Born To Lead

One Session (4 Weeks) 

Professional Learning Program (PLP) is a vast and profound learning experience that immerses members in inquiry and problem-­based learning models. 

Week 1 - Connect with us and attend one online session.
Week 2 - Communicate with your group for a brainstorming session.
Week 3 - Collaborate to create a story/post/project.
Week 4 - Create and publish your work.
What does leadership mean to you personally? Are you a leader? 
The term teacher leadership refers to that set of skills demonstrated by teachers who continue to teach students but also have an influence that extends beyond their classrooms to others within their own school and elsewhere. 

An essential characteristic of a teacher leader is expertise and skill in engaging others in complex work. This entails an unwavering passion for the school's core mission and the courage to confront obstacles to achieving that mission.~ Charlotte Danielson

Who is a leader?

  • Someone who takes charge and has the authority to affect change.
  • Someone who enables leadership among those being led (peers, students, management).

Sir Ken Robinson 

“The real role of educational leadership is not and should not be command and control. The real role of leadership is climate control, creating a climate of possibility”.  
What are the challenges you would face? Why?
The short learning program helps the teachers find the leader within. They work in groups to understand their role and responsibility in leading students' lives and their role as harbingers of change. 

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