Do you remember me, Teacher?

A young man saw his primary school teacher at a wedding.
He went to greet him with all the respect and admiration.

He said to him:
"Do you remember me, Teacher?"
The teacher said: "No, please introduce yourself."
The student said: "I was your student in the 3rd Grade, I am the one who stole the watch of a child in the classroom. I will remind you but I am sure you remember the story."

One of the boys in my class had a beautiful watch, so I decided to steal it.             
He came to you crying that someone had stolen his watch.
You asked us to stand so as to search for our pockets.   

I realized that my action would be exposed in front of Students and Teachers.
I will be called a thief, a liar and my character will be shattered forever.

You asked us to stand and face the wall and close our eyes completely.
You went searching from pocket to pocket, and when you reached my pocket you pulled the watch out of my pocket, and you continued until you searched the last student.

After you finished you asked us to open our eyes and to sit on our chairs.   
I was afraid you will expose me in front of the students.

You showed the watch to the class and gave it back to the boy, and you never mentioned the name of the one who stole the watch. You never said a word to me, and you never mentioned the story to anyone.

Teachers are the true 'value creators'.
We can help you do this better
Throughout my school life, none of the teachers nor the students talked about me stealing the watch.     
I thought to myself you saved my dignity that day.

The teacher said: "I can't remember who stole the watch that day because I searched the pockets of all of you while my eyes were also closed."

Education needs wisdom. We should be able to be such Teachers, such Parents, such Leaders and be able to be for people in such circumstances.

We should always calculate the consequences of our actions. Protecting and reforming is tougher than exposing and expelling.

- Thank you, Siddarth Singh, for forwarding this most to us.  Siddarth is a professional photographer and a wonderful human being. 

Prerna Rathod: Play, Curiosity and Enthusiasm

Play is an important part of school life. Play is taken as sports or games. Play doesn’t imply to games, it means activities that help in learning. Of course sports and games are important part of education as these help students to remain fit and healthy. Also while playing games, students learn important values like playing a fair game, team spirit, leadership, excepting defeat with courage, etc.

Learning through play-way method is one of the best way to teach the student. For pre-primary students, this method is most suitable to teach them new concepts. Play is not just playing games, but it means solving puzzles, riddles, role play, simple games on numbers and words. These games develop the interest of the students and they start taking an interest in what is been taught to them. This leads to curiosity and they want to learn more. Thus, the students will always be attentive in the class and eager to learn more.

Curiosity leads to enthusiasm. A child’s mind will start to work in many directions. His/her creative and critical thinking will enhance. He/she will start building new concepts. They will try to find more regarding a topic. This will develop their imaginations and scientific learning. Thus, in higher classes, they will be able to understand difficult concepts and try to find solutions for any problem they face and their learning will never stop.

Once the basic understanding and foundation of a child are set, they will become good human beings. They will be ready to face the world confidently and without any fear. They will become independent to take a decision in all phases of their life. But one must remember parents and educators should guide and support the children in their journey. Even if they are a failure at a certain point, motivate them to do better. This will help to build their self-esteem. Also, they will do better in life and take risks in life.
Play develops curiosity and this leads to enthusiasm.
Prerna Rathod
The Fabindia School,

कृष्ण गोपाल: पठन की महत्ता

पढ़ना हमारी शिक्षा का एक आवश्यक हिस्सा है।  इसके द्वारा हम दूसरों के विचारों को समझ सकते है।  पठन से हम अतीत, वर्तमान या भविष्य की बातों से अद्यतन रहते है।  पठन से हमारा व्यक्तित्व भी निखरता है।  यदि हम पठन करते है तो दूसरों के सामने अपने विचार व्यक्त करने या दूसरों के सामने अपनी बात रखने में मदद करता है। पठन से भाषा में प्रवाह बनता है और हमारे आत्मविश्वास के स्तर को बढ़ाता है। 

