Sweet school memories that made your childhood last forever- Hemlata

I remember way back during the school days I used to hate waking up in the morning and dressing up to go to school, recalling the previous day's homework that was forced upon us. I used to think everyday "oh good! When will I grow up and there will be no burden of studies all the time." But now, I would just do anything to go back to my school days, sit in my classroom,  play games with my friends, wearing a color uniform on my birthday,  the entire class to sing birthday, distributing chocolate and then taking your best friend along with you to give chocolate to the teacher in the entire school.

Eating lunch before recess is something that each one of us has done during school days. There always used to be a person who would forget to wear white uniform on Wednesday and they would get punished for not following the rules. School time would be incomplete without the big farewell and Teacher's day celebration. I still remember how much we used to think about wearing a saree for the first time ever in school.

Before even passing the tenth grade, we all were so excited about the farewell. Republic Day and Independence Day along with Annual Day were three most important days in school which were full of excitement and fun.
Hemlata Vaishnav
Student of Class- XII Com. The Fabindia School, Bali

Humility- Sawbhi Parmar

Humility means to be humble. This is a noble character trait which also gives you appreciation. A humble person is always appreciated for its good deeds. People with humble and polite quality are loved and respected. Whereas the people who possess the showing off and boastful traits don’t have many friends and they are mostly ignored by others.

A humble person co-operates with others, values the ideas of people, respects everyone for their individual skills and qualities and in short, we can say appreciates everything in life. The people who are appreciated mostly possess the quality of humility.

The children can be retold the autobiographies of the most humble persons in the world like Mother Teresa and APJ Abdul Kalam. By listening to stories about humble personalities can help young minds to develop the quality of humility. They can evaluate and understand that being humble can make them appreciated in the whole world. Thus, we should be receptive, objective and absorbent. This is the beauty and power of humility which ultimately helps a person to be respected and appreciated.

 Swabhi Parmar, The Fabindia School 
Email spr4fab@gmail.com

Affordable Quality Education

William and John Bissell established Bhadrajun Artisans Trust (BAT) in 1988. Back from the USA after his studies, William with Rajkumar Rodla visited the villages in Rajasthan, talking to different sets of artisans about his ... In September 1988 William registered the Bhadrajun Artisan's Trust. The Society to run The Fabindia School was registered in 1992.

The Fabindia School is located in Bali, Pali district of Rajasthan, today it is co-educational, a senior secondary school with a capacity of 500 students. The school offers scholarships for girl students, in partnership with "The John Bissell Scholars Fund", established in 2000.

The Fabindia School is a co-ed private school for pre-school through Class XII, located in Bali, Rajasthan. Starting with 11 students in 1992, today there are near 500 students with over 50% female enrollment. The school emphasizes a holistic approach to education, offering extensive extracurricular programs along with comprehensive academic courses. While focusing on the local culture

The Fabindia School's mission is to provide access to high-quality education for boys and girls at the rural level using English as the medium of instruction. The school views primary education as a major stepping stone towards social mobility, equality and employment opportunities. Since its inception, the school has been committed to encouraging education for girls.

The School is managed by a not-for-profit Society called the Bhadrajun Artisans Trust, registered with the Registrar of Societies in Delhi. The Bhadrajun Artisans Trust (BAT)  works to build social development programs with a focus on education and crafts.

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Website http://www.fabindiaschools.org/bali/index.html

Educators for Excellence

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Dr Jagpreet Singh, Headmaster of The Punjab Public School, Nabha did his schooling and college from Ajmer. He is a Post Graduate in History and M.Ed. and Doctorate (Doctor of Literature). Dr Singh possesses 30 years of rich Administrative experience in the field of Education. He has been awarded the Best Teacher in the year 2001 by the Chief Justice of Rajasthan. He was also awarded the Best Teacher in September 2003 by the Lions Club, Ajmer and Eminent Educationist Award by International Institute of Education & Management, Delhi in 2011. In 2013, The International Institute of Education & Management, New Delhi has conferred the most coveted Rajiv Gandhi Education Excellence Award, for his achievements in the field of Education. Dr Singh has been awarded the Jury of the Derozio Award for Education and Human Enrichment by the Council of the Indian School Certificate Examination in January 2014.

