Successful People

"Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. 
They vary in their desires to reach their potential." 
- John Maxwell

International Gold Event 2011

We encourage Gold Award Holders to apply for the upcoming International Gold Event.
Apply before 31st January 2011.
Extracts from email, addressed to all, from the Hon. Exec. Secy. ...

"The International Gold Event (IGE) is the International Award Association’s (IAA) premier global youth event. Established in 1967, the event provides opportunities for Gold Award holders to contribute to the development of the Award Programme on a national and international level. It also allows young people to have their say on the International Award Association’s (IAA) governance structures and meet other Gold Awardees from around the world.
Youth Representatives elected at the IGE’s Youth Forum serve on the International Council - the highest decision-making body of the IAA. This gives young people an opportunity to be part of the IAA’s policy making and planning processes, ensuring that they are relevant to young people. "

Nivedita Samanta
Communications Manager, The International Award for Young People
Award Programme Foundation 
86 Shahpur Jat, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi 110049, India
Phone: +91 11 2649 7154, Fax: +91 11 2649 7165, Website: 
Member: The Duke of Edinburgh's Award International Association.
Registered Charity No. TR/2795

"The Award taught me important life skills that I now use on a daily basis to earn my income"- Sudhir Yadav, Gold Holder, India
"The Award taught me that competition is not with other people, but it is with oneself"- Devanjali Dutt, Gold Holder, India

The Award is flexible and has no rigid standards, we encourage participation, you set your goals, and what matters is effort put in, not just the distance covered or hours done!

This e-mail is confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual to whom it is addressed. If you are not the intended recipient, be advised that you have received their mail in error and that any use, dissemination, forwarding, printing or copying of this e-mail is strictly prohibited.

Bronze and Gold Expeditions

Planned during the month of Jan from 4th to 8th Jan 2011.
E.mail or call for details

Gold Holders meet in Kolkata

​       Gold Award Holders’ Society and Gold Awardees Meet, 2010
​              9th December, 2010. Barista, Camac Street, Kolkata
A meeting called by Mr Sandeep Dutt (National Director, IAYP, India) with the GAHS (Gold Award Holders’ Society) and Gold Awardees of the East was held for the first time on the 9th of December, 2010, at Barista Lavazza, Camac Street.
Members Present (with e-mail ids and years of receiving the Gold Award):
• Sandeep Dutt - – 1979.
• Meghali Gupta - – 2010.
• Yamini Mookherjee - – 2010.
• Kanika Issar - – 2010.
• Anwesha Ghosh - – 2011.
• Gourav Beriwal - – 2010.
• Vishal Shroff - – 1995.
• Swasti Shroff - – 2008.
• Rakshit Singh - – 2007.
• Yohann Engineer - – 2007.
• Viral Sheth - – 1997.
• Rajarshi Banerjee - – 2007.
Program Flow:
1. Commencement of the meeting at 11:35am after the arrival of Mr Dutt
     accompanied by Mr Viral Sheth.
2. Lunch at 1:40pm.
3. Heading for the Annual Awards Presentation Ceremony of the EZAA.
(i) Spreading the Award to more schools/colleges.
(ii) Awareness
(iii) Engaging youth between the ages of 18 and 25 yrs.
(iv) Working on and Ensuring Award Completion
(v) Partnering with Business Groups and NGOs
(vi) Relevance of the Award today
(vii) Ensuring Growth of Interest
(viii) Promotion of Community Projects
(a) Mr Dutt arrived at Barista, Camac Street accompanied by Viral at 11:30am. Meeting was called to order at 11:35am and it commenced with a brief introduction of all the Awardees present.
(b) Everyone was asked by Mr Dutt to present their views on how to develop the Award further and what could be the roles of each individual or the team to ensure the growth of the Award Programme. Points were added to the Agenda and a detailed discussion followed based on this thought inducing session.
(c) Some ideas put forward and agreed on included :
• Reaching the Participants and emphasizing on Inclusive Participation.
• Gold Holders to take the roles of Ambassadors and Leaders to take Award further.
• Looking at New Areas for expansion.
• Visiting schools, colleges, NGOs, Business groups, and other Units or Instituitions to introduce the Award.
o The benefits and challenges to introduce or to run the Award in a Unit were explained by Mr Dutt.
o Benefits of having the Award Program in the Business and vice-versa to be focused on.
o The fact that the Award helps in Leadership Building was to be highlighted and presented while introducing the Award.
• Visiting existing Units to ensure the Award Programme keeps rolling and the Awardees complete their levels.
• Enrolling young adults from all sections of the society, either as a group from a Unit or as individual awardees.
o Involving the society and engaging with people.
o Engaging the 18-25 age-group.
o Partnering between awardees or Units for mutual support to do the Award or complete it.
• Arousing and regenerating interest in new as well as existing participants by :
o Talking to them personally, sharing experiences, and encouraging them pointing out their tangible and intangible benefits.
o Arranging group activities and involving FUN.
o Organizing community projects involving the participants.
o Making the Award Sections flexible and more convenient to the awardees.
• Keeping connected with Gold Awardees and GAHS members through meetings and taking the initiative to take up group projects with regular records of follow-up assessments.
The Meeting came to a close with all members sharing their Objectives and Goals for the near future and for the long-run. It concluded with some key thoughts as take outs:
• “Think beyond boundaries.”
• “Direct the energy to significant action to ensure fruitful outcome.”
• “Challenge the impossible to bring about change.”
• “Don’t DO the Award, Live the Award"

Annual Gold Event 2010

Annual Gold Award Holders' Summit will be held in December 2010. We welcome suggestions and will be happy to partner with young people and friends to make this  a big success.

Common Participation Form

New Common Participation Form introduced. This is secure and is numbered, to facilitate tracking and realtime data management on the DOFE Server. Forms will be available at Zone Offices, YES Partners, YES Centres and at the Open Award Centre. We are all excited about the Online Award Management coming soon via the DOFE.IN server!

Write to or for help.

Meeting on the 14th Sept 2010

GAHS executives meet at The Studio, New Delhi. Please contact Tripti for further information.


The International Secretariat would like to improve on previous IGEs and would appreciate feedback from NAAs as important stakeholders - in response to the questions below - by 23rd September 2010.

Thank you for contributions to Steph Ball at " "

1. What are your expectations in the lead up to the IGE?

2. Do you have any feedback or recommendations for the context and framework of the IGE?

3. What do you believe the purpose of the IGE is and the tangible outcomes that could result from such an event?

4. Do you have any recommendations for themes, and the workshops to come from these?

5. Do you have any feedback or recommendations for the Youth Forum which takes place during the IGE, including “what next” after the Youth Forum?

6. What are your expectations of the host country?

7. Do you have any recommendations on the selection process of delegates for the IGE?

8. Do you have any recommendations on how to improve the understanding of the Youth rep role? And the election process?

9. What do you expect after the event has taken place? E.g. activities/delegate/Youth Rep involvement

10. Any other comments?

For more inputs contact the National Office "

The Award through my eyes- Amateur Video Competition

IAYP India invites all Award units, participants, Award Holders and partners to the first Award Video Competition. The best Video will show a fair understanding of the Award Philosophy of self-discovery, non-competitiveness, perseverance and enjoyment for all. We encourage you to show how each section of the Award allows you to have fun, learn new skills, make new friends and truly allows you to discover yourself through active engagement in your school, community and society. The winning team will be invited at the "India Showcase day" during the Asia Pacific Regional Board meeting to officially showcase their video, and their video will be used as the Official Award India Video for promotional purposes.

