look for the qualities that the person is truthful about himself/herself as well as others. Always keeps his/her words. It is someone in whom you can confide your deepest secrets without giving a second thought. I can trust someone who avoids water cooler gossips and rumour-mongering. Last but not the least beliefs in long term relationships than short term gains. 


3. Do you think simplicity and trust are interlinked to each other? 

Vandana: Simplicity and trust complete each other. If a person is simple transparent and clear in his thoughts and actions, he is bound to be trustworthy and hence both go hand in hand. Cunningness and complexity in nature of an individual cannot win him trust and he himself cant feel the pride of his own Being. 


4. Is it true that a smart person can be simple too?

Bhumika: This question makes me wonder, arent we all given a blank sheet of paper when we are born which is absolutely simple and while we grow up, that simplicity stays with a few and a few people are multifarious. But does that mean with a few people with whom simplicity continues to be a part of life are not Smart? Smart people are generally simple and for me, the definition of simplicity goes hand in hand with smartness. A simple and a smart person comprises of a person who is compassionate, thinker, kind, loving, trustworthy, adaptable and honest. Therefore, it’s easy to conclude that Simplicity and Smartness is effortless,

 and they are a part of each other. 

5. Why is it important for children to learn these two values -Simplicity and trust?     

Ritika:  Children are naturally innocent and simple. It is very important to nurture this simplicity in them and support their remarkable faith in their teachers and parents. They believe that their teachers speak the truth but nothing else, so it is very important to live up to that expectation. Trust has to be mutual - the degree to which our children can trust us will later become reflected in their own ability to trust. We have to teach our kids to be simple. It is our responsibility to teach them that they can still fit in their peer circle without flaunting expensive gadgets and trends.  

Written simply by Flyers DGS @ The Doon Girls's School, Dehradun - Vijaya Jugran, Vandana Goel, Urvashi Uniyal, Nandini Arora, Bhumika Vyas and Ritika Tyagi.

Simplicity and Trust - Triumph DGS


Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated – Confucius

The word ‘simplicity’ seems very simple but it is much more than that, somebody said it very right that – if one wants to really talk about simplicity and trust you need to look through the eyes of a child.

I know a person; maybe you might also know her. A girl who didn't let the child within her die and is a child by heart. She is not a philosopher or a legend, she is as common as we are – she is Geet Dhillon of ‘Jab We Met' movie.


Sometimes it’s the smallest things that take up the most room in your heart- Winnie the pooh.

Geet-whose child within made her real, a girl with a simple approach towards life. I love when she says,

“Jo kuch insaan real mein chahta hai, actual mein, use wahi milta hai”


It’s a quality:

-        Which lets you to be what you are.
-        Which helps in focusing what is most important to you.
-        Keeps you connected with your roots, make you generous and calm..
-        Makes you down to earth person.
-        Makes you believe or trust yourself
-        Gives room to breathe.


 And Geet had them all...

Simplicity is such a quality that gives birth to TRUST and true ETERNAL BLISS. This 10-letter word has immense power, which can make one’s life filled with meaning, a life full of love, friendship, generosity, care, trust and happiness.

Here sharing a TRUE STORY inspired by a small girl who explains -how Simplicity  Happiness and Trust go together and makes a GoldenTriangle.

Click here👇  if you have trouble viewing the video.

But it is really sad that as time passes, we get busy and then busier; when and how our hand slips the child (simplicity)within, that even our heart doesn’t come to know.

Let’s keep this child alive.....

  - Meditate as it brings inner peace and self-awareness.- We and our life stories,all       are unique hence no comparison.

         - Keep yourself connected with a beautiful gift of God -NATURE. And surely you’ll be one step ahead in keeping and maintaining the simplicity on its own true level.

     -  Giving gifts or time to the people or to the organizations when and where needed.  As a gesture of giving is a symbol of love, care and selflessness which in return will give you soul satisfaction and be REAL.