He was awarded the “Best Principal Performance Award” awarded by Global Achievers Foundation in June 2014 and also Asia Pacific Achievers Award awarded by Indian Solidarity Council in June 2014 in an award ceremony held at Tashkent – Uzbekistan, Russia. He has been awarded International Gold Star Millennium Award by Global Achievers Foundation awarded by Mr Korn Dabbaransi, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand at Bangkok in February 2015. He has also been awarded the Bharat Vibhushan Samman Puraskar awarded by Global Achievers Foundation for his outstanding individual achievement & distinguished services to the nation on the occasion of National Seminar held in 2015 at Dehradun (Uttarakhand). Recently he has been awarded the Best Personalities of India Award by Friendship Forum, New Delhi.

Find out more https://globaledfest.com/
Before joining this institution he was Vice Principal, Mayo College, Ajmer. His association with Mayo College, Ajmer has been since 1989 onwards till March 2011. He started his career as a teacher in 1986.
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Devyani Dutt: My Transformational Journey

I walked into the Welham Girls’ School campus in Dehradun as an overweight 9-year-old, and began a transformational journey, one I am still on until today!

Eight long years at boarding school flew by laughing, crying, studying, playing, eating, and doing pretty much everything together with a group of girls who were not necessarily like me.  We were from different families, cultures, religions and socio-economic backgrounds, but we found a way to make it work, sometimes willingly and at other times unwillingly.

The years we spent together, instilled in me…
curiosity to learn about people who were not like me
empathy to understand them in their own context
ability to value differences they bring to the table
desire to create a space where each one has a voice

Twelve years later, I am here pursuing a career in diversity and inclusion! The lessons I learnt at school, and the behaviours they instilled in me, are now my passion! I strive each day to build a workplace where everyone can feel included and experience a sense of belonging. I am beginning to call another country ‘home’, I share special moments every day with people who do not look like me, I willingly eat food I never tasted earlier, and I live with an individual who I did not even know two years ago!

It is no more professional or personal endeavour but a life long journey – a way of life!

Devyani Dutt, Manager Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging at LinkedIn APAC
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Leadership for a world that deserves quality education

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Former Chairman, National Progressive Schools’ Conference (NPSC) | Advisor, Lung Care Foundation, Delhi | Chairman, Council for Global Citizenship

Mr Ashok Pandey is working in the School sector for the past three decades. He did Masters in Physics from Allahabad University and Consultancy Management from BITS, Pilani. He served as Chairman, National Progressive Schools’ Conference (NPSC) (2015-17). Author of several articles, projects and research papers, his educational travelogue- The Pedagogical Life-Essays in Educating India, was published in 2017.  He also edited: A design framework for future schools- a collection of essays by school teachers) in 2018. His next book Launch your Principal Leadership is under publication.

Find out more https://globaledfest.com/
Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award by Ferguson Humanitarian Foundation International, Inc.,(USA), Advaith Foundation Leadership Award, and President’s Award’ for his contribution in education, Mr Pandey has a keen interest in quality education premised on virtues of character and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He is actively engaged in inter-faith dialogue and peacebuilding. He is an active partner to the UN’s #Act4SDGs campaign and #TeachSDGs Ambassador.  He has led educational leaders delegation to Malta, USA, UK and Australia.
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Believe in the power of technology

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Mr Arunabh Singh is a committed School Principal, Educationist, Innovator and promotor of Nehru World School, Ghaziabad. An Alumnus of Kings College London and Hindu College, Delhi University, He has been awarded “Innovation in Progress” Fellowships for two consecutive years at World Round Table Conference for Educational Leadership and “Global Teacher Accreditation” award from Cambridge Foundation for his Action Research on Continuing Professional Development of Teachers.

Mr Singh is  Co-chair of FICCI ARISE for UP and a British Council School Ambassador. Alongside he is associated with other International Organisations such as Goethe Institute, Tony Blair Faith Foundation and CBSE. He frequently participates in TV debates and speaks on various national and international forums across the globe on topics primarily concerning education and progressive learning.

