Taking Learning Forward

We are taking learning forward...

Let us try to do our Reading, wRiting & Research - we will not just share what is in the social media space or simply forward. If you find an article, you are welcome to share with your comment, added innovation and ideas. 

This simple step will encourage all to read the articles you forward and more so, help with a better understanding of the same.

You will now see a curtailed feed in the Learning Forward India Whatsapp & Facebook groups, most of the sharing will be via the Brewing Knowledge platform (www.BrewingKnowledge.com).

How to share!

1. Simply email the link or your post with your comment, to LF@ebd.in

2. Whatsapp to +919811133900

3. For just sharing and simply helping your colleagues find the article, you are most welcome to do so on the open and free to share Facebook Group 

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