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Our sessions of Masterclass are unique. Unique, because we train only through our discussions about the books we read together. There is no class, no board work, no notes and above all no examinations!

As I reflect on our sessions, what I have noticed is that regardless of the intentions of the author, the texts we read have different meanings and significance to each one of us. Our interpretations are bound by our own background and by personal, social, cultural and historical contexts in which we find ourselves, 

The author of the book that we are currently reading, 'Wanted Back-bencher Last Ranker Teacher', portrays the characters as per her social background, ethics and understanding of students, parents and school systems. All reflections by our participant trainees convey different interpretations bringing to mind, the statement by John Dewey that to understand something is to see it in relation to other things. To understand something is not to gain knowledge but to able to draw inferences about the what, the how and the why of a thing. Finally, the test of understanding is about applying concepts and principles to life situations. 

Developing perspectives can only happen with metacognitive awareness. The way we see meaning in between lines rather than in the lines literally, shapes our understanding and plays a crucial role in developing our own philosophy. 

Every reflection makes us question our own beliefs and makes us realise that learning never stops as long as one has the humility to accept that.

Brinda Ghosh
Coach Masterclass 2024 
Lifelong Educator 


  1. Inspiring reflections. Well done Brinda Madam.

  2. Paul, Sir, being a teacher is not just a noble profession but a deeply satisfying one and a life well lived for every passionate educator #HappyTeachers 😀

  3. Interesting interpretation ma’am 😊


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