Along with his passion in the field of PK-12 education space he also a visiting faculty at the CBI Academy where he has trained officers from Central Bureau of Investigation, National Investigation Agency, Narcotics Control Bureau and Police forces to name a few.

Find out more https://globaledfest.com/
Passionate about innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and igniting young minds, he is a proponent of distributed leadership model and firmly believes “Technology may not replace teachers, but teachers who use technology effectively will replace those, who don’t.”
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One man army hitting the bull's eye

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Anand Kumar is an Indian mathematician and a columnist for various national and international mathematical journals and magazines. He is best known for his Super 30 programme, which he started in Patna, Bihar in 2002, and which coaches economically backward students for IIT-JEE, the entrance examination for the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). By 2016, 366 out of the 420 had made it to IITs and Discovery Channel showcased his work in a documentary. He has been invited by the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University to speak on his globally acclaimed effort to mentor students from the underprivileged sections for admission to IIT.

In 2003, when Super 30 started its journey, 18 out of 30 students competed. The very next year, the number jumped to 22. In 2005, it improved further to 26. Continuing the trend, 28 students made it in 2006 and 2007. However, the ‘magic moment’ came in 2008, when the result was an astonishing 30 out of 30. Super 30 had hit the bull’s eye. It was ‘a dream come true’ for Anand and his team. Super 30 has done it again in 2009 and 2010.

All 30 students from Super 30 qualified with good marks for JEE Advanced 2017.

Find out more https://globaledfest.com/
A biopic title “Super 30”, based on his life will be released shortly. Hritik Roshan stars as Anand Kumar in this movie directed by Vikas Bahl. The film captures the trials and tribulations of Anand’s life and the challenges he faced in order to set up his ‘Super 30’ institute. It is an inspirational story of his struggle and achievement, and how one man makes a difference in the lives of underprivileged students.
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Craig Alan Johnson: Quest For Excellence

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Craig has spent 40% of his life in India. He attended a Boarding School in Panchgani (a small hill station south of Pune) for 12 years and since 2010 has been back in India serving as the Head of the American School of Bombay (ASB).

Prior to returning to India, Craig, his wife, and his three sons were in Brazil where Craig served as the Principal and then the Headmaster of two different International schools. In his capacity as the Head of the School, at ASB, Craig endeavours to stay engaged with his students and faculty by teaching classes, coaching sports’ teams, and leading professional learning communities.

Find out more https://globaledfest.com/
A regular presenter and workshop facilitator, around the world, on a variety of Leadership and Educational topics. Mr Johnson is a passionate advocate for Innovation and Relevancy Education and also the author of numerous articles on a variety of subjects, a screenplay set in Mumbai soon to be made into a movie, and has published a novel titled, Wave Watcher.

I'm presenting with Karl Clauset, My Good School - personal and social development for every individual.



December 7-11, 2019 · St. Louis, Missouri

THE learning conference

Education leaders and policymakers will gather in St. Louis to share professional learning expertise focused on creating and sustaining equity and excellence in teaching and learning every day.
Make connections and take home tools and strategies to understand and implement effective professional learning in classrooms, schools, and districts.

Sandeep Dutt
School Improvement Coach
Learning Forward India
Email sandeep@ebdmail.com

Learning Forward’s 2019 Annual Conference Preview gives you the keynote and preconference details you’ve been waiting for. See who is speaking and what topics are available for our preconference deep-dives. Download the conference preview here.

David Geurin: Don't Just Plan Lessons, Create Experiences

"How did you become a Chicago Cubs fan?"

I asked the question to a Cubs fan I was visiting with recently. And I wasn't being sarcastic, since I'm a St. Louis Cardinals fan, and that would be on point for fan behavior between the two teams.

No, I was just curious because he wasn't from a part of the country that isn't typically considered Cubs fan territory. He explained that some members of his family were Cubs fans but what really hooked him on the Cubs was when he attended a game at Wrigley Field (Chicago) as a young boy.