To help you get started, feel free to look at the following videos that talk about the Award in general and also get perspectives and experiences of Award participants:

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award- International Award Film

The Duke of Edinburgh's Awards Australia-Web Promo
The International Award-Get Involved
Experiences that last a lifetime-Duke of Eds Australia

Share your Award experiences with a clear, high definition five to ten minute video. Upload your video on YouTube, save it as "your name_city_IAYP India_Video2010" and share the link with the Communications Team by September 30, 2010. You are welcome to simply send your CD to us too!

Gold Volunteers in Training Team

Freya, Ankit and Devanjali are working in the National Training Team. Look forward to the Training Workshop planned 21st and 22nd Sept 2010, for Max India Ltd.

Join in for the Volunteers Training on the 5th

12 Volunteers are expected to attend the Role of Volunteers Workshop on the 5th Sept 2010 at the studio, in New Delhi. Call Saachi for more +917838983502

Volunteer Teams being built up

Volunteers > Interns > Managers > National Director

1. Communication - Ankit (Intern)
2. Programme Development - Interns - Devanjali, Jyoti, one more?
3. GAHS - Intern ???
4. Training - Intern ???
5. Office - Intern Ridhima

Total need:
7 Interns (paid Rs. 5000 per month, commit 50 hours), work five months in the year minimum.

20 Volunteers - participants or simple volunteers, need to commit 10 hours a month.

3 Managers ( two in place); need ONLY a fully paid Programme Development Manager, four to five years experience, passion to work in social sector, and gets about fifty thousand a month.

Gold Holders and Individuals keen to support are welcome.

Month for Volunteer Action

September is the start of the Volunteer drive, we encourage young people to register, and attend the Role of Volunteer Workshops. There are two Workshops in September 10, and we will sign on 25 Volunteers for 2010-11.

YES Partners Meet

27th August 2010; another turning point!
With huge success in the YES Centre model, we now have a set of nine YES Parters, who will upgrade to licensed operators. A great day of training and foundation laid for the Award as a Social Business, for Youth Engaging Society.

Youth and Sports

As part of the 2010 Asia Pacific Regional Meeting - and to celebrate the spirit and values of the Commonwealth Games - we will be hosting a Youth in Sports photo exhibition at the British Council New Delhi in October. If you would like to submit your photos from the region, please upload them to the following site 31st August. Pictures must be provided in a jpeg format.

Programme Development Manager

We are looking out for a Programme Development Manager; roll out the Award Programme across India. Gold Holder with marketing and business development acumen welcome.4-5 years work experience, IT friendly, social network and more a passion to work with youth. Location New Delhi, scale Rs. 4-5 lac pa.
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First Gold Holders' expedition to explore, preserve and build in Spiti

Tentative Dates: late August to early September, 2010. KAZA, Spiti

National Award Partner- Ecosphere and the Gold Award Holders' Society of India are proud to present a "Meaningful trek" exclusively for Gold Award Holders and Gold Award participants. This expedition spanning a total duration of 15 days will include 4 days of travelling, 5 days of active volunteering and 6 days of trekking and sightseeing.

Route: Delhi - Manali – Spiti – Manali – Delhi.

Maximum Altitude: 5000 metres above sea level.

We invite you to a different kind of holiday that makes travel meaningful through active discovery of the magic of Spiti valley while contributing to the development and conservation of the region. Home to some of the oldest Buddhist monasteries and temples in the world, this Trip provides an interesting insight into Spitian life, culture and Buddhist heritage along with the opportunity to be part of reducing the impacts of climate change. During this journey you will be assisting the local community in the construction of a solar bathing facility. You will participate in the actual construction of the solar passive structure and will be assisted by a dedicated team of a qualified mason and representative from Ecosphere. During the trip you will also be hiking along some of the highest villages in the world, across rolling meadows which are the grazing pastures of the local livestock and the hunting grounds of the Snow Leopard and Himalayan Wolf. Each village along this trail is adorned by unique and ancient Buddhist monasteries and temples dating back to over a 1000 years, encased in legend and folklore. The home stay accommodation along the trail further enriches the experience by giving one an authentic understanding of the life and culture in a Spitian home. Your hosts are the local people of Spiti, accommodating you in their homes to enhance your sojourn in Spiti.


• A carbon positive trip where by building a solar bathing facility for the local community, you will help reduce carbon emissions and enhance health of the local people and also offset the carbon emitted on your journey to Spiti.

• Experience rural life in the Himalayas by living with the local community and becoming a part of their daily lives. This is one rare opportunity to learn about local cultures, agriculture, ecological and socio-economic issue first hand, while making tangible contributions.

• Make lifelong relationships with real people in one of the remotest corners of the Himalayas. A journey that makes you part of a family and the community as a whole, their day to day lives, their relationship with the environment, their daily chores, religious strivings, struggles and celebrations.

• Hiking deep into the vast open spaces of this rugged backcountry. A great way to learn about the ecology and bio-diversity that is nurtured amidst this unique desertscape.

• Visits the ancient monasteries dating back to over a 1000 years preserving a living Buddhist tradition till date.

• Get insights into the local development and conservation issues and a peep into Ecosphere’s initiatives to ensure the sustainable development of this Trans-Himalayan region.

Significance of the Project in this Trip

The construction of a solar bathing facility is of great significance in Spiti as large amounts of fuel wood, coal and LPG are burnt for heating water throughout the year which contributes to Carbon dioxide and black carbon emissions. The latter has far more damaging effects on the melting of glaciers and snow at a local level. Through the set up of a solar bathing structure, we will not only enable the local community to cut down on emissions (especially those of black carbon), reduce their fuel wood consumption and hence the money they spend on it per annum, as well as enable them (especially the women and children) to enhance their levels of hygiene.

Contact the GAHS Team at the National Office by July 31st with your confirmed participation and get more information. Come be a part of a historic effort to relive Award Journeys, share experiences and make a difference to your community. All while having a great time!

Rules and Regulations for GAHS


Rules and Regulations


1.0 Definitions

1.1 In the interpretation of these Rules and Regulations, the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings, unless repugnant to the subject or context:

a) “Society” means “THE GOLD AWARD HOLDERS’ SOCIETY ” established as aforesaid.

b) A Member means a Member admitted under these rules.

c) The working committee means the Governing Body in whose hands the management of the affairs of the Society is vested.

d) “Governing Body” means “Governing Body” of the Society.

e) “President”, “Vice President”, “Secretary”, and “Treasurer” are the office bearers of the Society and shall mean “President”, “Vice President”, “Secretary”, and “Treasurer” respectively of the Society or shall include the persons for the time being acting in the same posts.

f) “Executive Member” means Member of the Governing Body.

1.2 In case of difficulty in ascertaining the meaning of any word or expression used in these Rules and Regulations and not interpreted anywhere in the Rules and Regulations, the opinion of the Governing Body shall be final and binding.


2.0 Constitution

2.1 The Society shall consist of Members whose names are on the Membership Register of the Society maintained by the Secretary of the Society.


3.0 Office

3.1 The office of the Society shall be located 86, Shahpurjat, Khelgaon Marg, New Delhi. The registered office may be shifted to any other location in Delhi as decided by the Governing Body.