At last I would conclude with these amazing lines of Seline Shenoy…..

“Adopting simplicity doesn’t mean giving up all the material possession and retreat to the Himalayas. Rather simplicity is expressed in how we function, how we think, behave, live and make choices. Simplicity does not depreciate the values of life but makes it more accessible.”

Believe me, people will not tag you if you are SIMPLE, in fact, they will admire you and say- There is great beauty in your SIMPLICITY!

Proudly created by the inspiring team of Triumph DGS @ The Doon Girls' School, Dehradun - Prachi Jain, Mansi Sondhi Arora, Ritika Chandani, Shalu Rawat, Mohini Bohra Chauhan and Prachi Parashar

Simplicity and Trust - Magnets DGS

Simplicity is positive energy. A person having this energy, that is, ‘simplicity’ has the capability to influence others and adjust in every situation of life because he doesn’t believe in showing off. Simplicity is usually considered as a plane with no decorations, so when we think of ‘simplicity’ we are often not so attracted towards it. We tend to make a lot of effort to make ourselves seem fascinating to others. But in this process of making up, we lose touch with our innate purity and innocence and become unable to express our true beauty. When students have teachers and seniors they can trust at school, it can dramatically change their classroom behaviour because they have personal support, which has to be simple to make them understand it, to navigate daily hurdles.

Simplicity means complete purity of thoughts and deeds, it is to be egoless and free from every kind of negativity. So, when I return to my natural ‘simplicity’ I am able to express my innate beauty and strength and enable others to trust me. Simplicity gives us peace of mind, as we get satisfied with the things that matter most.  

Trust is like a container, you put things into it, trust can help you create a lasting legacy for those you love and care the most. A student or a child is like clay, we can mould him into any shape. Teacher, like a potter, needs to teach with simplicity and trust so that the children can understand, learn, have faith and follow the teacher.

              An incident shared by one of the team members is an example of the above.


In December 2016, I joined a team of eight friends to teach at a Winter School Camp. The children attending the camp were from a remote village located at the foothills of the Himalayas. During one of the sessions, I was sharing about the importance of our environment and how it is our duty to care for it. Amidst the session, a little girl inquired innocently, "The sky and the mountains are so beautiful, who made all these?" For a second, I had to gather my thoughts and think of a suitable answer as she looked at me with her bright eyes filled with curiosity. The question she posed reflected the simplicity she portrayed in her eagerness to learn.  Despite being the youngest in the group, she was bold enough to ask me a question on the first day of the camp. By doing so, she innocently displayed her trust in me as a teacher to be able to answer her question. As I pondered on this incident, I realised that children look up to us and believe that their teachers would be able to answer all their questions. They notice even the minute things we say or do hence as teachers, we should remain patient and endeavour to build a relationship with our students exhibiting trust and compassion.

The Magnets DGS believe, a child understands simple gestures and trusts easily. We are born with simplicity. Given an environment of simplicity and trust, the child readily accepts it, learns it and imbibes the way of life. The child admires, appreciates and is happy in simplicity. Trust comes naturally in a comfortable, familiar and friendly environment. The child may display anxiety in a new situation or while meeting someone new, but trust follows.

As the child grows and observes the complexity in behaviour looking at people all around, he is puzzled and the transition begins, making the child shift to another path. In an attempt to balance in the complex atmosphere and under peer pressure simplicity and trust begin to diminish. Hence it is imperative both for the parents and teachers to support each other, understand the need to work together in grooming the child and help the child focus on what is right for personal and social development.

Simplicity and trust are very important in the school culture. Schools play an important role in maintaining discipline and uniformity. Simple school dress, use of simple stationery and lunch box, fulfil the needs of the child. It also keeps the child away from temptation. The child learns to be content, growing in values, building up healthy relationships, living a simple life with honesty and trust. 

