Sudhir Kumar Yadav: An Uncommon Story of a Common Boy

Sudhir, a Gold Award Holder, is representing International Award For Young People, India, in London at the Buckingham Palace. Many years back, he was found wandering on streets by Salaam Baalak Trust and was offered to pursue the Award Programme which was a turning point in his life and made him a Man of honor and dignity. Today his head is held high with his sense of achievement.

Cheers to International Award for Young People for creating Real Life hero like Sudhir.

the studio

 IAYP India has set up a Training and Confernce facility, and this has been named "the studio",  the branding reflects the aim of 'equip for life', and hopes to convey a message of being a resource centre.
Welcome for workshops, training and reference any day of the except Sunday.

- Challenging young people everywhere
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The Studio

The new training and resource centre opened on the 24th of April 2010, and we hosted our first meeting of The Gold Award Holders' Society. The facility is branded 'the studio' and in addtion to conference services, is equipped with internet, refence section and a pantry. This centre will help in capacity builidng and training to take ahead the mission of 'equip for life'.

Located in an area of 1600 sq ft, is air conditioned with power backup. Housed in 86 Shahpur Jat, on the first floor, is in the building adjacent to the national office. The facility will host training programmes, workshops, participanat meetings and help us further as a location for serving the needs of the Open Award Centre.

"the studio" is dedicated to the enthusiastic young participants, and will further double up as a location for tbe Trust, Governing Council and other meetings too. Welcome to the facility, and you can call us on +91 11 32442626 for further information.

Challenging young and the old to build a vibrant Award Programme in India!

Award Office in New Shape!!

Our Cool Award Office has turned Cooler......Welcome Book Cafe!!
Thank you for always being a support to us and Challenging young people with us.

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