Responsibility and Cooperation - R P Devgan

India's Test Match Series win against the Australians in Australia is one of the finest examples of Team spirit. After a debacle and humiliation in the first Test Match, the Indian players rose like the Phoenix and were applauded the world over for their grit, determination and team work. The players rose from the ashes and combined perfectly to take on their individual responsibilities and carve out an almost impossible win against all odds.This just goes to prove what responsibility and collaboration can achieve.

I have often advocated the importance of team games and group activities in schools.These  teach students to be responsible and how to learn to collaborate.
It also helps in being compassionate and considerate. It encourages trust and belief in each other. In case of defeat it gives people the strength to get  together and overcome their weaknesses.

Unfortunately today most people go for personal glory that individual Sports like Athletics,Tennis and  Shooting bring. There is nothing wrong with pursuing these sports, but only after you have participated in Team Sports while in school. Bjorn Borg in his autobiography writes that in schools students must take part in all sports.

To finally succeed in life it is important to be considerate and care for others. Selfishness and one-upmanship only leads to conflicts and ill-will. Whether it is a family, an organisation or a group of people like Educators; all need to be responsible and collaborate to live in harmony.

Educators must lead by example and inculcate the values of Responsibility and Collaboration in their wards.

Mr R P Devgan is the Chairman of Learning Forward India.

Nathan Strenge "I am passionate about Education...

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In addition to serving as USA Country Lead for HundrED, Nathan facilitates conversations with learners around the globe as a Senior Learning Designer at Fielding International
Episode # 62 Sandeep Dutt in conversation with Nathan Strenge, a Senior Learning Designer at Fielding International, works with innovative schools and educators worldwide to create environments where learners and communities thrive. In addition to his role at Fielding, Nathan serves as USA Country Lead at HundrED and is an active member of the Education Reimagined Learning Lab community. He enjoys facilitating conversations that bring together youth, educators, and community members to re-envision the future of education – he’s optimistic that all over the world people are reimagining how education can be designed to cultivate learners with agency and aspirations to contribute to a better world.  He can help schools find the right problem to solve, and illuminate the path to solve it through a workshop called Align to Thrive. He as taught high school statistics and mathematics for ten years before going into school design and innovative education. He has won a national teaching award for my work in personalized learning that focused on relationships and holistic well-being. In the podcast, he shares what youth voice is important, and the need for building learning centres where empathy and listening help change the paradigm. Nathan looks forward to connecting with people working at the forefront of 21st-century learning to make a healthier, more equitable, and loving world.

You will love the stories shared by our happy teachers and passionate educators. We grow your people's capacity to improve student achievement and transform your school into a culture of trust and collaboration in less time with fewer resources. Each person in your school contributes to the culture of your school. School culture is built on the actions and interactions of the people. You make your school stronger by adding value to others and making others feel valued. 

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Responsibility commands Cooperation- Medley DGS

“Be Responsible” is something we all have been hearing since childhood. It is one of the first few expectations laid upon us from our parents. "at-least take responsibility of your stuff" “be responsible, you are not a kid anymore” and so on, yet it takes ages to understand the simple meaning of this word. 

This year, on Teacher’s day Facebook was full of lovely messages filled with gratitude from students all across the globe for their teacher’s right from primary school to college. One of the messages was, “What I am today is because of my teacher.” It filled me with awe and respect for my profession even more. Then, suddenly a thought struck me and scared me to the core. What about the ones who are in jails, criminals who never got caught, the rapists and murderers, the corrupt bribe takers? Did none of them go to the school and if the answer is NO. Is it not true for them What I am today is because of my teacher”? 

When I asked this to myself, I understood the meaning of responsibility. To be responsible, means to take responsibility of your words, actions, behavior, thoughts and their consequences. That means, my responsibility is not limited to my work, but its result and how this result is impacting other lives. In this sense a teacher’s actual performance will be reflected not with the success of her students but with the development of the society as a whole. But what can I do all alone? This thought put me into a pause. Which got cleared when Sugandha shared her experience, that how one child of her class influenced others.