सादा जीवन उच्च विचार ” ये जीवन का सत्य है | सादगी मानव की अमूल्य निधि है | सादगी से तात्पर्य व्यक्ति की सरलता, भोलेपन और विनम्रता से है | किसी भी आदमी की सादगी उसके नैतिक आचरण का प्रतिबिंब होती है | ऐसा माना जाता है कि सादगी पसंद लोग अपने जीवन में अधिक सफल होते हैं क्योंकि वे ईर्ष्या, द्वेष और बदले की भावना से दूर होते हैं | उनके आस-पास सकारात्मक ऊर्जा रहती है |

सादगी एक ऐसा नियम है जिससे बहुत सी समस्याओं से हल पा सकते हैं | हम अपना बहुत सा धन समय और ऊर्जा बचा कर समाज कल्याण में लगा सकते हैं | कहा भी गया है कि “ कथनी और करनी ” में अंतर नहीं करना चाहिए | हमारे सामने ऐसे बहुत से महान लोग हैं जिनसे हम प्रेरणा ले सकते हैं | जैसे – महात्मा बुद्ध, स्वामी विवेकानंद और महावीर जो कि राज परिवार से थे पर सरल और सादगी भरा जीवन जीते थे | हमारे प्रथम राष्ट्रपति डॉक्टर राजेन्द्र प्रसाद, प्रधानमंत्री लाल बहादुर शास्त्री, अब्दुल कलाम आज़ाद और वर्तमान प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी जी अपने सरल और सादगी के जीवन के सबसे अच्छे उदाहरण हैं |

तीन मूलभूत आवश्यकताएँ  रोटी, कपड़ा और मकान इनको कौन कितना पाने के लिए पीछे दौड़ता है ये उसका चरित्र और स्वभाव बन जाता है | सादा और सरल जीवन अन्य लोगों पर प्रभाव भी डालता है जिससे लोगों का विश्वास और भरोसा होता है | दूसरे लोगों का विश्वास और भरोसा श्रेष्ठ आचरण से ही जीता जा सकता है और यही हमारे जीवन की परीक्षा का परीक्षा फल होता है |

मनुष्य के चरित्र की विशेषताओं में मुख्य है, सादगी | यदि विचार किया जाए तो सादगी ही हर गुणों की जननी है | सादगी एक ऐसा गुण है जो मनुष्य को अपने स्वभाव, रहन-सहन में आम से खास बना देता है | वही व्यक्ति उदार, प्रेमी और सहनशील होता है जो सादा जीवन जीता है | सादगी शब्द का सीधा अर्थ है- निष्कपटता, उदारता और विनम्रता | यह मनुष्य का श्रृंगार है | सादा मनुष्य जड़ प्रकृति और सजीव प्रकृति का भेद-भाव नहीं करता | उसकी उदारता एक समान होती है | यह गुण जन्म-जात होता है | परंतु यदि मनुष्य के मन में जज़्बा हो तो वह सभी मनुष्य के लिए संवेदनशील हो जाता है और यही संवेदनशीलता सादगी को जन्म देती है |  

सादगी भरा जीवन सकारात्मकता ला सकता है |

Magnets DGS @ The Doon Girls' School, Dehradun - Kiran Juyal, Manju Srivastava, Mezhu Chopra, Pooja Sharma, Pratima Singh and Renu Sundriyal

Simplicity and Trust - Dynamic DGS

When the sparkling water bubbles bedazzle you more than diamonds, then you know the joy of simplicity. When the fragrance of wet mud after the showers enthrals your soul more than the expensive perfume, then you experience the beauty of simplicity. When the swing on the tree looks more inviting than a drive in the car, then you embrace simplicity. When you have it all and don't flaunt it, stay rooted and treat all alike, then you wear simplicity like a heritage ensemble that tells a story about your good upbringing. Simplicity is throwing pebbles in a pond and enjoying the ripples. Simplicity is being yourself and enjoying the simple things of life.

