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Responsibility means to accept that I am the reason and result of what I have done and what I am doing. The moment we take the responsibility of our own deeds in our lives, we can change the things in our lives. Because no one can live our lives and how much we try to blame others for our mistakes or deeds, it’s we who have made such choices or making such choices.

Cooperation means knowing or understanding one another. It means joining together to help others believe in something they might have just thought but could never have done. Cooperation is a joint effort that nobody can get in until unless everybody gets in. It is always observed that a group is much stronger than an individual.

जिम्मेदारी और सहयोगएकता की मजबूत यह डोर

असफलता की राह को रोकसंभव का यह पुरजोर,

चारों ओर होता यह शोरजिम्मेदारी और सहयोग,

अभ्यास करें इसका रोज,सफलता का यह संयोग,

सही मंत्र का सही उपयोग।

Responsibility and cooperation go hand in hand, and it's evident from birth to death. With the responsibility of Parents comes cooperation of child instinctively. The same in a class when a teacher is teaching and similarly in any relationship or work life.  A person learns to be responsible when he or she completes a task and gets a sense of achievement.  Our environment plays a vital role in shaping our values. I believe a child gets a sense of responsibility when there are mutual effort and cooperation between the parents, the teachers and the child himself. A parent asking his child to take care of the younger sibling or organising his own cupboard. Likewise, a teacher assigning a small duty of distributing notebooks in the class or making the child a monitor for a day starts filling a child with responsibility. A responsible and cooperative person is admired by everyone. No individual has sufficient experience or education to achieve his aim without the co-operation of others.

A child is not born being a responsible one. Yes, exceptions are there, as some people are very responsible by nature, so definitely their children will also have some of their qualities. So, some children may show responsible behaviour in their childhood, but that will come in practice over a period and with some events & observations. The children and even we experience and observe many situations or events that help everyone become responsible individuals. Many times we observe others and our observations help us to become a responsible person. We experience many situations every minute, and it is we, who take decisions to be responsible for the consequences. Sometimes others experience help us to be more responsible in future.  

Responsible people know that they have to take their duties seriously and cater to the world's demands, environment, society, country, children, family, and self. We can see an example of this right in front of us- the moment we were assigned the task of creating blogs, each month, we knew that it was our responsibility as a group to give our best and co-operate with each other. The JOL program is inculcating both responsibility, cooperation and a sense of team-spirit amongst us. Therefore, it is rightly said "Alone we are smart, together we are brilliant" - Steven Anderson.

Written with co-operation by FLYERS DGS - Vijaya Jugran, Nandini Arora, Urvashi Uniyal, Vandana Goel, Bhumika Vyas & Ritika Tyagi - at The Doon Girls' School in Dehradun.

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