Spiti Gold Solar Project 2012, a big success

26 young people complete the 2nd Gold Solar Project with Ecosphere in the high altitude region of Spiti

Gold Award Participants and Gold Holders from Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and India-Welham Girls' School-Dehradun, Good Shepherd International School-Ooty, The Scindia School- Gwalior, Ansal Institute of Technology-Gurgaon, Open Awards Centre enjoyed the 2nd Solar Project in the cold desert of Spiti, Himachal Pradesh while building a Solar Passive Bath at the Kee Buddhist Monastery. 

We are happy to announce The 3rd Gold Solar Project for 2013, get set for more!

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Third AGM of The Gold Award Holders Society 2012

Present: GAHS Executive Committee Treasurer - Sandeep Dutt and 64 members

Observers: Programme Manager- Mr. Bivujit Mukhoty
Communications Manager/GAHS Executive Summary- Ms. Nivedita Samanta
Office Manager- Mr. Chittaranjan Das
Parents of some GAHS members

Special Invitees: Mr. Ajeet Bajaj- Gold Holder and Adventurer 

  1. About GAHS and 50 years of The International Award in India
  2. Approval of the Minutes of the last meeting held on 16th May 2011 at Lok Kala Manch, New Delhi
  3. Reappointment of the auditor and approval of audited statement
  4. Any adoption or amendments of Rules and Regulations of the Society, if necessary
  5. Any other matters- Introduction of Special Invitee and his address to the GAHS members about the importance of Gold Holders to be role models as committed citizens

1. Meeting was called to order at 1635 hours by Nivedita Samanta on behalf of GAHS President-Ishita Khanna. She proceeded to talk about the importance of GAHS, its inception to address opportunities for Gold Holders post their Gold Awards. The Gold Award Holders’ Society registered on March 8, 2010 is the premier Alumni network for Gold Holders in India. With the motto of Cherishing Service and Relationship (CSR), GAHS is an effort to create more awareness about the Award in our country and to rope in exuberant Award Holders, who feel for the Award and are keen to give back, GAHS exists for the provision, promotion and preservation of the International Award in India. GAHS will function as a completely independent set-up to assist in alumni relations and growth of the Award Programme as per the Strategic Plan of the National Office.
The GAHS has had a successful year in 2011-12 where members have represented the country at the International Gold Event in Kenya, in Israel Youth Conference and at key training and orientation events in India. 

2. Nivedita proceeeded to read the minutes the last meeting held on 16th May 2011 at Lok Kala Manch, New Delhi. Anwesha Ghosh proposed approval of the minutes and was seconded by Ajeet Bajaj. 

3. Sunil Trehan, Sunil Trehan & Co. Was approved and re-appointed as auditor for GAHS by GAHS members Dinesh Gajendran and Juzer Shaikhally. Audited statements read where the income for the GAH is only through membership fees and training expenses of members is the primary expense. 

4. Members are free to apply as ad-hoc Executive Committee members by sending in a formal request with their resumes to Nivedita@dofe.in The Applications received so far are:
  • Anwesha Ghosh
  • Dinesh Gajendran
  • Ankit Durga
  • Shreya Ghosh
  • Shubhankar Chaudhary
  • Devanjali Dutt
  • Shubhda Hirawat
In addition, Communications Manager Nivedita Samanta who has been acting as Honorary GAHS Executive Secretary would like to move on from her term and proposed current India Rep. and GAHS Member Rajarshi Banerjee as the Nominee for the post.

5.  Any other matters:
    1. Calendar of Events available on website www.iayp.in, GAHS Members welcome to attend any event of their choice
    2. Mr. Ajeet Bajaj was introduced as Guest Speaker for the evening. His biography is attached as an appendix to these minutes. (present in the Blog archives)
The meeting concluded with a round of applause for everyone. These minutes were made to the best of Nivedita Samanta’s knowledge and documented by Shubhda Hirawat.

Jodhamal Public School opens the First Youth Engaging Society Centre (YES) in Jammu and Kashmir

Jodhamal Public School (JMPS) joins as a YES Centre and will provide key capacity building and training support in the region of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) for the Promotion, Provision of The Award Programme in the northern frontier of India. With the belief that young people should be given an opportunity to explore and develop every facet of their being to realize their true potential, JMPS faculty and staff team are trained for excellence in all round development of young people.
The YES Centre became operational in the Jodhamal Public School premises on 30/05/2012 with a formal inaugural orientation session. The Chief Guest of the inaugural function was Dr. Chander Mohan Seth, the WWF (J&K) Chairperson. 

Special Appreciation to Mr. Trilok Singh Bist- Award Leader for the last one decade and now newly appointed Principal at JMPS for his support and passion for youth development through The International Award Programme.

Bronze Award participants from International School-Aamby Valley share their Chopta Tungnath Trek experiences

The IAYP adventurous journey on the Chopta Tungnath Trek, amongst the Himalayas, was a huge challenge and undertaking for the students who participated, but was well worth the hard work and persistence that was required. Students set off on a 3 day camping trip which saw them climb to 4000 meters and included lunch at India’s highest temple, as well as a swim and kayak in the famous Ganga River! 
- Reid Litster, YES Centre Manager
IAYP Student Comments
Jay Patel- “This was the best trip I have been to in my entire life! In a span of three days, I climbed to the highest temple in India, saw the best scenery and learned a lot of different things.”- Jay Patel
“The trip was great.  It was a fun challenging adventure.  The best part was the dip in the Ganga river.”- Naman Khanna
“We did a lot of things in 3 days! We hiked over 4000 meters, swam in the holy Ganga river, and we even watched a movie, played cards and charades.  It was one of the best trips of my life.”- Aditya Jain
“IAYP trip was awesome! It was one of my best trips.  There were a lot of adventures and I had a lot of fun. I learnt many new things and had an amazing time with my friends.  It was a great experience.  I was the youngest amongst us and still loved it! IAYP rocks!”- Akanksha Gupta
“The thought of reaching the top of the mountain and the feeling of being on top of the earth made me not give up.  I actually completed the trek! The overall experience was amazing, as sleeping in tents, having food by the campfire and playing charades, is not what I do every day.  Yes, climbing up the mountains turned out to be the most difficult part for me, but to complete this trek successfully was my goal and I achieved it.  We all worked as a team, in searching for our train or helping each other with our heavy bags.  I would not forget having Maggie noodles up on the mountains near our camp.  What made this trip even more fun was our supervisors and friends.  Mr. Reid and Ms. Christina, thank you for this wonderful trip!”- Laxmi Borude
“It was a great opportunity for us to find ourselves in nature.  After climbing the beautiful mountain in the Chopta trek, I realized how gorgeous nature is.  I liked the snowball flights, the trek and the dip in the Ganga river.  The trip was something to experience and share." - Naman Jain

New Phone IAYP India

New phone number for APF:+91 11-41087062

The old MTNL phones 26497154, 26493400 and 26497165 belong to EBD Book Cafe Pvt Ltd. and will terminate at Sandeep Dutt's office alone.

Welcome Shreya as Chennai Rep.

Sandeep Dutt - Founder & Mentor
Ishita Khanna - President
Juzer Shaikhally - Mumbai
Capt Rohit Saxena - Noida
Rajarshi Banerjee - Kolkata
Devanjali Dutt - New Delhi
Dinesh Gajendran - Vellore
Shreya Ghosh - Chennai
Chittaranjan Das - Hon. Secy.

We are happy to sign up City Reps. The GAHS is working for building youth leadership and for empowering young people. We network and do things that help us find ourselves.

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