Simplicity is to be happy with what we have and not want things just because others have them. Simplicity can mean different things for different people. I am not sure if simplicity can actually be taught; we learn by observing others. Children are born simple, but sometimes we as adults don’t let them remain that way. We feel we need to follow our peers or not fit in or be cool enough.  Life is simple and easy, we complicate things.

We have often heard that trust is the key to every successful relationship. Trust also gives a sense of security. We must trust children for them to trust us. We form opinions and brand them. For example, we feel a naughty and disobedient child is never honest, and we don’t give them a chance to explain themselves.

Trusting people is essential but not very easy. Trust is the base of most relationships, and trust comes with time. We trust people when we know we can be honest with them, and we are not being judged.  For children to trust us, we need to be trustworthy and make sure we do not discuss what the child has shared with us. Sometimes a child trusts us and shares their thoughts with us, and we betray their confidence. Trust works both ways we need to trust children too.

Dynamic DGS @ THE Doon Girls School, Dehradun - Reena Gusain, Reah Sikand, Meenakshi Panwar, Shilpika Pandey, Rachna Bharrdwaj & Sumali Devgan

Living your Life to the fullest - Richa Solanki

Life is very complicated as you all know, it is never same as before or after. Something and something is changing always, the changes are around you,  in you, or maybe inside you. Sometimes we also have no answer that the breaks or challenges we are facing are what,  why and how the problems are unlimited.  

Sometimes there is no solution and no conclusion. We never think that problems that are arriving in our life are literally our own mistake, we are very close to us only and always blame others, and say I am too far away from me. 

Some people always judge life by luck, all things happen due to good and bad luck of a person and say life has no feeling. If a person dreams or thinks they just say it is our luck. Life is large,  yet so small because we never accept the truth of our life. The things which we are thinking are too small but they are literally so big.

Dreams are colourful and beautiful, but sometimes we become blind when dreams make us sad. Don't disappoint yourself with its tinge of sourness,  we must live every moment and feel the edge and don't waste time. I may say life is a lovely road which has no end.  A lovely shore,  a lovely road where each aspect stands. 

Life is what we make and develop. Some people appreciate it, others take it for granted. It depends on you,  how you want to be.  Happiness gives great times. Don't give sadness a dime,  enjoy life,  rejoice,  it deserves treatment. Because your existence is in its fulfilment. Make every moment count,  live the present, never think about the past because life just slowly fades away and you just wish you could never let the past go away.

Richa Solanki
The Fabindia School

SUCCESS - Byju Joseph

Success is something that we dream to achieve which is totally different for each one of us. It gives us a feeling of happiness or satisfaction when we gain it. It provides true meaning to our lives.

In order to succeed, the first thing that you need is to have a goal which needs to be attained. It can be anything towards which you have a particular interest or passion.

Secondly, you need to strive for it, being a passionate dreamer. Concentrate more and take up all the risks and pains to achieve it. Work damn hard for it. Give up everything for your dreams but never give up on your dreams. Everything starts with a small dream, so you have to be a dreamer at first. You know that just being a dreamer can do nothing because dreamers cannot be achievers but just dreamers. Only a few achieve their dreams or goals.

You need to be a believer because nothing will happen until you believe.  Others won’t believe but they will somehow make you doubt on your dreams. Always remember those dreams belong to you and it’s your responsibility to turn it into your reality. Others may or may not support you, you will be all alone but just know the path towards success is less crowded and you will be the one there and no one else.

The next thing you need to know is that hard work pays off. If you want to get something you need to give something at first. Here what you give is your hard work, your energy, your efforts, your time, your tears and it is going to pay off. You need to have your courage to handle, your patience and persistence. 

Nothing happens overnight. Everything takes time. Everything starts from nothing. So you need to make it out of scratch. You cannot build an empire in just one day. You need to hold on through your hardships and pain. Successful people know they are going to be successful no matter what,  that’s the faith that they have in their hearts. You should know that success is destined and your goal is your final destination.

Byju Joseph
The Fabindia School, Bali

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