After hearing her I remembered the famous quote of Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. And now I know that I just need to take the responsibility and will eventually get cooperation from others as Responsibility commands Cooperation. 

Anubhuti has beautifully captured this video which speaks for itself.

We all have our own stories of this understanding and insight, Kirti had her realization during lockdown when she thought, “it’s a matter of one or two months and after that everything will be okay then I'll be back to the school and will resume the teaching the way I was doing it before.” But when the situation became grave then she took the responsibility of teaching her students through online classes. Which initially was very difficult for her but slowly and gradually with the cooperation from everyone she handled the situation, even the kids became her support system as they too cooperated and enjoyed this new system of learning, now it's been a year that she is able to take the classes efficiently and effectively.

Rudrani realized her full potential when she took the responsibility of looking after foreign delegates during her university seminar. Overcoming her nervousness and under confidence, she not only fulfilled her responsibilities but also enjoyed doing that, and she got support and appreciation from everyone.  

Chandralekha in one of her science class divided the class into four groups and asked each group to prepare a quiz for the other three groups. This exercise became such fun among kids; they not only referred their books but also searched the internet to be creative and innovative with their questions. All the group members cooperated and came up with amazing questions. What a beautiful depiction of responsibility and cooperation shown by young children.

In Mamta’s words:-

जब व्यक्ति किसी कार्य की जिम्मेदारी ले लेता है,

तो वह अपनी उन्नति का मार्ग प्रशस्त कर लेता है।

...किंतु जब हम उत्तरदायित्व लेने में आनाकानी करते हैं,

 तो हम बस दोषारोपण तक ही सीमित रह जाते हैं


सहयोग उत्तरदायित्व हाथ में हाथ डाले चलती है ,

इन दोनों से ही समाज को प्रगति मिलती है।

यदि हम, अध्यापक निष्क्रिय होकर बैठ जाएंगे!

तो आने वाली पीढ़ी को कैसे सद्मार्ग  पर ला पाएंगे!!

Proud to be Educators From Medley DGS at The Doon Girls' School - Anubhuti Sharma, Chandralekha Negi, Kirti Bisht, Mamta Kandpal, Neelam Waldia, Rudrani Ray and Sugandha Ahluwalia.


Values are the virtues that we learn and gather from our Parents, family, friends, colleagues, the books we read and the INFLUENCES in our life. They are the foundation for any viable life in society, the vehicles which propel the journey of life in a civilized manner. As we grow older, we learn new values day by day. Values are the basic structure of every living being. They actually denote a good life and are the beliefs that one holds, and are important in our life.

                                                 People will get to know YOU by your values!! 

And here, we talk about the TWO VALUES that complement each other so well that a single value is

incomplete without the other. If one is to MINDFULNESS than the other is the only way to GROW. They make PERFECT pair because to execute any kind of ..........whether it is at home or school or in social platform, it is not possible without seeking the ..........of people around. 

                                        RESPONSIBILITY & COOPERATION fills in these blanks.

When I say, "I am responsible”, This "I" is always in need of support from him, her, them and finally you."I" cannot do anything alone and the combination of all the other pronouns help "I" achieve what one desires.

Cooperation (Literal meaning- Support) and Responsibility walks side by side. These two values are like the wheels of a bicycle. If we are cooperative, then responsibility comes automatically. If we are simple, have the courage to accept the right and wrong, have patience and have the ability to tolerate the flaws, then be sure we will be cooperative and hence will be responsible. Cooperation is the MOTHER of all the other values. Without cooperation, we cannot bring other values together.

Respecting other’s feeling is a RESPONSIBILITY as well as COOPERATION towards others. So we can say that these values are like MIRROR REFLECTION.

We must be aware that we all depend on each other in any way, and nothing can be done single-handed in the world. So, we should make our maximum effort for the team. We should cooperate and pool our efforts to achieve the proposed goal. Responsibility and Cooperation can make us choose between success and failure.

