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Self Development means improving yourself to be more useful to others. 
As a tiny sapling, Pip just wanted to be popular like Big Apple. So, with lots of help and work he grows strong enough to grow the apples which feed all his forest friends. Birds and squirrels nest in his branches and children come to build a tree house. Soonhe is the most popular tree in the forest and wants around him. Introduce your kids to these important life skills. These stories are the perfect for a class room session. By the end of each story child will learn a life-changing behavior such as Setting and achieving goals, Planning for success, teamwork and self development. Give them the opportunity to learn these vital skills at an early age.
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Life Skills Development

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Life  Skills Development is a life-long process that helps individuals grow and mature; build confidence in one's decisions taken on the basis of adequate information and thought, and discover sources of strength within and outside. It is noteworthy that, from times immemorial, every culture and society has invested in educating and empowering its younger generation to lead fulfilling and responsible lives. For example, the 'Panchatantra' stories from India have very important lessons in Life Skills enhancement that remain relevant to all generations.

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Use Technology To Teach Life Skills To Youth

Technology has significantly changed the way we do things and the way we interact with those around us. In many ways, it has improved our lives and given us new opportunities, but it also has the potential for dominating our lives and eating up time that could be spent in more productive ways.

Before technology was rooted so deeply in our lives, parents role modelled many practical life skills such as cooking, laundry, and financial literacy. Now, teens are too busy looking at a screen to even notice how these things are done. Never before have so many teens headed to college with a lack of basic life skills. Parents should take charge to teach skills to their teens, to transition smoothly into adulthood and perhaps the best way to do that is to incorporate technology whenever possible. Here are a few life skills that parents should teach teens.

COOKING: Teens need to learn how to cook simple meals. If they aren’t able to cook, they will rely on fast food and take out which is bad both for their health and their budget. While your teen may rather post on facebook and let you cook their dinner, you should insist that they help you in the kitchen occasionally. The great thing is that you can encourage your teen to use their technology for this skill, such as getting a cooking app that offers recipes and how to videos.

TALKING FACE TO FACE: With teens spending so much time behind screens, they don’t always know proper manners. Make sure your teens know how to shake hands and make eye to eye contact with someone they are meeting.

HOUSEKEEPING: While they may disagree teenagers really should be aware how to do basic chores, such as cleaning bathrooms and doing laundry. They will need to be able to do this type of housekeeping whether they are moving to college or just moving out on their own. Again, there are apps available for cleaning that could make this chore a little more engaging to your teen.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Instead of letting today's technology negatively shape your teens, intervene now to ensure your child is shaped by experiences and lessons that you provide. Wherever possible, incorporate their love of technology to teach them valuable skills they can use. If you invest time into helping your teenager develop these lifelong skills, you are increasing their opportunities to be successful in adulthood.

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Life Skills as psycho-social abilities


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                                                              Life Skills

                Life skills are psycho-social abilities for positive behaviour that enable  Individuals to deal effectively with the demand & challenges of everyday life. 
Life skill is set of basic skills  acquired  through  learning or direct life experiences that enable  Individuals  and groups to effectively handle  issues and problems commonly  encountered in daily life.

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The two pots
It was a cyclonic season. There was a flood everywhere.
Many houses drowned in the flood. There was a copper pot and an earthen pot in a house. Both these were washed away in the flood to a river.
The copper pot called the earthen pot and said, “Many friends, you are made of mud. You are so weak. Please come near me.I’ ll save you.”
The earthen pot replied.”Thanks you for your kindness. My friend. But let me swim to the bank by myself. The earthen pot began to swim towards the bank of the river.
As the copper pot tried to swim, water got filled into the pot and the copper pot drowned. But earthen pot reached the bank.
        Weakness is not in appearance

Rajni Rajput

Life Skills and Adolescence

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Life Skill
Adolescence is a maturity period of development and adolescents are considered as the productive members of a society. Now a days the life of adolescents are flattering miserable due to many reasons including unsuitable home and school environment. They are becoming individuals who are less stimulated, less confident and are engaging in rebellious activities and spoiling their valuable life. Adolescence is a period when the cerebral, physical and all the capabilities are very high but their antisocial activities and performance are deteriorating all their capabilities and they are becoming a burden to the society. Imparting life skill training through inculcating life skill education will help our adolescents to overcome such difficulties in life. Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life (WHO, 1996). Life skill education aims to provide students with strategies to make healthy choices that contribute to a meaningful life. Life skills are the abilities that help to promote psychological well being and ability in young people as they face the realities of life. It helps the young people to take positive actions to protect themselves and to promote health and meaningful social relationship. Life skill facilitates a complete and integrated development of individuals to function effectively as social beings. Life skills can be applied in the contexts of social and health events. With life skills, one is able to explore alternatives, weigh pros and cons and make rational decisions in solving each problem or issue as it arises. It also entails being able to establish productive interpersonal relationships with others. Developing life skills helps adolescents in translating knowledge, attitude and values into healthy behavior that makes their life fruitful. Life skills also help in empowering girls by imparting healthy behavior and helping them to avoid risks and to make appropriate decisions at the right time.
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Basic skill of life.

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                                                            Life skill
Life skill is the  basic skill that is acquired through learning and from our day by day  life experiences that enable us to effectively handle so many  problems which we face in our daily life. 
     Our day to day life have  so many challenges  which include creativity, critical thinking, decision making, ability to communicate and analyses the things more better way.
 Life skill helps an individual to develop self-confidence and successfully deal with significant life challenges.
  Life skill helps us to live a better and managed quality of life. It helps us to accomplish our ambition. However the most important life skill is the ability and willingness to learn new things. If we learn new skills we understand the world and equip ourselves with new tools to cope up with new challenges that life throws in front of us in every walk of life.
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