4.0 Register of Members

4.1 There shall be a register in which the names of all Members of the Society shall be entered with their profession and address. Where applicable, to which Member is attached. The Secretary shall enter the name of the new Member in the Register and inform the fact of such entry to the Member concerned, if applicable.

4.2 Admission and Qualification for Membership

4.2.1 Organizations or individuals who believe in and are Award Holders of the International Award for Young People or The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Programme or other members of the International Award Association and are engaged in practicing the objective, principles and values of Society as defined in the Memorandum of the Society and who accept to work for achieving the objectives of the Society can become a Member of the Society after being admitted as such.

4.2.2 No political party can become the Member of the Society. However, people who are affiliated with a political party may become members as individuals.

4.2.3 The Governing Body of Society, or a committee formed by the Governing Body for this purpose, will admit Members according to working rules established from time to time by the Governing Body.

4.3 Types of Memberships

4.3.1 There shall be two types of annual memberships: organizational and individual.

4.4 Membership Fees

4.4.1 Members shall contribute a membership fee to the Society either (a) on an annual basis or (b) on lifetime basis, the amount to be decided by the Governing Body from time to time. Initial membership fees are as follows:

Fee :

INITIAL FEE (individual members) Rs 1000/-


Individual Rs.500/-

Organisation Rs.25,000/-

LIFETIME FEE (individuals only) Rs 10,000/-

Benefits of membership are the same for all categories.

4.5 Termination of Membership

4.5.1 The membership of any Member may be terminated if the Governing Body is of the opinion that the Member has been guilty of a deliberate violation of the objectives of the Society and/or is not taking sustained interest in the Society affairs. The membership of any Member may thus be terminated by two-thirds of the Members present at any meeting of the Governing Body provided notice of such intention has been included in the agenda of meeting and sufficient notice and opportunity has been given to the concerned Member to clarify the concern over membership.

4.5.2 A person shall cease to be a Member of the Society if his / her name is removed from the register. The name of the person shall be removed from the register by the Governing Body:

a) On his / her death,

b) On his / her resignation. The resignation of any Member from the Society shall be in writing addressed to the Secretary and shall be accepted by the Governing Body provided one has paid up all his/ her dues to the Society, or

c) If her/ his subscription are in arrears for two years and she / he has not paid in spite of a final notice regarding his / her dues from the Secretary or Treasurer.

4.5.3 The membership of any Member may be terminated for other reasons, which the Governing Body may deem sufficient by votes of not less than two thirds of the Members thereof present at a special meeting called for this purpose. The Member concerned shall have a right to explain his / her conduct and the Secretary shall acquaint all the Members of the Governing Body with his / her explanation. One shall have the right to appeal to the General Assembly, if one so desires, but in this case one must inform the Secretary of one’s desire to do so within a month of the receipt of the decision of the Governing Body.

4.6 Rights and Privileges of Members

4.6.1 Each Member shall have the right:

a) To attend the General Assembly of the Society and to vote on all issues before the General Assembly.

b) To work actively to fulfill the objectives of the Society and to make its programme effective.

c) To attend the General Assembly and Governing Body meetings of the Society.

d) To receive minutes of General Assembly meetings.

e) To receive a copy of the statement of accounts, reports and journal of the Society as per Rules and Regulations of the Society.

f) To use the Society’s library room, if any, set apart for the purpose, and to avail themselves of other services provided to the members from time to time,

g) To attend and take part in scientific meetings, lectures and demonstrations of the Society.

h) To enjoy such other privileges of membership as may from time to time be conferred on Members by Rules and Regulations of the Society.

4.7 Responsibilities of the Members

4.7.1 A Member whose name has been entered in Register is obliged to accept the Rules and Regulations of the Society and follow them. No one shall be absolved on the plea that he/she has not received a copy of the Rules and Regulations of the Society.


5.0 Subscription

5.1 All Members of the Society shall pay their annual membership subscriptions to the Treasurer of the Society.


6.0 Affiliation with other Societies or Bodies

6.1 The Society may affiliate or be affiliated with any other foreign or international organizations engaged in the promotion of the objects of the society.


7.0 General Assembly

7.1 The General Assembly of the Society consists of:

a) All the Members of the Governing Body,

b) All organizational Members,

c) All individual Members.

7.2 The General Assembly will meet once a year for transacting the following business:

a) To receive and approve the report of the work done during the year.

b) To suggest future programmes and establish programme priorities.

c) To elect the Governing Body of the Society, once every three years.

d) To consider, approve and adopt audited statement.

e) To adopt or amend the Rules and Regulations of the Society whenever necessary.


8.0 Calling of the Annual General Assembly Meeting

The General Assembly shall meet ordinarily once a year and the gap between two meetings should not be more than 18 months. The Governing Body decides the place and time of the General Assembly meetings.

8.1 The Annual General Assembly Meeting shall be held every year and the date and venue shall be proposed and decided by the Governing Body.

8.1.1 Notice and agenda of the General Assembly Meeting and copies of the minutes of the proceeding of the last Annual General Assembly Meeting shall be sent by the Secretary to all Members of the Society at least 21 days before the meeting.

8.1.2 Any Member may on giving 60 days notice or less if the matter is one of urgency, submit any resolution to the General Assembly Meeting. The resolution shall be first considered by the Governing Body after which the Secretary shall put the resolution before the General Assembly Meeting for its consideration with the comments of the Governing Body, if any.

8.1.3 The General Assembly Meeting shall be presided over by the President, in his/her absence by a person elected at the meeting for the occasion.

8.1.4 The Governing Body shall have power to fix or change the date and venue of the Annual General Assembly Meeting of the Society.

8.1.5 Business to be Transacted- The business to be transacted at the Annual General Assembly Meeting shall be taken up in the following order:

a) Condolence resolution, if any.

b) Confirmation of the minutes of the proceeding of the last Annual General Assembly Meeting and Extra-Ordinary General Assembly Meeting, if any.

c) Reading and adoption of the Secretary’s Report.

d) Reading and adoption of the Treasurer’s Report, and a statement of audited accounts.

e) Election of office-bearers and Executive Members of the Governing Body in place of retiring Members.

f) Appointment of Auditor.

g) Amendment of Rules and Regulations, if any.

h) Resolution from Members.

i) Any other business with the permission of the Chair.

8.1.6 The proceedings of the General Assembly Meeting shall be regulated according to the Rules and Regulations of the Society. Unless otherwise determined by the Rules, every question submitted to the General Assembly Meeting shall be decided by show of hands and in case of equality of votes the person presiding shall have and exercise a second or casting vote.

8.1.7 The minutes of proceedings of the General Assembly Meeting shall be recorded in a book kept for the purpose and shall be signed by the President of the meeting.

8.2 Quorum – The quorum of the General Assembly Meeting shall be 25 Members of the Society in India. The Annual General Assembly Meeting shall be dissolved if a quorum is not present even after being adjourned for a period not exceeding half-an-hour and agenda items relating to election of office Bearers and Executive Members of the Governing Body and appointment of Auditor as provided under the Regulations, mentioned in the notice but not taken up and / or considered at the Annual General Assembly Meeting for absence of quorum shall be deemed to have been added to the Agenda of the Annual Meeting of the Governing Body and shall be considered at a session to be held after the Annual General Assembly Meeting.

8.3 Voting - Each Individual and Organizational Member shall have one vote. In case of equality of votes, the President shall have the right of casting a vote.


