Importance Of Life Skills

Life skills are essentially those abilities that help promote mental well-being and
competence in young people as they face the realities of life. Most development 
professionals agree that life skills are generally applied in the context of health and 
social events. They can be utilized in many content areas: prevention of drug use, 
sexual violence, teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDS prevention and suicide prevention. 
The definition extends into consumer education, environmental education, peace 
education or education for development, livelihood and income generation, among 
others. In short, life skills empower young people to take positive action to protect 
themselves and promote health and positive social relationships.

Self-awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence are essential tools for understanding 
one’s strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, the individual is able to discern
available opportunities and prepare to face possible threats. This leads to the
development of a social awareness of the concerns of one’s family and society.
Subsequently, it is possible to identify problems that arise within both the family and 

With life skills, one is able to explore alternatives, weigh pros and cons and make 
rational decisions in solving each problem or issue as it arises. It also entails being 
able to establish productive interpersonal relationships with others.

Life skills enable effective communication, for example, being able to differentiate 
between hearing and listening and ensuring that messages are transmitted accurately 
to avoid miscommunication and misinterpretations.

Arti Sharma

                                            Life skill: 
Life skill is the  basic skill that is acquired through learning and from our day by day  life experiences that enable us to effectively handle so many  problems which we face in our daily life. 
     Our day to day life have  so many challenges  which include creativity, critical thinking, decision making, ability to communicate and analyses the things more better way.
 Life skill helps an individual to develop self-confidence and successfully deal with significant life challenges.
  Life skill helps us to live a better and managed quality of life. It helps us to accomplish our ambition. However the most important life skill is the ability and willingness to learn new things. If we learn new skills we understand the world and equip ourselves with new tools to cope up with new challenges that life throws in front of us in every walk of life.
With Regards
Komal Bali


Art is Life and Life is Art

                                   Art is Life and Life is Art.      
  It is said that' Art is Life' .There is close relationship between life and art.Art originates beauty in the world of man.The aim of art education is to sensitize the students so that they may learn to respond to the beauty in live color, form moment harmony,rhythm and perspective.
 Art is the medium to express the creative bent of mind.Figures  and sketch forms make us understand anything very clearly in a lucid manner.The history of  art is as ancient as the evolution of of man.The painting in the caves of early man  shows the fascination of human life,shapes and colors.Without art  life is like curry without spices  that is to say  dull and. Tasteless.It is source of joy ,it also recreates  the eyes and satisfies the soul of both the artist and the spectator.
 Art in every age has portrayed the inner thoughts, feelings of a common man. It also deports the sorrow struggle, failures and successes, God has created  every form of life, a perfection of design and creativity. Everybody is is born with talent.There is , however, a need to identify it for yourself Having an aptitude for fine arts is equivalent to have talent in other field .Regular practice and determination.Undoubtelly, brings the best out of u sooner than u can think of .   LMz Now with the help of computers u can enhance the quality of your  talent  and take art as  a bright career option .'Art is that creation of Man Which provides an ever ending joy'.          



  जब हम कभी किसी बुरी हालत का सामना कर रहे होते हैं  तो हम सोचते हैं कि क्या करें, क्योंकि इतनी जल्दी तो सब कुछ बदल नहीं  सकता है और क्या पता मेरा ये बदलाब कोई असर करेगा भी या नहीं | लेकिन इतना तय है कि बदलाब की शुरुआत बहुत ही साधारण ढंग से होती है | कई बार तो हम हार मान लेते हैं कि हमारे अकेले बदलने से तो कोई बदलाव नहीं आएगा जबकि अपने पर भरोसा रख कर किया जाने वाला बदलाव हमारी जिंदगी में एक नींव का पत्थर भी साबित हो सकता है | एक कहानी के माध्यम से आपको समझाते हैं कि छोटा सा बदलाव किस तरह महत्वपूर्ण है |

