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"Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. 
They vary in their desires to reach their potential." 
- John Maxwell

International Gold Event 2011

We encourage Gold Award Holders to apply for the upcoming International Gold Event.
Apply before 31st January 2011.
Extracts from email, addressed to all, from the Hon. Exec. Secy. ...

"The International Gold Event (IGE) is the International Award Association’s (IAA) premier global youth event. Established in 1967, the event provides opportunities for Gold Award holders to contribute to the development of the Award Programme on a national and international level. It also allows young people to have their say on the International Award Association’s (IAA) governance structures and meet other Gold Awardees from around the world.
Youth Representatives elected at the IGE’s Youth Forum serve on the International Council - the highest decision-making body of the IAA. This gives young people an opportunity to be part of the IAA’s policy making and planning processes, ensuring that they are relevant to young people. "

Nivedita Samanta
Communications Manager, The International Award for Young People
Award Programme Foundation 
86 Shahpur Jat, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi 110049, India
Phone: +91 11 2649 7154, Fax: +91 11 2649 7165, Website: 
Member: The Duke of Edinburgh's Award International Association.
Registered Charity No. TR/2795

"The Award taught me important life skills that I now use on a daily basis to earn my income"- Sudhir Yadav, Gold Holder, India
"The Award taught me that competition is not with other people, but it is with oneself"- Devanjali Dutt, Gold Holder, India

The Award is flexible and has no rigid standards, we encourage participation, you set your goals, and what matters is effort put in, not just the distance covered or hours done!

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Bronze and Gold Expeditions

Planned during the month of Jan from 4th to 8th Jan 2011.
E.mail or call for details

Gold Holders meet in Kolkata

​       Gold Award Holders’ Society and Gold Awardees Meet, 2010
​              9th December, 2010. Barista, Camac Street, Kolkata
A meeting called by Mr Sandeep Dutt (National Director, IAYP, India) with the GAHS (Gold Award Holders’ Society) and Gold Awardees of the East was held for the first time on the 9th of December, 2010, at Barista Lavazza, Camac Street.
Members Present (with e-mail ids and years of receiving the Gold Award):
• Sandeep Dutt - – 1979.
• Meghali Gupta - – 2010.
• Yamini Mookherjee - – 2010.
• Kanika Issar - – 2010.
• Anwesha Ghosh - – 2011.
• Gourav Beriwal - – 2010.
• Vishal Shroff - – 1995.
• Swasti Shroff - – 2008.
• Rakshit Singh - – 2007.
• Yohann Engineer - – 2007.
• Viral Sheth - – 1997.
• Rajarshi Banerjee - – 2007.
Program Flow:
1. Commencement of the meeting at 11:35am after the arrival of Mr Dutt
     accompanied by Mr Viral Sheth.
2. Lunch at 1:40pm.
3. Heading for the Annual Awards Presentation Ceremony of the EZAA.
(i) Spreading the Award to more schools/colleges.
(ii) Awareness
(iii) Engaging youth between the ages of 18 and 25 yrs.
(iv) Working on and Ensuring Award Completion
(v) Partnering with Business Groups and NGOs
(vi) Relevance of the Award today
(vii) Ensuring Growth of Interest
(viii) Promotion of Community Projects
(a) Mr Dutt arrived at Barista, Camac Street accompanied by Viral at 11:30am. Meeting was called to order at 11:35am and it commenced with a brief introduction of all the Awardees present.
(b) Everyone was asked by Mr Dutt to present their views on how to develop the Award further and what could be the roles of each individual or the team to ensure the growth of the Award Programme. Points were added to the Agenda and a detailed discussion followed based on this thought inducing session.
(c) Some ideas put forward and agreed on included :
• Reaching the Participants and emphasizing on Inclusive Participation.
• Gold Holders to take the roles of Ambassadors and Leaders to take Award further.
• Looking at New Areas for expansion.
• Visiting schools, colleges, NGOs, Business groups, and other Units or Instituitions to introduce the Award.
o The benefits and challenges to introduce or to run the Award in a Unit were explained by Mr Dutt.
o Benefits of having the Award Program in the Business and vice-versa to be focused on.
o The fact that the Award helps in Leadership Building was to be highlighted and presented while introducing the Award.
• Visiting existing Units to ensure the Award Programme keeps rolling and the Awardees complete their levels.
• Enrolling young adults from all sections of the society, either as a group from a Unit or as individual awardees.
o Involving the society and engaging with people.
o Engaging the 18-25 age-group.
o Partnering between awardees or Units for mutual support to do the Award or complete it.
• Arousing and regenerating interest in new as well as existing participants by :
o Talking to them personally, sharing experiences, and encouraging them pointing out their tangible and intangible benefits.
o Arranging group activities and involving FUN.
o Organizing community projects involving the participants.
o Making the Award Sections flexible and more convenient to the awardees.
• Keeping connected with Gold Awardees and GAHS members through meetings and taking the initiative to take up group projects with regular records of follow-up assessments.
The Meeting came to a close with all members sharing their Objectives and Goals for the near future and for the long-run. It concluded with some key thoughts as take outs:
• “Think beyond boundaries.”
• “Direct the energy to significant action to ensure fruitful outcome.”
• “Challenge the impossible to bring about change.”
• “Don’t DO the Award, Live the Award"

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