That experience, he said, was something he never forgot and resulted in his lifelong love of the Cubs. It was as simple as that.

Experiences are powerful. They can change our entire perspective for good or bad. In this case, a positive experience resulted in a deep attachment to a baseball team.

I'm wondering about how students experience school. Are we creating experiences that result in a lifelong attachment to learning? Are we creating powerful learning experiences that develop curiosity and cultivate interests?

While much of my own school experience was somewhat routine and mostly forgettable, there were some amazing experiences that really led me to want to learn more.

Most of those memorable experiences were projects or trips to visit interesting places. I remember visiting a cave, a Civil War battlefield, and even a museum with a real mummy, all part of opportunities through school.

I also remember creating a news broadcast and interviewing people from our community, as part of a project for class. I also remember competing in a stock market game, and I remember performing a classroom play.

I don't remember a single lecture from school. I take that back. I remember one very gifted social studies teacher who could tell stories from the Civil War that were so interesting I wanted to learn more on my own. He had us on the edge of our seats.

I don't remember any worksheet tasks standing out. I don't remember any tests in particular. 

Here's the thing. I'm not saying tests, or assignments, or routine work are all bad in school. I'm not saying they don't have value. But if we want our students to be inspired learners, we better look for ways to connect learning to positive emotions. We better give students experiences that really capture their attention in ways that go far beyond the routine.

In a time where standards mastery seems to be at the top of all priorities, I wonder what types of experiences kids are having? 

What type of experience are they having when remediation has been routine for them year after year in school?

What type of experience are they having when they don't have the opportunity to pursue things they're interested in?

What type of experience are they having when they don't get to learn outside the classroom by taking field trips?

A couple of high school principals were discussing how they are making sure any field trips in their school tie directly to meeting standards. I guess that's one way to look at it.

But for me, I want our students to have as many opportunities as possible to learn and interact with interesting people and places away from our school campus. I especially want that for our under-resourced students who might not ever have those opportunities otherwise.

There is a time for rolling up our sleeves and doing the routine work of learning and life. But if we're not also creating peak moments along the way, we are missing the joy in the journey. 

And we're probably missing out on potential passions, and maybe even missing out on developing a passion for learning.

The routine work should flow from a deep sense of purpose. We need to know our why. That's where lasting learning is nurtured.

As I wrote in my book, Future Driven,
Don’t just create lessons for your students. Create experiences. Students will forget a lesson, but an experience will have lasting value. We want to do more than cover content. We want to inspire learning.

Courage To Teach #HappyTeachers

"Technically, I lead this program. Truthfully, those teachers lead me. I learned lasting lessons from them about the discouraging, oppressive, and sometimes cruel conditions in which too many public school teachers must work; about the willingness of these good people to look within themselves for sustenance instead of waiting for someone to supply it; about the heart-deep commitment that keeps them coming back to the classroom—their commitment to the well-being of our children". The Courage To Teach by Parker J Palmer

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The world is brighter when you're beaming!

Join me at the Global Educators Fest 2019
Amrita Burman
A passionate educator who believes that it is only through education that India’s destiny can change, Mrs Amrita Burman, Deputy Director, Sunbeam Group of Educational Institutions has been associated with Sunbeam for well over 22 years now. With a masters in Management degree and a passion for education, Mrs Burman has also undergone a course in education from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

She has been a pivot around whom the Sunbeam precept has been built and closely monitors the unpacking of the Precept across 24 Sunbeam Schools. She takes an active interest in training teachers on how to deliver the Sunbeam Precept and loves interacting with parents and kids alike to get feedback on how to improve the Sunbeam delivery system.

She has travelled widely both in India and abroad and is in complete sync with happenings in the field of education all around. She presented a paper in ‘India & Career skills in Turkey’. She was also part of an educational delegation to understand school delivery systems of Singapore, Italy, Finland and other countries. She has facilitated several conferences and seminars of repute in India and abroad including taking up sessions during the Sahodaya National Conference and during the Mentor Conclave just to name a few and has also edited a complete English series for Pearson Longman – the world’s largest publisher.

