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We challenge young people and work to enhance their skills. 

You will contribute to helping build the fastest growing Award programme in the world. If you are below 30 it may help, as maybe you want this job as a stepping stone to bigger things in life; age is no bar, we promise this will be the best experience ever!

You will be responsible for the key areas of: public relations, branding, marketing, communication and other out reach activities; Extending the Award; and Quality Assurance within India. This post will also actively participate in aspects of the Strengthening the Structure pathway, where this pathway is concerned with areas of Award management and leadership development. The Team will work closely with the Delhi based National Director and the National team as well as liaise with the London based Programme team to ensure coordination of activity, policy and strategy.

Good communications skills and proficiency in computers, social media and web a prerequisites. Experienced, young at heart and freshers completing college may apply. We prefer people who have the youth in them, and promise more fun than working with the likes of Google, Facebook... call centres and the likes.

The selected team members will be expected to join in May and work on our Youth Engaging Society (YES) campaign; you may please visit our website to learn about the fun things we do. You will support the Communications Manager and help design materials, make tools for training and development, and get a chance to manage events too.

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Salary will be between Rs. 25,000/- to Rs. 40,000/- per month, depending on your competence and and the drive to challenge young people everywhere.

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One happy T4T delegate at Dehradun!

Dear Mr Dutt,

Thanks for providing this opportunity.

Ray LeBlond said, "You learn something every day if you pay attention" but the 17 of us (delegates) learned not only every day but every second. Rob had left no room for us to be distracted even for a second with his very creative and interesting teaching methods. He kept us totally attentive from the first session from making our own shields to writting our mottos.

Juggling between the multiple intelligences and the different training aids further enhanced our training skills. The hands on experience of conducting the tranning sessions was great to boost our confidence and dressing the learning enviornment was one of the most valuable tip for me. 

These were the most amazing three days where we had fun learning all that a trainer needs to know and how to approach the generation Y.

On behalf of all the delegates I take this opportunity to thank Mr Rob Oliphant (IAA Asia Pacific Trainer) training us, Mr. Sandeep Dutt and his team at NAA for supporting us, Mr Skand Bali (Head National Training Panel) and The Doon School for hosting us and last but not the least The Heads of our Schools and Organizations for relieving us for this excellent three days learning.


Words do not educate us!

Words are an utterly rudimentary approximation of reality; the creative infinity mind is a far more accurate portrayal of reality having12+ additional dimensions used by quantum pioneers who find that living nearer to reality is to discover a wonder world of beauty coming from creative rapture. Hans Eysenck described the ecstasies experienced by scientists and poets such as Rumi as possessing “Divine Madness”, which unlike the dungeon of psychosis is the greatest Liberation.
Quantum physicists’ creative infinity brains are marvellous and so large that they are almost infinite. Yet our schools teach almost nothing about it and absolutely nothing about the potential, which is unimagibly greater.

Ted Falconar

We support the work of CNN-INN Special Heros

Dehradun: Two friends Jo chopra and Manju Singhania have set up a school for children with Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Down Syndrome. Their school is responsible for transforming the lives of more than 1500 special children.
It all started with a child who was neither meant to be born nor was she meant to survive. But Moy Moy was born and even survived. In many ways this happy girl is like any other 22 year old, but there is one thing that makes Moy Moy special - she is down with Cerebral Palsy.
"Moy Moy was her mother's 13th baby and she didn't want to be pregnant, she was steralised. When she realsied she was pregnant, she came down to Dehradun for the abortion and the doctor she went to convinced her to have the baby. She went into labour when she was in a bus, 12 weeks premature, and left at the hospital. We adopted her when she was only two weeks old. A few years later we understood that she was the kid with special need," said Jo Chopra.
That's when friends Jo chopra and Manju Singhania decided to set up a school for children needing special care, and Karuna Vihar - a school for the mentally disabled - was born.
Moy Moy's school also serves hundreds of other children from all over the country and in a way it's Moy Moy who is responsible for transforming more than 1500 lives. Since 1995, the gates to Karuna Vihar open at 8 am every day and in come children with Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Down syndrome.
To unlock the young minds, the curriculum at school is modeled in a creative way. So, when it's the maths class, the daily attendance count teaches the children the number game. And when it comes down to Remembering and registering days and dates of the week, some placards help the children to do so.
"Each child is different from peer, and individual education plan is made for each child. And depending on the needs of the child, the people who are involved in it - the doctors, the therapist, the social people, the counselors, the physiotherapist - we involve the parents do it, because the needs, what goes on in school shouldn't be ending here," said Manju Singhania.
Once children graduate from Karuna Vihar, Jo and Manju have plan B waiting for them. In the vocational training institute, the potentially employable are taught to achieve the ultimate goal of "self reliance". And to accomplish this, the dinning table and the kitchen are important classrooms.
"Some of our trainees have become shop keeping assistants, some work in our own projects as helpers, we have got kids working in local grocery stores," said Jo Chopra.
Every time Jo turns to Moy Moy, she knows that a story that started small has woven many little lives into it.
In 2011, Karuna Vihar Director was the Guest of Honour at the Training Workshop at The Doon School.

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