9.0 Extra – Ordinary General Assembly Meeting

9.1 An Extra-Ordinary General Assembly Meeting may be called at any time of the year on the requisition of the Governing Body or 25% of the Members of the Society.

a) Nothing except the business for which it is called shall be discussed at this meeting.

b) At least ten days’ notice of the meeting with the Agenda shall be given to the Members.

c) The quorum for the meeting shall be 15% of the Member of the Society.

d) If within half an hour from the appointed time a quorum is not present at the meeting called on the requisition of the Members it shall be dissolved. But in any other case, it will stand adjourned to the next day at the same time and at the same place as previously fixed, and at this meeting, the Members present whatever be their number shall form the quorum and carry on the business.


10.0 Governing Body

The Governing Body is the Body in whose hands the affairs of the Society are vested between General Assembly meetings.

10.1 Composition

10.1.1 The Governing Body of the Society shall be composed of the minimum of four Office Bearers and five Regional representatives and maximum it shall not be more than nine

10.3 Meeting of the Governing Body

10.3.1 The meetings of the Governing Body shall be of three kinds:

a) The Ordinary Meeting shall be held at least four times a year.

b) The Special Meeting shall be held as often as necessary.

c) A requisition meeting shall be called within 4 weeks from the date of receipt of a requisition signed by at least 2 Members of the Governing Body stating the business for which the requisition meeting is required.

d) The Secretary with the permission of the President can requisition an Extra Ordinary Meeting of the Governing Body for which at least 10 days notice shall be circulated to all Members of the Governing Body. In the event of urgent work, resolutions can be circulated among Governing Body Members and it will have the same effect of Governing Body decision, but will need to be ratified in the next Governing Body Meetings.

10.3.2 Notice – At least 10 days notice specifying the place, date and time and the agenda of business to be transacted at the Ordinary or Special Meeting shall be given to each Member of the Governing Body.

10.4 Quorum

1.4.1 One third of the Members of the Governing Body shall constitute the quorum for the meetings. In the event of lack of quorum, the meeting will be adjourned and will meet again after one hour at the same venue. The decisions taken in such an adjourned meeting will be considered as valid as taken in a regular meeting with quorum present.

1.4.2 Quorum for requisition meeting shall be at least two requisitioners present at the meeting.

10.5 Procedure

10.5.1 Nothing except the business for which it is called shall be discussed at a requisition meeting.

10.5.2 For requisition meetings, if within an hour from the appointed time a quorum is not present the meeting if convened on the requisition of Members shall be dissolved. In normal circumstances, it shall stand adjourned for one hour same day and at the same place as previously fixed and at this meeting the Members present, whatever their number may be, shall form the quorum and carry on the business. The Governing Body may meet for the transaction of business, adjourn and otherwise regulate its meeting and proceedings, as it thinks fit. A meeting of the Governing Body at which a quorum is present shall be competent to exercise all or any of the functions of the Governing Body. The agenda for a Governing Body meeting shall be circulated to all of its Members at least 10 days before the meeting. In case any Member of the Governing Body is unable to be present she / he shall intimate to the Secretary his / her comments in writing on each subject in the agenda, which shall be read at the Governing Body meeting. All questions arising at any time of the meeting of the Governing Body shall be determined by majority of the votes. In addition to the votes of Members present and voting, the written comments of the absentee Members shall be considered as voting by proxy where applicable. In every case of equality of votes the President shall have and exercise a second or casting vote.

10.5.3 Every meeting of the Governing Body shall be presided over by the President or in the absence of the President by the Vice-President, and in the absence of both the President and the Vice-President, by a Member chosen at the meeting to preside on the occasion.

10.6 Voting

10.6.1 Each Governing Board Member shall have one vote. In case of equality of votes, the President shall have the right of casting a vote.

10.7 Filling up of Vacancies

10.7.1 The Governing Body shall have power to fill vacancies occurring in its Members, during its terms of office. Such Members shall hold office only for the remaining period.

10.7.2 Under normal circumstances, an office-bearer shall give one month’s notice of his / her desire to resign.

10.7.3 Office-bearers must inform the President and Secretary if they are unable to serve for any length of time, in such a case alternative arrangements will be made by the Secretary with the approval of the president. A Member of the Governing Body or sub-committee or an Office-bearer shall be considered as “unable to serve” if she/ he intends to or has resided outside the country continuously for six months or more.

10.8 Term of Office of the Governing Body

10.8.1 Each Member of the Governing Body shall be elected for a term of 3 years at a General Assembly meeting.

10.8.2 Office bearers shall not hold any political post during their tenure as office bearers and if they are elected to a political post, then they shall leave the post as office bearer of the Society. However they may remain as Member of Governing Body.


11.0 Power & Functions of Governing Body

The Governing Body will consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer of the Society and other Regional Executive Members.

11.1 Power and Functions of the Governing Body

11.1.1 The Governing Body shall be entitled to act with authority of the Society in the furtherance of the aims and objects of the Society and transaction of any business or financial matters that may arise except in respect of acts specially reserved to be done by the Society at a General Assembly Meeting or any business as provided under the Rules & Regulations.

11.1.2 The Governing Body shall have the power to appoint sub-committees and fix their terms of reference as and when necessary. Any such sub-committee may co-opt as Members thereof, such persons who have experience in matters to be dealt with by it. Any Member of the Society may be co-opted as Member of a sub-committee. The Chairman of each sub-committee shall be elected by the Governing Body for a period of two years. The Members of the sub-committee shall also serve a term of two years.

11.1.3 The Governing Body may meet for the transaction of business, adjourn and otherwise regulate its meetings and proceedings as it think fit. A meeting of the Governing Body at which a quorum is present shall be competent to exercise all or any of the functions of the Governing Body. All questions arising at any time of the Governing Body meeting shall be determined by majority of votes. In every case of equality of votes the President shall have and exercise a second or casting vote.

11.1.4 The Governing Body shall have power to constitute a Tribunal.

11.1.5 The Governing Body shall do supervision of conferences and take decision about its activities.

11.1.6 The Governing Body shall plan and implement programmes and campaigns, publication of newsletters etc.

11.1.7 The Governing Body shall have power to write off the whole or a part or the arrears against any Member.

11.1.8 The Governing Body shall be competent to act in spite of any vacancy.

11.1.9 The Governing Body shall have power to appoint or remove employees of the Society.

11.1.10 Besides above-mentioned functions, the Governing Body shall have the following functions as well:

a) Preparation of the Society’s annual budget.

b) Preparation of the annual work plan of the Society.

c) Ensuring the effective management of the Society.

d) Ongoing and effective supervision of the finances of the Society in conformity with the budget.

e) Make decisions on the representation of the Society on the occasion of external meetings and events.

f) Polling the Governing Body to determine the various lobbying positions when issues arise between Governing Body meetings.

g) Approve the Society’s annual report.

h) Appoint the Society’s auditor.

i) Pass the Society’s audited accounts.

j) Establish overall policies for the working of the Society.

k) Be responsible for overall vision and thrust of the Society.

l) Determine the various lobbying positions and adopt policy statements and position papers.

m) Delegate its powers to the Executive Director, whenever necessary.


