Responsibility and Cooperation - R P Devgan

India's Test Match Series win against the Australians in Australia is one of the finest examples of Team spirit. After a debacle and humiliation in the first Test Match, the Indian players rose like the Phoenix and were applauded the world over for their grit, determination and team work. The players rose from the ashes and combined perfectly to take on their individual responsibilities and carve out an almost impossible win against all odds.This just goes to prove what responsibility and collaboration can achieve.

I have often advocated the importance of team games and group activities in schools.These  teach students to be responsible and how to learn to collaborate.
It also helps in being compassionate and considerate. It encourages trust and belief in each other. In case of defeat it gives people the strength to get  together and overcome their weaknesses.

Unfortunately today most people go for personal glory that individual Sports like Athletics,Tennis and  Shooting bring. There is nothing wrong with pursuing these sports, but only after you have participated in Team Sports while in school. Bjorn Borg in his autobiography writes that in schools students must take part in all sports.

To finally succeed in life it is important to be considerate and care for others. Selfishness and one-upmanship only leads to conflicts and ill-will. Whether it is a family, an organisation or a group of people like Educators; all need to be responsible and collaborate to live in harmony.

Educators must lead by example and inculcate the values of Responsibility and Collaboration in their wards.

Mr R P Devgan is the Chairman of Learning Forward India.

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