Intern at SchoolEducation.Com

We invite college students, graduates and individuals who want to work and  are passionate about working for helping deliver quality education and  youth development.

Key areas for participation are Instruction and Training, Supervision, Counseling and Assessment.

Duties / work
To advise, guide and assist the partners
To service  the needs of our Partners
To keep records
To liaise and coordinate activities in an area
To handle communication needs of clients
To work online /could space and complete work assigned
Qualities / pre-requisites for an Adult Volunteer/ Interns
Business like: organised, systematic, goal oriented and prepared.
Friendly: warm, empathetic, out-going, positive and friendly.
Verbally Interactive: listens, accepts, probes questions and encourages.
Stimulating: imaginative, stimulating, exciting, provocative, interesting and avoids dull routine.
Individual Oriented: treats each individual as a unique learner.
Multi-media Integrative: uses diverse media for visualisation, dramatisation, demonstration, and manipulation, reading and listening.
Good IT and Web knowledge is a must and to volunteer you must have a phone, computer and be willing to travel out of town if needed.
Costs / out-of-pocket expenses are reimbursed at actuals please.
Yes you are compensated and paid too!

Interns management policy
Interns  are an essential part of our successful enterprise. Most of them work directly with the partners and provide support at the local and national level. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and responsible interns can make a huge impact in retaining and encouraging more people to work with us and take ahead the development agenda.

Emphasis is on outstanding service over a significant period of time; the individuals are not employed by SchoolEducation.Com but work in a volunteer capacity. The minimum time involvement is normally one year, though there may be exceptional cases when a shorter period of service would be worthy of recognition, or where breaks in service could be taken into account. The judgement of successful internship is inevitably  subjective, but considerable involvement of an individual's over time to the undoubted benefit of a number of people, is the basic criterion. Evidence is also required of positive advancement of the our aims and philosophy. The person should have demonstrated superior efforts and initiatives during his or her period of involvement with us and is expected to have shown exceptional ability, reliability and results in one or more fields related to its operation.

How to take this ahead?
Sign up today, simply email your areas of interest and commit yourself to a journey of learning. Once you are accepted, you will join us and earn while you learn!

You may be required to work at any fixed office / location and will have to commit to work on projects and assignments. It is mandatory for you to comply with  an Evaluation & Monitoring (M&E).

Email you expression of interest to

Counseling on Careers needs to include family’s aspirations and circumstances.

Counseling on Careers needs to include family’s aspirations and circumstances. Not just student’s aptitude and grades. | RLS's Blog

Most “Career Counsellors” use a couple of key tools to maximize their interaction with the students. These tools are primarily the inferences from an aptitude testing and then a library of guides that indicate that what aptitude link up to various careers. Some also look at the grades that the student has been getting in the subjects being attempted. To most this will look as a good game plan. Now consider…

Late for class - India woos foreign colleges as population clock ticks

Late for class - India woos foreign colleges as population clock ticks | Business Standard

India's ministry of human resources and development is trying to issue what is in effect an executive order, which would leapfrog a bill stuck in parliament since 2010, one casualty of a legislative logjam that has paralysed Indian policymaking over the last two years.

Despite scepticism from many institutions that India will be able to change its game with elections looming by next May, some foreign universities are keen to push ahead with campuses.

"A campus in India has always been our vision and that is our plan," said Guru Ghosh, the vice-president for outreach and international affairs at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, known as Virginia Tech.

It is due to launch a research centre near Chennai in spring 2014 and hopes to set up a campus within 3-5 years if the rules change, Ghosh said.

Under the proposed rules, non-profit foreign universities in the top 400 worldwide would be able to open campuses. The rules need a final sign-off from the law ministry, which will take up to three months, according to R.P. Sisodia, joint secretary for higher education at the Ministry of Human Resources and Development.

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