एक लड़का रोज सुबह सैर के लिए जाया करता था | वह देखता कि एक महिला तालाब के किनारे बैठी छोटे - छोटे कछुओं  की पीठ को साफ़ किया करती थी | एक दिन उस लड़के ने इसके पीछे का कारण जानने की सोची | वो लड़का महिला के पास गया और बोला कि आप हमेशा इन कछुओं की पीठ को क्यों साफ़ करते हो | महिला ने जवाब दिया  " मैं हर रोज़ जहाँ एक घंटे के लिए आती हूँ  और इन छोटे - छोटे कछुओं की पीठ को साफ़ करके  शांति का अनुभव लेती हूँ |" क्यों कि इनकी पीठ पर जो कवच होता है उस पर पानी की वजह से कचरा जम जाता है जिसके कारण इनकी गर्मी पैदा करने की क्षमता कम हो जाती है | कुछ समय बाद तक अगर ऐसा ही रहे तो ये कवच कमज़ोर हो जाते हैं इसलिए कवच को साफ़ करती हूँ |
यह सुनकर लड़का बड़ा हैरान हुआ | उसने फिर सवाल किया कि माना आप बहुत अच्छा काम कर रहे हैं लेकिन फिर भी एक बात सोचिये कि इन जैसे कितने और भी कछुए हैं जो इनसे भी बुरी हालत में हैं जबकि आप सभी के लिए ये नही कर सकते तो उनका क्या, क्योंकि आपके अकेले के बदलने से तो कोई बदलाव आएगा ही नहीं |इस पर महिला ने बड़ा ही असरदार जवाब दिया कि भले ही मेरे इस छोटे से कर्म से दुनिया में कोई बड़ा बदलाव नहीं आयगा लेकिन सोचो इस एक कछुए की जिन्दगी में तो बदलाव आयगा ही न | तो क्यों न हम छोटे बदलाव  से ही शुरुआत करें |
जब तक आप अपने में  बदलाव नहीं लाएँगे तब तक आप समाज के अंदर बदलाव नहीं ला सकते | इसलिए अपने आप को बदलो

Three important keys of success in learner's life

(1) Go deep

(2) work hard 

(3) To be a good learner 

(1) Go deep :- If we want to be a successful person we should go 

deep in our studies 
(2) Work hard :-If we want to achieve success in our life we should

work hard . 

(3) To be a good learner :-If we are a good learner we will get

respect from everyone and when we get respect from everyone we

feel better in our life . For better life i want to share some lines

which are spoken by a poet about life
When somebody says us that we should give up then a ray of hope 

comes from somewhere and says in our ears to try again .Because 

life is like an ice-cream .If you taste it ,then it melts and if you waste 

it, then it also melts .Therefore ,we should learn to taste the life by

living it joyfully otherwise it is going waste .

With Regards

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Teacher to Parent - Why teachers leave

I read in a recent Post and Courier editorial about the shortage of teachers and the problems with teacher retention in our state. Is this a real problem and what might be some ideas to correct it?

I read that, too, and I thought the P&C’s editorial was welcomed fresh air for what has been a closeted matter for a long time. While it is not a burning issue in all schools, it is a serious problem in many places, and there is no doubt it is hurting thousands of students.

As director of the Charleston Teacher Alliance, I interact with teachers all over the region, and from what I hear, the primary reasons they leave the classroom to come down to three critical issues:

1. Student discipline. Across the state, teachers and principals have not been given the power to enforce basic rules of behaviour, and I’m not just talking about gum chewing and running in the halls. I routinely hear from teachers who have been assaulted, cursed at, threatened, and terrorised by out-of-control classrooms. Far too often the students in these situations are treated with tenderness while the teachers are blamed. Teaching in many schools has evolved by stages, from instruction to daycare to containment to survival. Until teachers and principals are empowered to get their classrooms back in control, the profession will continue to bleed talented, intelligent educators.

2. Parental support. From the moment teachers step into the classroom, they are warned that they will be held accountable for raising the test scores of all students. They are also warned that they must do so without the expectation of parents’ help. While most parents are supportive of their children’s education, too many have forgotten their responsibilities. They do not discipline their children. They do not make them study. They do not encourage them to listen to their teachers. Instead, they blame teachers and the system for failing them. Teaching is hard enough when everyone is behind you, but when the people who have the most influence on students are not supportive of your efforts, exasperation and fatigue can take root, and teachers will abandon the profession.