She is also a part of the AFS Think Tank besides being Head of Round Square of Sunbeam School. She was part of the FICCI delegation which visited London in February 2019 to attend Learnit and will be attending the Microsoft World Educators’ Conference E2 in Paris in the first week of April.

She has headed the Sunbeam Schools to varied achievements, being ranked by Education World as No 1. Schools in India on various parameters on various occasions and Sunbeam Schools being recognized as one of the Future Ready Schools of India for two consecutive years just to name a few.

She believes in holistic development in students and is herself an avid reader, a music lover, a keen badminton player and an excellent orator.

Find out more https://globaledfest.com/
She has been acknowledged and awarded by several organizations but Sunbeam students winning accolades all over is what gives her the most happiness.

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Smriti Krishnia: Taking My Learning Forward

Always happy to do so!
I had a wonderful initiation of my professional life with a short, albeit enriching, stint at LF India back in 2016.

Growing up, I always wondered about the ills that plague our education system, thereby deeply impacting learning outcomes and the future of the kids that form the most critical component of the entire ecosystem. My time with Learning Forward India was beneficial in more ways than one because I got to see first hand what an intervention at the level of the teacher, or rather educator, can do to help solve many of the aforementioned ills.

I was amazed and overwhelmed on more counts than one to see the successful outcome of this experiment at The Fabindia School (TFS) in Bali. The levels of motivation and sincerity in the educators at TFS are not just high, they’re self-driven. The educators increasingly understand the need to develop themselves professionally on a continual basis. Small and simple things that we take for granted in our daily lives today - making ppts, delivering presentations, articulating one’s thoughts in written words and speech, public speaking - are not so easy after all. They are crucial skills that we all work upon knowingly or unknowingly, and they are what result in our overall development and confidence as we step out into the world each day.

I happened to work with the educators on a book they all had written collectively after having done some groundwork on reading and understanding a different book. I was sincerely amazed at not just their honest efforts but also their will to better themselves.

In the process, I was also introduced to the idea of My Good School and its overarching focus on service skill sport and study. Simple and logical concepts in theory but how rarely do we see their implementation as an organic whole. Again, these 4 ideas come alive together in the students that are being nurtured at TFS. I had the opportunity to interact with some of them and I was quite pleasantly surprised at how confident, collected, and self-aware they were. The professional development of the teachers, I believe, is critical to attaining this.

My third learning pertains to the importance of having a leader who leads from the front and with an example - something that is so critical for a school. You’ve got to have someone who not only keeps everything going smoothly, but also empathises with students and teachers alike, and is able to focus on the details while never losing sight of the larger picture and the things that really matter at the end of the day. Rajeshree Ma’am is indeed a fine example of the same.

While my field of work has undergone a bit of change, I can safely and confidently conclude that Sandeep Sir and the entire team at TFS are onto something big when it comes to finally fix our system. To my mind, they’re constantly striving to create a recipe for a perfect school. And I have no doubt that they’re pretty close to getting there :)

Smriti Krishnia did her Internship with Learning Forward India

Branding, Marketing & Communication in Education Sector

Embrace or get left behind!/ Miss out and be left out!
Marketing and branding of educational institutes should reflect their ability to change people’s lives and the world, says ANUSHKA YADAV

We tend to believe that branding, marketing and communication are important factors in any field until we put them in the education context. While branding can be dated back to 1100 BC, school branding is a relatively new concept that surfaced in the early 1800s. Today, parents and children are the customers while other schools stand as competitors in the business-like market. Gone are the days when parents had a handful of schools to select from; today, they want their kids to go to schools that have the best of everything. But how do they get to know that they are getting the absolute best of education? This is where an institution’s strong brand identity comes in. To become the best, schools need to develop and market their brand which makes them stand out in the race of vying for students and, in some cases, funding.

Effective communication

It is time that we, as educational institutions, ask relevant questions… Do we have a strong and recognisable brand? Does our institution have a reputation that generates a positive emotional response? While considering such questions, it is imperative that we evaluate the value and unique selling propositions of the institution as well as what negates and drives the customer.

