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In addition to serving as USA Country Lead for HundrED, Nathan facilitates conversations with learners around the globe as a Senior Learning Designer at Fielding International
Episode # 62 Sandeep Dutt in conversation with Nathan Strenge, a Senior Learning Designer at Fielding International, works with innovative schools and educators worldwide to create environments where learners and communities thrive. In addition to his role at Fielding, Nathan serves as USA Country Lead at HundrED and is an active member of the Education Reimagined Learning Lab community. He enjoys facilitating conversations that bring together youth, educators, and community members to re-envision the future of education – he’s optimistic that all over the world people are reimagining how education can be designed to cultivate learners with agency and aspirations to contribute to a better world.  He can help schools find the right problem to solve, and illuminate the path to solve it through a workshop called Align to Thrive. He as taught high school statistics and mathematics for ten years before going into school design and innovative education. He has won a national teaching award for my work in personalized learning that focused on relationships and holistic well-being. In the podcast, he shares what youth voice is important, and the need for building learning centres where empathy and listening help change the paradigm. Nathan looks forward to connecting with people working at the forefront of 21st-century learning to make a healthier, more equitable, and loving world.

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