Humility- Sawbhi Parmar

Humility means to be humble. This is a noble character trait which also gives you appreciation. A humble person is always appreciated for its good deeds. People with humble and polite quality are loved and respected. Whereas the people who possess the showing off and boastful traits don’t have many friends and they are mostly ignored by others.

A humble person co-operates with others, values the ideas of people, respects everyone for their individual skills and qualities and in short, we can say appreciates everything in life. The people who are appreciated mostly possess the quality of humility.

The children can be retold the autobiographies of the most humble persons in the world like Mother Teresa and APJ Abdul Kalam. By listening to stories about humble personalities can help young minds to develop the quality of humility. They can evaluate and understand that being humble can make them appreciated in the whole world. Thus, we should be receptive, objective and absorbent. This is the beauty and power of humility which ultimately helps a person to be respected and appreciated.

 Swabhi Parmar, The Fabindia School 

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