Nobody told you this about U.S. education....

Even if we do know about the state of education worldwide, we never ponder over the fact that post-secondary students worldwide are dropping out of school at alarming rates. In fact, a recent study found that one in four freshman in the U.S. do not complete their first year of school, despite giving college a try.
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GAHS President's social movement in the Himalayas

Ishita Khanna, the President of GAHS  is a young dynamic social entrepreneur. She is the Director of Ecosphere, a social enterprise she co-founded in the Himalayas in collaboration with the local community of Spiti and other professionals from diverse backgrounds. She is also the co-founder of Muse.

Her work experience at the grassroots and passion for the
environment and mountains has been the driving force for both Muse and Ecosphere which enable her to live her philosophy. She was voted as an Mtv Youth Icon in 2008 and has been featured in various magazines and articles as one of India’s 50 leading social entrepreneurs. She has been awarded the Real Heroes award by CNN-IBN and is also an Ashoka fellow.

Ecosphere aims to achieve a responsive synergy in establishing the crucial link between economic empowermentdevelopment and conservation through their range of products and services. Ecosphere’s versatile initiatives range from eco-travel, health & organics, handicrafts and renewable energy to further their efforts towards conservation, livelihoods and sustainable development. 

Ishita promotes community-based eco-tourism in the Spiti Valley through a plethora of programs. You can experience the unique natural & cultural heritage and environment of Spiti: discover your spiritual side in the lap of   pristine mother nature, witness the wild habitat, volunteer to be part of climate change solutions, experience the adrenaline rush with various adventure activities and also the simple Spitian life.

Moment of revelation awaits you at Spiti... Experience nature at its serene best...

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