पठन किसी भी भाषा में कर सकते है जिसमें हम सहज है।  यह आदत हमारे से ही होनी चाहिए।  इसकी शुरुआत के लिए अभिभावकों को चाहिए कि बच्चों को अपनी मातृभाषा में कुछ छोटी कहानियाँ पढ़ाएँ। जो बच्चे को रुचिकर लगे।  बचपन में पढ़ी ये कहानियाँ बच्चे को जीवन भर याद रहेगी और साथ ही साथ बच्चे में पठन की रूचि विकसित हो जाएगी।  पठन बालक का शौक बन जाएगा। पढ़ना हर व्यक्ति के लिए महत्वपूर्ण है। पुस्तक पढ़ने से एकाग्रता बढ़ती है तथा याददाश्त क्षमता में सुधार लाती है।  प्रेरणादायक पुस्तकें सोचने के तरीके बदल देती है और उन्हें अच्छे जीवन की आशा देती है। 

पढ़ना स्वस्थ मस्तिष्क के लिए परमावश्यक है।  नवीनतम जानकारी के अतिरिक्त हम भाषिक सौंदर्य से भी सराबोर हो जाएँगे।  अलग-अलग लेखकों के लेख पढ़ने से उनके विचारों से साक्षात्कार होगा।  एक ही विषय पर अनेक विचार मिल सकते है। पुस्तक को कहीं भी ले जाना भी बड़ा आसान है। कहीं भी पुस्तक पढ़कर समय का सदुपयोग कर सकते है। 
Krishan Gopal 
The Fabindia School,

आयशा टॉक: कुशल वक्ता

एक अच्छा वक्ता वहीं बन सकता है जो अच्छा श्रोता होता है, इसलिए सिर्फ बोले नहीं बल्कि सामने वाले की बातों को ध्यान से सुने और उसमें रुचि भी लें। हमेशा अपनी बात कहते समय प्वॉइंट टू प्वॉइंट का तरीका अपनाएं, ताकि सामने वाला आपकी बात आसानी से समझ जाए। सामने वाले को बातों में उलझाने की कोशिश न करें। हर शख्स से बात करने का अलग तरीका होता है, इसलिए जब भी आप किसी से बात करें  तो उसकी उम्र और प्रोफेशन का ध्यान अवश्य रखें। जब आप किसी छोटे बच्चे से बात कर रहें है तो उसका तरीका अलग होता है। किसी छोटे बच्चे से बात करने में सरल शब्दों का प्रयोग करना चाहिए एवं कम शब्दों में अपनी बात बोलनी चाहिए। सीधी एवं सटीक भाषा में बोलना चाहिए। कभी भी ज्यादा घूमा-फिराकर किसी से कोई भी बात नहीं करें। 

जब भी आप किसी से कुछ बोल रहे हो, उस समय सही शब्दों का चयन करें। कभी भी सस्ते एवं काम चलाऊ शब्दों को अपनी बातों में शामिल न करें। क्योंकि जब आप अच्छे और इम्प्रेसिव शब्दों का चयन करेंगे तब लोग आपकी बातों को ध्यान से और रुचिपूर्वक सुनेंगे। अगर हम पढ़ेंगे तो हम बोलने में सक्षम बनेंगे और हमारा आत्मविश्वास बढ़ेगा। हम दूसरों को पढ़े गए विषय पर बोलकर समझा सकेंगे। लगातार अलग- अलग विषय पर बोलते रहने से अलग-अलग लहजे में बोलने की क्षमता का विकास होगा। सुनकर बोलने की शक्ति बढ़ेगी, क्योंकि छोटे बच्चे सुनी हुई बात को जल्दी समझेंगे और उसके बारे में और ज्यादा जानने के लिए प्रश्न भी पूछेंगे इससे उनकी बोलने की क्षमता बढ़ेगी। वे अपने मन की बात को बोलकर अपने भाव प्रकट कर सकेंगे।
Ayesha Tak, The Fabindia School

Ishu Chouhan: FRIENDSHIP

Friendship as the word is used many times but do we actually know the meaning of friendship. The first thing when we join our school and strikes our mind is how we will make friends? Will they be good to us or will they cheat us, help us put us more in trouble?

I would like to tell you that what friendship actually means? As nowadays we are reading memes on social media regarding friendship, relations etc. We are almost clear with the word friendship. But what about a small kid. He/she doesn’t know how to make a friend and to whom. So for a child, they enjoy the company who plays with them he/she shares the stuff. Generally, it is only the people of the same age, character and background, mentality, etc., who can understand him/her and understand his problems. Friends are needed for support and for sharing. Friendship is an elixir which is essential for a happy life. Besides being a companion for activities, the best of friends also need to provide emotional support. This is often where friends and best friends divide. As you get to know someone, you want to know if they have the same values as you. 
                                                                                                               -Ishu Chauhan

Why is this happening to me?