12.0 Office Bearers of the Society

12.1 Office Bearers Defined

12.1.1 The office bearers of the Society are a) President, b) Vice President, c) Secretary and d) Treasurer.

12.1.2 The Executive responsibility of the Governing Body rests with the office bearers.

12.2 Power and Duties of the President

a) The President shall hold office for three years.

b) She / he shall be the Chairperson of all the General Assembly, Extra-Ordinary and Governing Body meetings and, when appointed, of any other Committee.

c) She / he shall have a casting vote in case of equality of votes in addition to his / her own ordinary vote.

d) She / he shall regulate the proceedings of the meetings and conferences and interpret Rules and Regulations and decide doubtful points at issue.

e) She / he shall preserve the order and shall decide on all points of order at or in connection with the meeting. There shall be no discussion on any point of order and the decision of the President shall be final.

f) She / he shall be ex-officio Member of all sub-committees.

g) She / he shall be consulted on all important matters concerning the affairs of the Society.

h) She / he shall be the leader of any delegation of which she / he is a Member.

i) She / he shall be guiding the other office bearers in the discharge of their duties.

j) She / he shall be providing overall leadership to the programmes and activities of the Society.

k) She / he can call a meeting if she/he sees the need.

12.3 The Vice-President

a) The Vice-President shall hold office for three years.

b) She / he shall preside at all meetings in the absence of the President and shall have all the powers of the President on that occasion.

12.4 Power and Duties of Treasurer

12.4.1 The Treasurer will be responsible:

a) To hold the office for three years.

b) To receive or cause to receive and disburse or cause to disburse amounts and to incur expenditure as per budget approved by the Governing Body.

c) To submit financial records before related and required authorities to fulfill statutory obligations.

d) To monitor and observe the operation of the bank account.

e) To provide leadership for collection of subscriptions and donations from Members and well-wishers of the Society and raising of funds for work to achieve the objectives of the Society.

f) To sign the receipts and prepare statement of receipt and expenditure of the Society duly audited by an auditor each year and shall present the same and the Balance Sheet at the Annual General Assembly Meeting.

g) To have power to make payments not exceeding Rs. 10,000/- without consent of the President.

h) To open an account with an international / national bank approved by the Governing Body and shall have the authority to operate this account for the expense of the Society.

i) On retiring she / he shall hand over cash, account books and other papers and documents connected with works of the Treasurer of the Society to the newly elected Treasurer within three weeks after the election.

12.5 Power and Duties of the Secretary

a) To assist the President and the Treasurer in all the work of the Society related to the programmes and activities that fulfill the objectives of the Society.

b) To keep records of the proceedings of meetings of General Assembly and of the Governing Body.

c) To maintain a list of Members of the Society and data pertaining to their activities.

d) To do all correspondence, for and on behalf of the Society and to have custody of records, files, etc. of the Society or she / he may authorize someone to undertake the same.

e) To carry on the day-to-day work of the Society at the headquarters and to have superintendence over the office and its staff.

f) Shall be in charge of the office of the Society.

g) Shall have general supervision over accounts and pass all bills for payment or she / he may authorize someone to undertake the same.

h) To prepare the annual report and submit it to the Governing Body.

i) To publish bulletins, magazines and other literature in order to achieve the objectives of the Society as directed by the Governing Body.

j) To submit records before the Registrar or any other authority and fulfill all statutory obligations.

k) To execute various programmes and activities to promote the objectives of the Society as decided by the Governing Body.

l) Shall organize, arrange and convene meetings, conferences lectures and demonstrations etc.

m) Shall attend meetings of the Society and keep proceedings thereof.

n) Shall be ex-officio Member of all sub-committees.

o) Shall bring any matter which she / he considers necessary in the interest of the Society to the notice of the Governing Body for guidance and decision.

p) On retiring she / he shall hand over the properties, books etc. to the newly elected Secretary within three weeks after the election.


13.0 Source and Utilization of Funds

13.1 Society shall raise its funds through several ways, including membership fees, grants, contributions and donations from Members; service charges and distribution of publications; grants, contributions and donations from Government and other bodies both within the country and abroad. All income shall be utilized for attaining aims and objectives of Society.

13.2 Income – The funds or income of the Society shall be derived from the following sources: -

a) Subscription, paid to the Society by its Members.

b) Donations.

c) Advertisement in the Journal or any other publication of the Society.

d) Proceeds from the sale of periodicals or books and such other property as may be acquired from time to time.

e) Interest on Savings Bank and Fixed Deposit Accounts.

f) Contribution/grants from Government or Local Bodies.

g) Projects done from time to time for UN and international agencies and transnational corporations, government of India, national organizations and corporations/companies and international donors/funders.

13.3 Expenditure – The Governing Body shall, out of the funds of the Society defray all expenses including rents; salaries, wages and such other charges as may be necessary for carrying on the Society.


14.0 Financial Year

14.1 The year of the Society for financial purpose shall be 1st April to 31st March of the next calendar year and for any other purpose, the period between two consecutive Annual General Assembly Meetings shall be considered as “one year”.


15.0 Appointment of Auditor

15.1 A competent Auditor shall be appointed every year for auditing the accounts of the Society and whose duties shall be as follows: -

a) Shall audit the accounts at the end of each year and shall certify their correctness.

b) Shall give suggestions for the keeping of accounts as required.


16.0 Audit of Accounts

16.1 The Society shall maintain proper accounts and other relevant records and prepare an annual statement of accounts in such form as may be statutorily prescribed by the Registrar of Society and maintained as per law.

16.2 A firm of Chartered Accountants to be appointed by the Governing Body shall audit the accounts of the Society annually.

16.3 The audited statement of accounts together with the audit report will be placed before the General Assembly with the recommendations of the Governing Body.


17.0 Operation of Bank Account

17.1 The Society Bank Account shall be operated jointly by two Members of the Governing Body one of who has to be the Treasurer, or any other persons whom the Governing Body may nominate.


18.0 Annual List of Members

18.1 Once in every year a list of the office-bearers and Members of the Society shall be filed with the Registrar of Societies, Delhi as required under Section 4 of the Societies Registration Act, 1860.


19.0 Legal Proceedings

19.1 The Society may sue or be sued in the name of the Secretary as per provisions laid down under Section 6 of the Societies Registration Act, 1860, as applicable to the National Capital Territory of Delhi.


20.0 Amendment to Memorandum, Rules and Regulations

20.1 Any amendment to the these Rules and Regulations will be carried out in accordance with procedure laid down under Section 12 and 12 A of the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

20.2 The Rules and Regulations of the Society can be altered at any General Assembly meeting of the Society by a two-third vote of the Members present at such meeting, provided the proposed amendments form part of the agenda and are circulated amongst Members at least 21 days before the meeting at which such amendments are to be considered.


21.0 Dissolution and Adjustment of Affairs

21.1 If the Society needs to be dissolved, it shall be dissolved as per provision laid down under Section 13 and 14 of the Societies Registration Act, (21 of 1860), as applicable to the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

21.2 The Society may be dissolved by the decision of at least 2/3rd of the Members of the Society in a General Assembly Meeting convened for the same purpose.

21.3 On dissolution of the Society, if any property remains after satisfying all debts and liabilities of the Society, it shall not be divided among the Members of the General Assembly or the Governing Body, but shall be transferred to some other Society having similar objectives according to the provisions of 13 and 14 of the Societies Registration Act (21 of 1860).


22.0 Interpretation of these Rules

22.1 In matters of dispute, or differences arising out of interpretation of these rules, the interpretation provided by the Governing Body shall be final.