However, the key to branding and marketing of educational institutions lies in remembering that education is a powerful tool. Your brand communicates to and with your audience. They deserve to know the vision behind your institution reflecting through the brand identity. It promises what the student experience will be like.

Here comes the question, whether major institutions with a deeply-ingrained brand need marketing. Of course, they do. Just like the infrastructure of any school needs renovation, their brands need renovation and touch up with the changing times.

Today, school branding is about finding the institution’s unique competitive advantage. However, many schools struggle as they develop their own communications department that often ends up delivering messy messages. Effective message delivering requires the entire faculty along with leadership to commit as one voice to the brand promise. Proper branding, marketing and communication help students to decide whether the school is a potential match to their requirements. Without branding, the same institutions tend to suffer and get lost amongst typically similar schools.

Making a difference

In a world where information is readily available on just a click, parents and students tend to search for the best institutes on the internet. Being the birth-right of every child, parents should know which school to choose for quality education.

The world wide web and social media have been major marketing development of the last decade. From adding SEO content on your website to showcasing your campus and available facilities through social media platforms, everything makes a difference! It is the perfect way to blossom an open persona and present your school as a place that is open to criticism, scrutiny, transparency and easy communication. Nonetheless, schools often tend to fall in the trap of branding through mere websites, brochures and even tours. However, brand development is a key ingredient that is often missing. Brand development is possible only when branding missteps are avoided, and how do you cross these hurdles? Showcase your brand in education magazines and work on your brand development through advertising companies such as Mad About Ed, which would help you achieve the right student demographics by creating a brand that stands out in a crowded market.

Key branding elements

Talking about key ingredients, you might want to know the key elements to school branding…

First and foremost, school branding is nothing without the school name which may include the full or partial or even an acronym that the school is or wants to be popularly known as.

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/DaId4LyhuaMxPF3o3LJXQgBiKN3h9SPw0j-Y2O89wkj_XFID2X5ZuUl08NtbJQzFnMFJum5ED2DHNQAoYKAE3viuPqCKuDjLKUIIozAqrFxC0sn1XuveczzuiV1hjTP8xeGMZbLkSecondly, as seen in this image, it helps to have a visual representation of the school that identifies the school brand through a mascot or logo. Schools may even choose to have an interlocking logo with two or more letter interlocking to form an alternative logo or identity. An important element that has been given much importance in recent years includes a trademarked logo with movement. Another important part of this element also includes the school colours that an institution might choose as a form of recognition.
Thirdly, a school’s vision is best represented through a careful selection of words in its motto, catchphrase or tagline. The branding slogan is typically used to create a memorable phrase that summarises the school’s and its pupil’s character; something that unites them. As seen in the image above, The Emmbrook School’s motto Learning Together: Succeeding Together helps in establishing its brand identity, history and character. Foremost, branding should focus on principles, practices, and pedagogy along with these key elements rather than making false promises or focusing on material additions. Have you made an impact on children and nurtured several young minds? Talk about that! Have you been in the field for many years? Talk about this achievement. Do you respect your teachers and pay them for their hard work? Focus on that.

Branding and marketing benefits

Amidst a plethora of benefits of branding and marketing in the education sector, here are a few major ones:
  • It reflects and increases school and student pride.
  • It builds brand trust and loyalty.
  • It unifies school sports and clubs to a single identifiable logo or mascot.
  • It validates the school’s mission and core values; further, establishing the school’s history.
  • It provides the school with discernible identification and recognition.
  • It aligns with the school’s internal culture and external reputation.
  • It establishes authenticity and helps in creating an emotional connect.

It is an established fact that education is big business in today’s world; if schools expect parents and students to spend big bucks on tuition, it is a necessity for them to have a strong, appealing and worthy brand with effective marketing through bona fide communication. Keep your customer (parents and children) happy and invest in the right materials for a holistic learning and educational experience.

Thus, the key to marketing and branding educational institutes is to target and showcase everything you do; education is a powerful tool that has the ability to change people’s lives and the world, and your marketing should reflect that with crystal clarity.

