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An award-winning leader in creative education and leadership strategy at school, local authority, national and international level. International facilitator and conference speaker.

Episode # 60: Sandeep Dutt in conversation with Alex Bell, Director of with over 2,000 hours of leadership coaching experience and six years of bespoke vision-to-strategy consultancy for schools in the UK and globally. He was named Hundred’s global ambassador of the year for 2020 and is co-founder of non-profits included in the HundrED global collection 2020 and included in the OECD/HundrED Covid-19 solutions spotlight. He is co-founder and curator of, the world’s first free online film festival about education futures, co-founder of global innovation and runs leadership development programmes for schools on and offline throughout the year. Alex shares how he grew up in harmony with nature, daydreaming in the countryside, and still claims to have the childlike simplicity in him! He feels that like Picasso was very clear, we need to unlearn and keep it simple, a futurist must do that. There is the need to be simple and clear and he loves the way, Sir David Attenborough in A Life On Our Planet shares the need for harmony with nature and peaceful co-existence, as the first step for saving the world, which is crumbling due to the rampant industrialisation and human consumption. There is the need to reinvent an organic model for learning, if the child does not feel the warmth of relationship, the child will perhaps put the village on fire. Love and Fear are two diametrically opposite ends, and we must all work to build relationships, this alone is the meaning of education.
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