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Justin is a teacher, connector, innovator and enabler who facilitates inspirational events to help leaders, teachers and young people thrive and flourish and live in social and global transformation.

Episode # 61: Sandeep Dutt in conversation with Justin is an award-winning leader, connector and advisor for education, social business and Government. His school was awarded 'School of the Year' for his inspirational innovation and impact working in partnership with schools in the UK and developing nations. He has 30 years of education experience and is a consultant and thought leader on learning, innovation and social impact. He is the Founder of Conscious Learning and is Head of Education for the Black Business Institute (BBi). He leads on BBi Project 100 and is actively engaged in leading on 21st Century skills innovation, system change and social justice initiatives supporting diversity and racial equality. He advises on national conferences and facilitates strategic events and is a moderator for high-level Government meetings. He is also involved with Future Capital, working with the United Nations Office for Partnerships to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Lord Michael Hastings CBE's words, 'Justin is an exceptional educationalist with the sharpest insights into learning, the highest level of emotional intelligence and an astute global perspective. He is a person of the highest integrity, and it is an honour to work with him'. In the podcast Justin shared his passion for empowering young people, they need to find you 'Who am I'; ' Why am I here'; and 'What is it I bring to the world'. Teachers need to prepare for a journey to discover the inner self, they must help young people prepare for uncertainty and give a perspective of human development to education.  When we address the challenges of learning and education, it must be people first and processes later. This alone will help us focus on building the skills and competencies that help people grow up with the right attitude and behaviour.

You will love the stories shared by our happy teachers and passionate educators. We grow your people's capacity to improve student achievement and transform your school into a culture of trust and collaboration in less time with fewer resources. Each person in your school contributes to the culture of your school. School culture is built on the actions and interactions of the people. You make your school stronger by adding value to others and making others feel valued. 

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