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Great to see the number swelling to near 1400, the support is wonderful, and we do have great enthusiasm in Volunteers and Gold Holders.

The Award office is wanting to grow the team, anyone interested?

IAYP India

The India Award celebrations a big success, CSR Event, Gold Ceremony and the Governing Council meetings all went very well.

Countdown for IAYP 2010 Celebrations

CSR - partners day on the 23rd June
Gold Award Holder's Day on the 24th
The Governing Council Meeting on the 25th
To top it all we have our Secretary General Ms. Gillian Shirazi with us for the coming week!

IAYP India Celebrations

June 22 to 25, 2010
Cherish service and relationship.
Partners, Gold Holders and Board Members meet at Delhi. Celebrations and time to have fun!

Gold Holder's Lunch

The Annual Gold Award Holder's Society Lunch, will be on 24th June 2010. Time 12.30 PM and the probable venue is Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi. All Gold Holders are most welcome, including the 45 odd getting the Award on the day!
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