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Responsibility and cooperation are two root factors of ‘learn together- grow together’.

Responsibility is something we need to learn as children. It means taking decisions and being in charge of your actions. When we are responsible for things it gives us a sense of pride. In my class, I like to give each child a certain task as this develops a sense of responsibility in them.

 Cooperation is a very essential value as it deals with teamwork and it is important for everyone to understand this. In a boarding school, we learn to cooperate with each other without even realising it. In my dorm, there were 16 girls and only one western-style toilet, and most preferred using that, but it was never an issue. Cooperation means adapting and adjusting with each other in order to attain a goal, build better relationships as well as create a friendly and peaceful environment.

In the classroom, through activities such as science experiments, nature walks, math projects, children learn to take care of their responsibilities and work with others to achieve the set goals.

It may sound strange, but one of the most important things we can learn from honey bees is teamwork. They are a perfect example of teamwork. They cooperate in everything they do. If one bee suffers or falls behind, the others step up and do the work. Teamwork is the secret to their success.

At The Doon Girls’ School, the children have been learning the values of responsibility and co-operation by being involved in activities where they have been responsible for themselves, their environment and have carried out certain tasks.

They have sown seeds, watered them and have been looking after them each day. Another interesting way of showing responsibility towards the environment was to make compost (organic) by collecting dry leaves, fruit and vegetable peels and making an eco -friendly manure. Our children think about our environment and segregate biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste and e-waste.

School is a reflection of society. In this way, the school provides important ingredients in the form of values to society.

Dynamic DGS @ THE Doon Girls School, Dehradun - Reena Gusain , Reah Sikand , Meenakshi Panwar, Shilpika Pandey, Rachna Bharrdwaj & Sumali Devgan

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