Let’s hear some real-life incidents, depicting the importance of responsibility and cooperation (shared by our team members)

1)      Every year our school conducts a Science Exhibition. In the year 2019, being the head of the department, it was my responsibility to organize it. The cooperation, support and assistance that I received from the entire faculty, including the helping staff, was remarkable. This real-life example made me realize the importance of these two values. Responsibility and Cooperation, the two important pillars of teamwork. So they are essential.


2)     Our school is a preparatory school where children mainly prepare themselves for India's top schools. I realised the importance of these two values - when I was allowed to take entrance classes for such children and prepare for the same during this period of the pandemic through online classes. It was challenging to teach the subject and the values when they were not present in the school, but the cooperation I received from my co-teachers, my students, and my daughter really worked. Today, when I met those children after the exam, I realized the importance of these two values with their smiling faces.

3)      मेरा एक बहुत ही होनहार शिष्य है जिसका नाम 'सृजन'(काल्पनिक नामहै। सृजन आवासीय विद्यालय में पढ़ने वाला एक प्रतिभावान छात्र है। सच में अपने नाम की तरह ही अनमोल और पवित्र बालक। जितना पढ़ने लिखने में होशियारउतना ही खेल-कूद और विद्यालय के अन्य कार्यक्रमों में भी बढ़-चढ़ कर भाग लेने वाला। सृजन की दसवीं कक्षा की परीक्षाएँ चल रही हैं और उधर बिहार में उसके पिता 'बोन कैंसरनाम की जानलेवा बीमारी से लड़ रहे है। पर नियति के आगे सब नतमस्तक हैं। पिता की हालत अचानक इतनी बिगड़ जाती है कि वो बेटा जिससे हम सभी को पूरी आशा थी कि बोर्ड की परीक्षाओं में १००% का परिणाम दिखा कर एक अलग ही कीर्तिमान स्थापित करेगा,वह अपनी आखिरी परीक्षा नहीं दे पाया और अचानक ही उसे पिता के पास जाना पड़ा।बीमार पिता की देखभाल में पूरे घर के सपने मिट्टी में मिल गए। उनके इलाज में इतना धन खर्च हुआ कि अब उस परिवार को अपने सपने पूरे करने तो दूर बल्कि जीवन यापन के बारे में सोच कर भी रूह कांपने लगी थी।

आज वह बच्चा एक coaching institute चला रहा है,जहाँ वह केवल उन्हीं बच्चो को पढ़ाता है जो उसी की तरह किसी मजबूरी का या कहें कि ज़िम्मेदारियों का शिकार होकर पढ़ नहीं पाए और उन जरूरतमंद बच्चों को वह मुफ्त में शिक्षा प्रदान करता है।

पर एक प्रश्न जिसने मुझे तोड़ दियावो यह था कि हम हर समयहर जगह और हर हालात में ऐसा कह सकते हैं कि हमेशा हर कार्य के लिये अपना सहयोग देना और हमेशा अपनी जिम्मेदारियाँ निभाना क्या मनुष्य का नैतिक कर्तव्य हैक्या जो सब हुआ वो सही हुआ?

श्री कृष्ण ने गीता का उपदेश देते हुए कहा था कि कर्म किए जा और फल की चिंता न कर सृजन ने जो कर्म और धर्म निभायाउससे उसे मानसिक संतुष्टि मिली जो कि शायद तब न मिलती अगर वह उस समय सिर्फ अपने बारे में सोचता और आज एक सफल आईएसऑफिसर भी होता उसने उस समय भी परिवार के प्रति कर्तव्यों का निर्वाह किया और आज भी समाज और देश के प्रति कर्तव्यों का निर्वाह कर रहा है |      