23.0 Application of the Act

23.1 All the provisions under all the Sections of the Societies Registration Act, 21 of 1860, as applicable to the National Capital Territory of Delhi shall apply to the Society.


24.0 Essential Certificate

24.1 Certified that this is the correct copy of the Rules and Regulations of the Society.

Memorandum of Association

Memorandum of Association




1.0 Name

1.1 The name of the Society is ‘THE GOLD AWARD HOLDERS’ SOCIETY” hereinafter called the Society.


2.0 Office of the Society

2.1 The Registered Office of the Society shall be situated in the State of Delhi, and at present, it is at the 596 Asian Games Village, Padam Bahadur Mal Block, New Delhi-110049


3.0 Objects

3.1 The objects of the Society shall solely be the advancement of charitable objects as listed in Section 20 of the Societies Registration Act, 1860 more elaborately in the interest of the public at large mentioned as under:

3.1.1 To further the success of the award programme through support and promotion, development and networking in accordance with the objectives of the Award Programme Foundation that operates the International Award for Young People, India.

3.1.2 To increase the awareness of opportunities among its members of becoming award leaders, trainers, instructors, assessors or financial benefactors at local, national or international level.

3.1.3 To establish a database on providing information on locally available award activities undertaken by award holders.

3.1.4 To promote the award within schools, Open Award Centres (OAC), youth groups and elsewhere by sharing own experiences and encouraging the aware in their vicinity.

3.1.5 To assist with expedition training and assessment, to serve on local committees and help with training seminars and workshops,

3.1.6 To assist in the promotion of the Award Programme at fund raising and promotional functions, official events and award presentations.

3.1.7 To focus on projects and develop proactive association, interpersonal and communications skills to enhance the personal development.

3.1.8 To develop Gold Award Holders’ Networks (GAHN) with similar groups in other countries, develop exchange opportunities for participants and assisting at international events.

3.1.9 To define the self-financing of administrative cost of the association in accordance with the main development plan.

3.1.10 Cooperation with the minded public entities at the local, national and global levels to achieve effective implementation of various programmes, in the interest of public at large.

3.1.11 Widespread dissemination of knowledge and awareness of such alternatives and their availability including educational and direct contact programmes, in the interest of public at large.

3.1.12 To collect funds through donations, sponsorships, contributions, gifts, legacies and other permissible modes, in the interest of public at large.

3.1.13 To utilize the corpus of the trust as also the interest/income accruing thereon towards the objects of the trust, in the interest of public at large.

3.1.14 To collect, compile and disseminate research and statistical data and any other information to international and national organizations, the general public, and the members of the Society in various forms and to undertake enquiries.

3.1.15 To cooperate and collaborate with like-minded institutions and agencies whose objects are similar or in part are similar to those of the Society.

3.1.16 To establish contacts with similar organizations in other countries for better cooperation in various areas.

3.1.17 To subscribe or become a Member of or otherwise cooperate with any other organization whose objects altogether or in part are similar to those of the Society

3.1.18 To accept, receive, purchase, take on lease or hire, or otherwise acquire any movable or immovable property or any rights or privileges necessary or convenient for the purpose of the Society on such terms and conditions as may be thought fit or expedient.

3.1.19 To establish and support or aid in the establishment and support of associations, institution, funds, trusts and conveniences, calculated to benefit employees of the Society or the dependents or connections of such persons, and grant pension and allowances, and to make payments towards, and to subscribe or guarantee money for charitable or benevolent objects or for any exhibitions for any public, general or useful object.

3.1.20 Create a corpus fund for the Society that can be used for the objectives of the Society.

3.1.21 To invest funds from time to time which are in terms of Section 11 (5) of Income Tax Act of 1961 or any other law for the time being in force and subsequent amendments thereof.

3.1.22 To assign to any class of Members any preferential, special or qualified rights or privileges over or as compared with any other Members as regards voting or otherwise, whosoever, and

3.1.23 Generally, to do all that may be necessary in the interest of the realization of the above objects of the Society directly or indirectly.


4.0 Application of Income and Property

4.1 The income and property of the Society, however derived, shall be applied wholly towards the promotion of the objects thereof, as in this Memorandum of Association. In respect of the expenditure grants made by the Central Government or other International Agencies shall be subject to such limitations as the government may from time to time impose. No portion of the income and property of the Society shall be otherwise paid directly or indirectly by way of benefits, bonus or otherwise to any persons who at any time are or have been Members of the Society or to any of them or to any person claiming through them, provided that nothing herein contained prevents the payment in good faith of remuneration to any Member thereof or other persons in return for any service rendered to the Society.

4.2 If on the winding up or dissolution of the Society there remains, after the satisfaction of its debts and liabilities, any property, whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the Members of the Society or any of them but shall consistently with the objects of the Society be dealt with in such a manner as the management may determine, provided however that the assets are used in such a manner as to further as nearly as possible the objects for which the Society was established.

4.3 All the incomes, earnings, movable, immovable properties of the Society shall be solely utilized and applied towards the promotion of its aims and objects only as set forth in the Memorandum of Association and no profit on thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends, bonus, profits in any manner whatsoever to the present or past Members of the Society or to any person claiming through any one or more of the present or past Members. No Member of the Society shall have any personal claim on any movable, immovable properties of the Society or make any profit, whatsoever by virtue of his / her membership.


5.0 Subscription

5.1 We, the several persons whose names and addresses are given below, having associated ourselves for the purpose described in this Memorandum of Association, do hereby subscribe our names to this Memorandum of Association and set our several and respective hands hereunto and form ourselves into a Society under Act XXI of 1860 this 26th day of December, 2009 at New Delhi.

Desirous Persons: We, the undersigned are desirous of forming a Society namely THE GOLD AWARD HOLDERS SOCIETY Under Societies Registration Act 1860 as applicable to the Union territory of Delhi in the pursuance of the Memorandum of Association of the Society.

S.No. Name Address Occupation Signature

1 Ishita Khanna Geeta Cottage, Sanjauli

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh Social


2 Tripti Bansal 1/10, Shanti Niketan

New Delhi - 110021 Student

3 Pranay Kapoor 25 Vikvekanand Nagar

Maldahia Varanasai Student

4 Saachi Sareen Green House Nongrim Hills

Shillong Meghalaya Student

5 Sandeep Dutt 596 Asian Games Village

New Delhi - 110049 Self- Employed

6 Rohit Saxena 109/3 Officers Enclave

Jai Paltan Lines

Alwar Rajasthan Employed

7 Juzer Abbas Shaikhally M J Patel House 2nd Floor

177/79 Nagdevi Street

Mumbai Self Employed

Governing Body: The name, addresses, occupations and designation of the person Members of the Governing Body to whom the management of the Society is entrusted as required under the section 2 of the Societies Registration Act, 1860 as applicable to the Union Territory of Delhi are as follows:

1 Ishita Khanna Geeta Cottage, Sanjauli

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh Social

Entrepreneur President

2 Tripti Bansal 1/10, Shanti Niketan

New Delhi - 110021 Student Vice President

3 Pranay Kapoor 25 Vikvekanand Nagar

Maldahia Varanasai Student Secretary

4 Saachi Sareen Green House Nongrim Hills

Shillong Meghalaya Student Joint Secretary

5 Sandeep Dutt 596 Asian Games Village,

New Delhi 110049, Indai Self Employed Treasurer

6 Rohit Saxena 109/3 Officers Enclave

Jai Paltan Lines

Alwar Rajasthan Employed

IT Professional Member

7 Juzer Abbas Shaikhally M J Patel House 2nd Floor

177/79 Nagdevi Street

Mumbai Self Employed Member

First Gold Project

Ecosphere is organising the First Gold Project in India. All Gold Holders and participants wanting to do the Residential Project are welcome to join in.