Blog post filed by the Editorial Team of Scoonews - India's Most Preferred Education Platform

Building your school brand?

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Ammara Habib
Over the past few years, Ammara has worked across various fields, which enabled her to diversify her perspective on life and its dealings. Her experience in the field of education, coupled with her passion for everything branding and marketing, has led her to the inception of Mad About Ed, India’s first Edvertising Agency. While working with over 350+ schools from across India, she has closely witnessed the passion and hard work that educators put in every single day. This has also helped her identify the gaps in marketing and branding in the education sector. She strongly feels that the right tools and research-driven insights can help organisations and educators unlock their potential and optimise their results.

These insights and the professional engagements with educators strengthened her knowledge of the education sector enabling her to engage with an even larger audience. A Master of Science in Applied Psychology, Ammara is also a staunch advocate of the Violence Against Women Movement and has worked with victims of domestic violence.
Find out more https://globaledfest.com/

Letter for parents: Take off and land as a winner

Dear Parents,

All the best for your wards'  Exams, fasten your seat belt as the Exams take off and kindly follow the rules that you can read and watch below... 

You have to wear an oxygen mask of Tolerance when your child is angry, anxious and stressed. 

In case of Emergency of your child's Low grades in examination, do not forget to wear the life jacket as it posses three most important elements to save you and your child to drown in life and they are love, care and justice...

In our journey of examinations, you will be provided with the delicious cuisine of Guidance, tips to stress-free examination and lots of love which would make your journey calm and composed.

In case you need to do an Emergency landing to the examination without preparation of examination, we will be providing you enough time to prepare and also an opportunity to land at the safest place in Examination whenever you are prepared. This journey of Examination will not give the assessment of your intelligence, it will be the assessment of your Behavior to deal with all situations and come out as a great winner with safe landing...

Let your child Take off on this flight of Examination with ease and happiness...
And land with safety, courage and immense success.

Best Regards,

Tazeen Siddiqui
Principal, HPS Kids

Post filed by Tazeen Siddiqui of Mansha Vision India fortazeen@gmail.com

Taking Learning Forward

We are taking learning forward...

Let us try to do our Reading, wRiting & Research - we will not just share what is in the social media space or simply forward. If you find an article, you are welcome to share with your comment, added innovation and ideas. 

This simple step will encourage all to read the articles you forward and more so, help with a better understanding of the same.

You will now see a curtailed feed in the Learning Forward India Whatsapp & Facebook groups, most of the sharing will be via the Brewing Knowledge platform (www.BrewingKnowledge.com).

How to share!

1. Simply email the link or your post with your comment, to LF@ebd.in

2. Whatsapp to +919811133900

3. For just sharing and simply helping your colleagues find the article, you are most welcome to do so on the open and free to share Facebook Group 

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Mradula Lokre: Career Sphere

Your happiness depends upon the choices you make and if you want to stay elated, then the selection of the right  is superlative. You will have to look into different aspects of the career and then decide whether it will be suitable for you in the long or not. now here comes in the role of the career counsellor which is also pretty crucial because students today don’t wish to settle for anything less than what they deserve. In addition, the rise of new age off beat careers are successfully helping follow our hearts, to the most rewarding profession.

Now here in this situation Lifepage comes as the ultimate saviour to almost every career counsellor as well as to our aspiring children. It is a free tool for self interpretation, in this app some real professionals share their honest perspective about their career. A photographer talks about the photography, an engineer talks about the engineering and so on...!

When you like a particular career talk you can do a self assessment on the talk to calculate your dream index which is defined as “According to the psychologist in the talk, your dream chances of success in psychology is 83%”.

Dream IndicesAs you accumulate your dream indices, your personalized career reports gives an explicit idea of which career is best for you. The advisors are bunch of highly motivated individuals who are committed to help you out to attain your full prospects.

Mradula Lokre is Career Counselor at The Iconic School, she is a promising young member of Learning Forward India and is currently at the Level II of the Professional Learning Program.

Learning Forward Academy https://www.schooleducation.com/p/our-teacher-training-centre.html

LifePage http://www.lifepage.in/

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