Rajashree Rao: How good are you!?!

"Good people are like candles. They burn themselves to give light to others" In life "Goodness" is the only investment that will never fail. An important virtue which we humans fail to practice in our life. My preceptor hashtagKrsnaGuru shared a compelling lesson on why we must never leave our hashtaggoodness for anybody in this world. My master asked, "what is the difference between others and myself if I were to behave or mistreat someone or even worse than them?" I would only fall many notches lower than the others to whom I might be comparing. The answer is I need not leave my goodness and stoop down to their level or fall beyond them. I have to always be high-up there and be my good self. Every morning when I go to hashtaggym, I will wish everyone whom I meet. However, not everyone does reciprocate, and it does not matter since I have done my part of wishing. I find it hard to believe that people are no more friendly since they are all lost in their world of "I, Me, and Myself." Life is beautiful if you learn to face everything like a child who is always inquisitive and wants to experience. Only through experiences can you unravel the hidden treasures. "Good, better, and best. Never let it rest till your good becomes better, and your better is best"
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