Annual General Meeting, 24th of June 2010

Modern School, New Delhi, India
        GAHS Executive Committee
                        President- Ishita Khanna
                        Vice President- Tripti Bansal
                        Secretary- Pranay Kapoor
                        Joint Secretary- Saachi Sarin
                        Treasurer- Sandeep Dutt
                        Youth Rep- Rohit Saxena
                        Award Holder, Hon. Secretary- West- Juzer Shaikhally
47 Members
Hon. Secretary- East- Bivujit Mukhoty
            Hon. Secy- GAHS- Nivedita Samanta

Observers: Ms. Gilly Shirazi, Secretary General, International Award Association
                   Ms. Sue Walker, Asia Pacific Regional Director

Programme Flow:
            12.30 pm- Arrival and Registration
            1 pm- Lunch & Fellowship. Lunch sponsored by Nirula’s.
            2 pm- Gather for Annual Gold Meeting

1.     About GAHS
2.     Introduction and approval of Executive Committee Members, Honorary GAHS Secretaries and present individual members
3.     Sharing and approval of work done since inception of GAHS in March 2010
4.     Introduce auditor and consider, approve and adopt audited statement
5.     President to share plan and vision. Open House Discussion-for the way ahead, suggestion of future programmes and establish priorites
6.     Any adoption or amendments of Rules and Regulations of the Society, if necessary


1. Meeting was called to order at 2.15 pm by GAHS President-Ishita. She proceeded to introduce GAHS for the benefit of new members.

The Gold Award Holders’ Society registered on March 8, 2010 is the premier Alumni network for Gold Holders in India. With the motto of Cherishing Service and Relationship (CSR), GAHS is an effort to create more awareness about the Award in our country and to rope in exuberant Award Holders, who feel for the Award and are keen to give back, GAHS exists for the provision, promotion and preservation of the International Award in India. The GAHS Office runs currently from the National Office but has presence all across the country. With Honorary Secretaries currently in the West and East Zones, for better administration, communication and growth of the Award, GAHS will function as a completely independent setup to assist in alumni relations and growth of the Award Programme as per the Strategic Plan of the National Office.

2. Ishita asked all Executive Committee Members to introduce themselves. The Executive Committee features Award Holders from over the years so that there is diversity of experiences for best possible growth. To supplement GAHS’ efforts to round up maximum members across the country, enthusiastic Award Holders and otherwise have been identified and made Honorary Executive Secretaries. So far from the East Zone, Bivujit Mukhoty, from the West- Juzer Shaikhally and recently from the South- Sridhar Lakshmanan are the Honorary Secretaries.

Warm welcome given to our special guests- Gilly Shirazi and Sue Walker by everyone present

Ishita proceeded to ask all individual members to introduce themselves and say a few words about their Award experiences. This exercise reflected the great experiences that the Award allows every young people.

Most people felt that the Award is the complete package for enhancing personality, to grow in a well-rounded manner. There were several comments from members who have completed all Award levels that they had experiences of a lifetime. Residential and Service Projects particularly allowed them to improve their personalities, become a team worker, learn about new things, and overcome fears through fun learning. Some felt that it is absolutely necessary to become volunteers to promote the Award in their schools, localities in an effort to allow more young people to go on self-discoveries, think beyond marks and academics and cherish the importance of small things.

3. GAHS organised the first GAHS Summit on 23rd December, 2009 in New Delhi. This first effort brought together some Gold Holders from generations and introduced to them the National Strategic Plan for the growth of the Award Programme in the next three years. With the challenge to grow, especially in the 18-25 age groups, and introduce half a million young Indians to the Award, garnering Gold Holders, the best ambassadors for the Programme, as volunteers and Award Leaders will successfully create a network of people trained to ensure quality and service our society.

Since, volunteers at the National Office have worked towards the registration of the Society with the Registrar of Societies in India and with the efforts of Accountant- Mr. Sunil Trehan of Sunil Trehan & Co., GAHS was registered on March 8, 2010.

Over a few small meetings with the President, Treasurer and GAHS Members an event to bring together Award Holders, Award partners and potential partners from education, government, corporate and social sectors was felt necessary. The CSR Summit held on June 23, 2010 was successful in bringing together different stakeholders of the Award Programme to collaboratively engage youth in our society.

4. Sunil Trehan, Sunil Trehan & Co. Was approved as auditor for GAHS. Audited statements will be made available soon. Every member of GAHS can look at statements on formal request.

5. Plan ahead: working together on future programmes for networking and Award development

Some ideas put forward and agreed on included
·       Annual/bi-annual  events like a trek or Residential Projects or Service projects for GAHs in collaboration with Volunteer Organisations and/or Service Providers
o   Each zone can do pilots on a section of the Award Programme
o   Events like music concerts that may help provide finances to sustain future events. International exchanges/events can follow once we can prove sustainability.
·       GAHS Members as Award Ambassadors NEED to talk about the Award to create more visibility
o   Share Award stories and experiences on all Public Relations/Communications Mediums. As PR/Communications are at a nascent stage, it is important to lay ground work collectively and record Award stories to National Communications Team
o   Try to help Bronze, silver to complete Gold and to ensure better Gold completion rates in Award units in all zones.
o   To create more word about the Award, get young professionals/interns involved in Communications and PR strategy.

Confirmations to work together- every member present committed to give support and introduce atleast 5 other Gold Holders to register with GAHS in the next one year

The meeting concluded with all members sharing their Goals for the year. T-shirts for all Gold Holders were distributed and new Gold Awardees headed for the Presentation Ceremony at the Vice President of India, Residence. 

This is a true copy of the minutes and the list of Members of the Society present exists on the Register on record, at the NAA Office.

Australia & India Sign MOU

Pursuant to the sign up of the Australia India MOU, the National Director IAYP India is on a one week tour to Australia, to work out further development initiatives.

Message from the National Director

As a Gold Holder am very fortunate to have the opportunity to lead IAYP India. In another one year the Award in India will turn 50, and we must aspire to have 50,000 participants next year. This will be a great tribute to the spirit of the Volunteers in India. Cheers... and happy connecting.

Golden memories,
Sandeep Dutt
National Director

Volunteers back in action!

The happy team is back... 3rd July 2010, the volunteer Gold Holders have kicked off a new season for the Award in India. Same month in 2009, IAYP India formally launched the Volunteer inititives at the national office, as the Delhi University now reopens, we are all set to bring on board new energy.

The meeting was attended by Saachi, Pranay, Tripti, Ankit, Neha, Nivedia and Atom too. Ideas were floated and plans are afoot for 2010-11; events, administering and buildng the GAHS was the key agenda. The Gold Holders and Volunteers will meet every Saturday at 3.00 PM at 'the studio' and work to engaging youth in society.

Facebook IAYP India

Great to see the number swelling to near 1400, the support is wonderful, and we do have great enthusiasm in Volunteers and Gold Holders.

The Award office is wanting to grow the team, anyone interested?

