Simplicity and Trust- Tarang JMMS

Simplicity is the state of being simple. Simple here means without complexity.

The biggest reason people fail to maintain simplicity in their lives is their desire for complexity. The world that we live in where mobile phones, laptops and other technical gadgets are there to simplify our lives but these things rarely help us in experiencing true peace and quiet to gather our thoughts. These materialistic things have become quite important, but simple living doesn't mean that you leave everything behind and become a sage.

'Simplicity is not about deprivation. Simplicity is about a greater appreciation for things that matter.'-Anonymous

Simplicity is all about focussing on what's most important to you and letting go of the rest. A simple life provides freedom. Simplicity is when we learn to differentiate between our wants and our needs. Having satisfaction and happiness over whatever you have regardless of you being rich or poor is what describes a simple life. Enjoying every moment of life rather than running behind for more.

As educators when we look at our little toddlers we see simplicity in their eyes, we find simplicity in their words, actions and thoughts.

 It was the end of the academic session. Everyone gets excited to get promoted to the next class. But for the little ones of the class nursery, it was rather a sad moment. They all started crying when their teacher told them that they all have been promoted and soon they will go to Class K.G. They all innocently said that they don't want to go to the new class because they don't want to leave their teacher. 

For the little kids, a teacher is like a mother figure. The teacher also got a bit emotional on seeing the crying faces but was also overwhelmed to see the love and simplicity in their eyes. The innocence in their words showed their simplicity. The teacher reassured the kids that she will also come to their new class to teach them and they all will meet daily. The children were simply happy to hear this from their teacher.

This incident showed that a teacher and a student have a strong relationship and it affects both of them equally. The students have a lot of faith in their teachers. They trust their teachers a lot. A teacher needs to be simple and clear in her/ his actions and thoughts, rather than complicating the answer a teacher can make it more simple for the students. 

Simple people are more approachable and trustworthy.

Trust is the most important and fragile aspect of all relationships. In order to trust others, first, we need to start trusting and believing ourselves. Trust is one of the important elements that bind us together whether it be our house, in our classrooms or as a whole society. Absence of trust between people often results in arguments and conflicts.

'It is a mutual trust, even more than mutual interest that holds the human association together.' - H.L.Mencken

Tarang JMMS@John Martyn Memorial School, Dehradun- Neelam Bhardwaj, Dolly Pharasi, Shalini Gurung, Laavanya Joshi.

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