3. Administrative power and teacher discretion. Because districts are becoming increasingly top-heavy with administrators, teachers are being forced to implement prescribed (and usually unsuccessful) programs and teaching methods. Teaching is an art, not a science, and when you exchange a teacher’s palette and canvas with a dime store paint-by-numbers set, the effects on the teaching profession are predictable. In addition, districts continue to slam teachers with grotesque amounts of paperwork, replace instructional time with unnecessary testing, and cram more and more students into already packed classrooms.

I’m no genius, but I am a teacher, and my advice to those at the state level is that if you really want to keep teachers in the classroom, you might pay attention to why they’re leaving in the first place.

Jody Stallings has been an award-winning teacher in Charleston since 1992. He has served as Charleston County Teacher of the Year, Walmart Teacher of the Year, and CEA runner-up for National Educator of the Year. He currently teaches English at Moultrie Middle School and is director of the Charleston Teacher Alliance. Please send your questions to him at

The Charleston Teacher Alliance (CTA) is the largest teacher advocacy organisation in the Charleston County School District, and one of the largest in South Carolina. It is unique among teacher organisations for its data-driven approach and focuses on teacher empowerment.

Be The Change

We welcome Dr Gargi Singh of The Iconic School to Brewing Knowledge. Post our session to share the My Good School philosophy and how Happy Teachers work to build professional learning communities, Gargi kindly shared her perspective.

The 'My Good School' designation shows the value a school places on professional learning and student achievement. The schools work for the personal and social development of an individual, by subscribing to our philosophy of quality in education, offering an environment where experiential learning is made possible through activities beyond just study; this brings to life learning that would otherwise be theoretical and uncoordinated. School teachers have the most important role in delivering quality education. There is an enormous paucity of good teachers, the only way out is in-service training and building a Professional Learning Community.

Gargi's views are shared below:
"1. Teachers are the prime focus for any change, and the maximum strengthening is required with them if they are empowered it is then that they bring up the most beautiful programs
2. Every step needs an Indicator, and if the change is mapped, then the indicators reflect all the action in the direction of the vision the school, that facilitates the monitoring and the mentoring at the correct time and in the most needed areas.
3. The Indicators also give a scope to tell people that their contribution is immense in the organisation and can act as a great motivating factor for all the individuals who are involved in the education program".

Dr Gargi Singh, The Iconic School, Email,

Examination; Its fear and tips to overcome it

Yesterday, I sat with my child
he looked very sad..
I asked him, what happen?
He said, my exam are coming,
My mind is not running.

Then I remember my time,
When I was a child.
I had also feel the same,
Then I remember, the suggestion of my mother.

Then I  ask my child, the same,
you should not get worry.
Only concentrate your work,
Utilize your time in a proper way,
You will get the solution.

So don;t be worry and 
you should be hurry.
to follow my command.

In today's world when there is too much burden on students, examination became a fear for them.During exams they remain isolated not only from activities but from family also so that they can concentrate on studies.But as a teacher and parents we should not allow them to remain isolated instead we should help them in managing their time in a proper manner which include time for activities and play also.We should not impose things on our students and most importantly we should not compare them with anyone.Because comparison will never motivate them to work hard during examination.Only our love ,care and affection will motivate them.

Examination Fever

Oftenly, we have seen that whenever the examination are in head, the students suffer from examination fever. The approach of examination means the beginning of fear in the mind of a student. This is by because of the facts that for whole of the period other than examination days, they are usually seen in a happy mood, busy in games, watching cricket match on television/ movies, visiting picnic spots, found gossiping with their friends on their mobiles phone even in late hours, but during examination days all of sudden they stopped all these activities and seen worried for completion of their left over syllabus.
They are worried from both the sides i.e from their parent side, who have a lot of expectation from them that their wards should get through in the examination with good numbers/ position and secondly a fear cropped up in their mind that in case they will not keep well in the examination, they will be exposed in examination.
The examination do exert as unusual strain upon the mind of the students who lose all their zest for life at the time of examination. Tutors are engaged, notes and guess papers are purchased, special lecturers/ coaching classes are attended in this short period, besides they are taking all possible measures to set through in the examination. The reason as already said that in whole of the year they are paying a little heed to their studies.
Thus it is important for the parents too that they should ensure that their children begins their preparation before examination rather to wait till the last moment when examination starting knocking their doors, so that students may not face examination fever.




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