IAYP India

The India Award celebrations a big success, CSR Event, Gold Ceremony and the Governing Council meetings all went very well.

Countdown for IAYP 2010 Celebrations

CSR - partners day on the 23rd June
Gold Award Holder's Day on the 24th
The Governing Council Meeting on the 25th
To top it all we have our Secretary General Ms. Gillian Shirazi with us for the coming week!

IAYP India Celebrations

June 22 to 25, 2010
Cherish service and relationship.
Partners, Gold Holders and Board Members meet at Delhi. Celebrations and time to have fun!

Gold Holder's Lunch

The Annual Gold Award Holder's Society Lunch, will be on 24th June 2010. Time 12.30 PM and the probable venue is Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi. All Gold Holders are most welcome, including the 45 odd getting the Award on the day!
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YES it is happening!

Think fresh, think YES...
Calling all passionate social thinkers and entrepreneurs, partner with IAYP for building the Award Programme in India, get rewarded and even end up as a social entrepreneur.

YOUTH ENGAGING SOCIETY - YES, the way to go...

YES movement encourages social enterprise
Call now +91 11 26497154
Nivedita will rope you in!

CSR Summit 2010

IAYP India, proudly announces CSR Summit 2010!
An effort to bring together all the stakeholders and Award's Alumni to understand the need of the Award Programme at corporate and institutional level.

Hurry! Registration closes soon.....

For further information please contact Era(that's me) @ +91 11 26497154 / +91 11 26493400.

the studio

Gold Holders,Award participants, Award Leaders are welcome to meet at 'the studio'. Meeting room and resource centre of IAYP India.
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Interns Welcome

IAYP is happy to have on board interns and trainees to join us at our office. Work with us on projects, at our office, as brand ambassadors or better still become a Social Entrepreneur.

IAYP acknowledges JCB support

Mr. Vipin Sondhi, MD JCB India receiving citation from Sandeep Dutt.
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Celebrating one great year!

Summer of 2009, the turning point... JCB extends a warm hand to support IAYP India. Celebrating year one of the association, Mr. Vipin Sondhi MD JCB India, hosted a dinner. A wonderful evening... the Award Team presented a citation to Mr. Sondhi and further affirmed the leadership of the great company.

IAYP in association with JCB are committed to engage youth in society, and pilot the CSR initiatives.

Cheers and hoping to grow faster and stronger in the years ahead!
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Become YES Entrepreneur!

Award so far is equipping for life, with the YES model in place it will be a source of Livelihood as well ...

Partner with IAYP and become a licensee... All you need is the Gold Award.

To learn more contact us!

The Studio

The Studio, is the modern training and resource centre for IAYP India. This new conference facility can house a maximum of 20 individuals and has all the IT and infrastructure for workshops and training. Located in Shahpur Jat, New Delhi, with ample parking and greenery, most inviting for all. The lanes of Shahpur Jat are a treasure trove too, small boutiques, eateries and even fast food cafes are all there.

Formation of Teams!!!

IAYP's new teams in Place:
Award In Business
Award In Universities
Award In School
This is our strategy to hit our target of 10,000 participants. New office, New Teams, New Structure and Cherishing Projects!!


Welcome Back Volunteers!!

The Award Office is soon going to be exorbitantly energetic. Volunteers will be back from there Examination break. It has always been easy sailing with them. Unforgettably, they are the pioneers of the Award Programme and with their go hardihood; we would take the Award Programme at zenith.

Looking forward to having fun with them and challenging young people together!!


We are pleased to announce the launch of Award Forum.

All volunteers are requested to register.
Check for more details with Award National office.

West India on the go

Gold Holders in Mumbai and the West keen to build the Award Programme. Juzer, the GAHS voice is now working not only to network with the Gold Holders, but is keen to help register participants and further strengthen the Zone. He is running an adventure outfit and has access to the schools.

West Zone will actively pursue the expansion of the GAHS and build good volunteer support. The Zone was the trail blazer in the 1970-80 period and they are now committed to grow rapidly.
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Meeting with Carl

Mr Carl Laurie our West Zone Chairperson, hosted a great evening. We talked about evolving systems, building Zone Councils and an effective team to power the Award.

Carl keen to work with more gusto and serve the Award Programme to a wider network of schools. Very supportive of the strategy and felt need to build brand further.

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Mumbai Visit

Great to meet Juzer, our enthusiastic Gold Holder right at the Airport. He is doing a road show at the Oberoi International School and is challenging Gold holders to join in too.

Carl our wonderful Chairperson West Zone, will meet us tomorrow!

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Celebrations in India

The updated programme for the Annual Event:

Wednesday 23rd June 2010 - CSR Summit -

Thursday 24th June 2010- Celebrating the Gold Awards


Gold Presentation in the Evening - FOR GOVERNING COUNCIL MEMBERS, GOLD

Friday 25th June 2010 - Governing Council meeting - ONLY for the members of
the GC (NAA, India)

Nivedita will be handling the event and will keep all informed please.

Emerging Leaders Summit

3rd and 4th May 2010, Sandeep Dutt to attend the Summit being organised by Advance, and this is a major initiative to build Indo - Australia partnership. For more
We will participate in two plenary sessions one on Higher Education and the other on the making of a Global Citizen.

As a representative of the Award Programme, APF India is committed to add value at every forum for young people.
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Sudhir Kumar Yadav: An Uncommon Story of a Common Boy

Sudhir, a Gold Award Holder, is representing International Award For Young People, India, in London at the Buckingham Palace. Many years back, he was found wandering on streets by Salaam Baalak Trust and was offered to pursue the Award Programme which was a turning point in his life and made him a Man of honor and dignity. Today his head is held high with his sense of achievement.

Cheers to International Award for Young People for creating Real Life hero like Sudhir.

the studio

 IAYP India has set up a Training and Confernce facility, and this has been named "the studio",  the branding reflects the aim of 'equip for life', and hopes to convey a message of being a resource centre.
Welcome for workshops, training and reference any day of the except Sunday.

- Challenging young people everywhere
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The Studio

The new training and resource centre opened on the 24th of April 2010, and we hosted our first meeting of The Gold Award Holders' Society. The facility is branded 'the studio' and in addtion to conference services, is equipped with internet, refence section and a pantry. This centre will help in capacity builidng and training to take ahead the mission of 'equip for life'.

Located in an area of 1600 sq ft, is air conditioned with power backup. Housed in 86 Shahpur Jat, on the first floor, is in the building adjacent to the national office. The facility will host training programmes, workshops, participanat meetings and help us further as a location for serving the needs of the Open Award Centre.

"the studio" is dedicated to the enthusiastic young participants, and will further double up as a location for tbe Trust, Governing Council and other meetings too. Welcome to the facility, and you can call us on +91 11 32442626 for further information.

Challenging young and the old to build a vibrant Award Programme in India!

Award Office in New Shape!!

Our Cool Award Office has turned Cooler......Welcome Book Cafe!!
Thank you for always being a support to us and Challenging young people with us.

NST, 2010: A Real Fun!!

NST, 2010, hosted by National Office at Delhi was in literary was a real FUN!!

The entire session was very interesting and informative. The energy and passion with which Rob delivered was stupendously outstanding.
The Imperative area of the Award Programme were presented in a language that made it easy to understand and relevant.As we seek to challenge at Compassion, the workshop has brought an impetus to this area for us .


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