डाल हाथ में हाथ चलें,हम हर मुश्किल आसान करें।

 है अपनी जिम्मेवारी,हो नर या हो नारी,

 जब भी ज़रूरत आन पड़े,जब भी खतरे में आन पड़े,

मिल कर सहकार करेंगे हम।हर चुनौती स्वीकार करेंगे हम।

Proudly created by the inspiring team of Triumph DGS @ The Doon Girls' School, Dehradun - Prachi Jain, Mansi Sondhi Arora, Ritika Chandani, Shalu Rawat, Mohini Bohra Chauhan and Prachi Parashar

Responsibility and Co-operation - FLYERS DGS

Responsibility means to accept that I am the reason and result of what I have done and what I am doing. The moment we take the responsibility of our own deeds in our lives, we can change the things in our lives. Because no one can live our lives and how much we try to blame others for our mistakes or deeds, it’s we who have made such choices or making such choices.

Cooperation means knowing or understanding one another. It means joining together to help others believe in something they might have just thought but could never have done. Cooperation is a joint effort that nobody can get in until unless everybody gets in. It is always observed that a group is much stronger than an individual.

जिम्मेदारी और सहयोगएकता की मजबूत यह डोर

असफलता की राह को रोकसंभव का यह पुरजोर,

चारों ओर होता यह शोरजिम्मेदारी और सहयोग,

अभ्यास करें इसका रोज,सफलता का यह संयोग,

सही मंत्र का सही उपयोग।

Responsibility and cooperation go hand in hand, and it's evident from birth to death. With the responsibility of Parents comes cooperation of child instinctively. The same in a class when a teacher is teaching and similarly in any relationship or work life.  A person learns to be responsible when he or she completes a task and gets a sense of achievement.  Our environment plays a vital role in shaping our values. I believe a child gets a sense of responsibility when there are mutual effort and cooperation between the parents, the teachers and the child himself. A parent asking his child to take care of the younger sibling or organising his own cupboard. Likewise, a teacher assigning a small duty of distributing notebooks in the class or making the child a monitor for a day starts filling a child with responsibility. A responsible and cooperative person is admired by everyone. No individual has sufficient experience or education to achieve his aim without the co-operation of others.

A child is not born being a responsible one. Yes, exceptions are there, as some people are very responsible by nature, so definitely their children will also have some of their qualities. So, some children may show responsible behaviour in their childhood, but that will come in practice over a period and with some events & observations. The children and even we experience and observe many situations or events that help everyone become responsible individuals. Many times we observe others and our observations help us to become a responsible person. We experience many situations every minute, and it is we, who take decisions to be responsible for the consequences. Sometimes others experience help us to be more responsible in future.  

Responsible people know that they have to take their duties seriously and cater to the world's demands, environment, society, country, children, family, and self. We can see an example of this right in front of us- the moment we were assigned the task of creating blogs, each month, we knew that it was our responsibility as a group to give our best and co-operate with each other. The JOL program is inculcating both responsibility, cooperation and a sense of team-spirit amongst us. Therefore, it is rightly said "Alone we are smart, together we are brilliant" - Steven Anderson.

Written with co-operation by FLYERS DGS - Vijaya Jugran, Nandini Arora, Urvashi Uniyal, Vandana Goel, Bhumika Vyas & Ritika Tyagi - at The Doon Girls' School in Dehradun.

Responsibility & Cooperation- Magnets DGS

The team members discussed the values- Responsibility & Cooperation. Each one agreed that a responsible person is honest, compassionate, respectful, fair and cooperative. The values -Responsibility & Cooperation was discussed in class as well. Here is a glimpse to show a child’s perspective.

Child: Mother! I am the light monitor, mother! 

When voted for responsibility, I was second to none other.

Mother! I am the light monitor, mother!

Mother:  Oh! That’s great news,

cried the mother with pride and muse.

The light monitor, what is it? Give me some clues.

Child: Mother, just switching off the lights, when not in use, I should.

Saving electricity by just being responsible, I would,

Whether at home or at school,

I shall do it with little alertness as a tool.

And mother, a project too has to be done

Doing which YOU shall surely have fun.

