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Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP) Asia Centre in the news

23rd Feb 2010, the CYP Asia centre invited partner orgranisations, governments, ngo representatives and others working for youth empowerment. The Strategic Plan of CYP 2008-12 was formally released and a forum created to bring togther youth bodies, to take ahead the common agenda to challenge everyone to serve the young. Good meeting, from University heads to Government heads all were frank and had a good interface with individuals who are all doing their bits as change agents. Hope the spin offs from this meeting benefit the youth, all over the country.

Ram Nath Foundation and the Award

Monday was a new day of the week and a great start to the initiative to bring the Award to the Young Offenders in the Tihar Jail, New Delhi. The Award team met with Anubhav Nath of the Ram Nath Foundation and worked on a plan to challenge about a dozen or so young offenders to complete the Bronze. It is here that one has to commend the flexibility of the Award Programme.

Let us win hearts together!

Dropping eggs from fifth floor!

You will not believe this... a bunch of young people took the challenge, thanks to INME!!!
They dropped eggs from the fifth floor, and guess what, NOT a single egg broke... for more call Nivedita on +91 11 64662720

National Office is now house full!

The NAA office now has on board all five team members:
Tripti Bansal - Volunteer Manager
Chittaranjan Das - Office Manager
Nivedita Samanta - Communications Manager
Era Premwani - Programme Manager
Sandeep Dutt - National Director

The five set out to further the programme, ensure quality and build reach.


The Turning Point

13th Feb 2010, Meeting of the Executives of the NAA, at the Award office will indeed be a major milestone in the development of the Award Programme in India. The Zonal Chairpersons appreciated the work of the National Team and had a great interaction with the full staff team.

Road map for developing along the lines of the Strategic Plan was received very positively, and need was felt to meet more often and work has one holistic set up.

Thank you Mrs. Vaidyanathan, Mr Palchaudhury, Mr Laurie, Ishita Khanna and all at the National office.


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