"It always rains the hardest on the people who deserve the sun." Sometimes you wonder why you need to face the distasteful life around you, but then you realize that had it not been for that then your progress would not have happened. You should cherish even these distasteful moments to learn the great lessons of life. I too have asked the same question many a time, and today I am more than grateful to have gone through those tough situations in life. In those tough times, I would remember the life-story of hashtagSteveJobs, who was thrown out of his own company and had to face death at a very early stage in life. His world came crashing, but he never once gave up; instead, he fought his death and won his empire and gave the world the hashtagiPhone and made hashtagApple what it is today. Therefore, embrace life the way it is and make it worth living every moment. hashtagLife is beautiful when you are passionate about what you do, doing things which you once feared, and by serving humanity and this world around you. Never get embroiled with yourself, open your mind to this universe, and you will learn to smell the rose, enjoy the sunshine and dance in the rain. "When life is sweet, be thankful and celebrate. When life is bitter, thank it and grow." hashtagRAJPEPTALKS hashtagwriter
Rajeshree Rao

Venus Upadhaya, a journalist, a trainer and an educator

Venus Upadhayaya The Epoch Times
Venus Upadhaya, a journalist, a trainer and an educator, I am so very thankful for your time and valuable insights and guidance you provided in your two days stay at the Fabindia School, Bali, Rajasthan.

The plans we had made for doing a workshop on journalism or a session with teachers took a back seat when you unfolded the hidden fears or concerns of the children.

I can not thank you enough for giving students an ear and an eye of empathy which probably none of us could sense or feel for them. You have given me a way forward to help them deal with the mounting pressures of their parents and the community to perform…be successful in rendering to their expectations.

The interaction with the Editorial Board was an eye-opener and made me realise that the kids have arrived; they are super enthusiastic to give their own wings to the success and glory of the school. Your touch just made them flourish and they are geared to give new dimensions to the publications of the school.

Hearing your perspective helped me understand the missing relations with motivation and zeal in the younger workforce of the school. Your efforts saved our time and helped us learn more about the needs of the educationalists.

Anyone who got an opportunity to spend time with you longs to meet you soon and wishes to have continued relationship with your love and compassion.

 “Thank you for taking out time for us, and we look forward to your next visit.”

Rajeshree Shihag - the Principal, The Fabindia School, believes creativity is much more than just a skill. You can contact her by email at

Schooling for Learning Workshop by Adhyayan and XLR

The major takeaway
  • Learning; is a journey
  • Make Education a Celebration
  • Fun in Learning will lead to attention and retention
  • For better learning, content should be thoughtfully organised
  • An appropriate method of delivery
  • Energising, engaging and active team of facilitators
  • Desired impact on student learning, growth and achievement
Major focus on a team of leaders
  • Identify the role and responsibility of leaders
  • State students expected to learn outcomes
  • State areas of focus for a class observation
  • Ensure students getting enough opportunities for independent learning Specify, data to be monitored
Leadership training programs a necessity- It was a great learning experience! 

Module 1: Classroom Environment: How to create a bright and welcoming classroom environment that promotes good learning.
Module 2: Relationships in the Classroom and around the School: How to promote good relationships between children and a clear teacher understanding and support for children’s learning and social needs.
Module 3: Quality Child Learning: How to ensure all children are equally engaged and interested and presented with work which challenges them and is regularly marked by the teachers.
Module 4: Child Enjoyment and Achievement: How to create lessons which children both enjoy and achieve into the best of their abilities.
Rajeshree Shihag
Principal, The Fabindia School
Any professional development opportunity should be something that will benefit the students and teacher through new strategies, techniques, or tips that can be utilized in the classroom or community. Professional development can be highly beneficial if what is learned is then utilized to further the education of students.
As teachers plan for their classes, deliver their lesson, monitor student engagement, measure the impact of their teaching, and adjust their practice to optimise student learning, they become learners of their own teaching.

Adhyayan works alongside school leaders and our partners to assist them in transforming the quality of schooling and the learning opportunities of all their students by embedding internationally accepted approaches and practices contextualised for India.

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