Mother: Fun? But dear, I have the dishes to do,

Washing, cleaning, sweeping to name a few,

Many more things of which you have no clue.

So, the child you will have to work with me too.

Child: Oh no! I had enough at school,

Now, for cartoons, comics and Lego I drool,

I shall ask Dad, he is so cool.

Dad, will you do my project? the child begs.

I just want to play, run and stretch my legs.

Dad: Son, I am so happy and proud,

That you have been voted ‘responsible’ by the crowd.         

 I think you should know what beauty is ‘cooperation’

Which when followed takes you quickly to the desired destination.   

Come child, I need to weed the flower beds, let us do it, me and you,

It will be done fast and with the time spared your project will be done, too!

Child: Oh, yes, Dad! The child said smilingly.

I now understand what great values are cooperation and responsibility.

And Dad while we work in the garden,

I should also think about my project, how it is to be done?

After all I have the ability,

That’s why I am given a responsibility!

Another perspective that urged the team members to reflect on the values- Responsibility and Cooperation…

सहयोग का अर्थ है कि- -दो या दो से अधिक व्यक्तियों या संस्थाओं का एक उद्देश्य के लिए सहमति, प्रेमपूर्वक तथा सकारात्मकता से काम करना | सहयोग के साथ चलने के लिए प्रेम, सद्भावना, व्यवहारों में एकरूपता, सहमति और व्यवहार में घनिष्ठता होनी चाहिए|

जिम्मेदारी का अर्थ है कि प्रत्येक व्यक्ति को अपने कर्तव्य को खुशी-खुशी संवेदना के साथ और सतर्क होकर पूरा करना चाहिए | जिम्मेदारी और सहयोग साथ–साथ ही पूरा होता है |

                                          कर्तव्य संवाद

           सखी ! जो कुमार गए तुम छोड़

           तुमने भी लिया क्यों  मौन ओढ़

           किस विधि मन को समझाती हो

          किन किन तर्कों से स्वयं को फुसलाती हो

          प्रिये यशोधरा कुमार गए तुम छोड़!

सखी ! क्या – कैसे सारा वैभव को

सुन्दर- युवा साथी अबोध सोते बालक को

वो सिद्धार्थ जो न सह पाया पर – पक्षी पीड़ा

कारण कवन जो उठाया यह बीड़ा

क्यों यशोधरा कुमार गए तुम छोड़ !!                                 

    सखी ! कोमल – निश्छल – हृदय कुमार

    जो ठिठक गया देख जरा – मृत्यु काया

    बिंधा होगा क्या वह भी ऊहापोह के भाव से

    या उठा लिए होंगे पग निष्ठुर- हृदय प्रभाव से

    कैसे यशोधरा कुमार गए तुम छोड़ !!!

सखी ! क्यों हो तुम मौन कहो

सिद्धार्थ हो गए कर्तव्य – भ्रष्ट अहो

कर्तव्य पुत्र – पति – पिता का सम्पूर्ण

रह गया सबका सब अपूर्ण

कहो यशोधरा कुमार गए तुम छोड़ !!!!

    सावधान सखी !! यशोधरा बोली मौन तोड़

    शोभा न देता यों आक्षेप की गागर फोड़

    कुमार क्यों – कैसे- कहा की खोज में हैं सखे

    स्वीकृति है मेरी और मेरे अबोध बालक की हे सखे

    स्वयं को पहचानना है श्रेष्ठतम कर्तव्य प्राणी का

    गमन हुआ इसी हेतु है उनका

    इस मार्ग पर चल आरोहण होगा जब

    मनुष्य जाति का परम कल्याण होगा तब

    हे सखी ! न कुमार गए हमे छोड़

    परम हितैषी हैं वे, कहती यशोधरा हाथ जोड़ !!!!! 

Magnets DGS @ The Doon Girls' School, Dehradun - Kiran Juyal, Manju Srivastava, Mezhu Chopra, Pooja Sharma, Pratima Singh and Renu Sundriyal

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