Award Training Centre (ATC)

ATC now open at Dehradun

Education Hub – home to the best public schools in India/ Easy availability of trained adult volunteers/ teachers.

Dehradun, the capital city of the state of Uttarakhand is flanked by the majestic Himalayan mountain range in the north and the picturesque Shivaliks in the south. Apart from the quality educational institutes, the scenic location and pleasant weather have made Dehradun Education quite attractive.

The city is home to over 300 high schools, including some old Irish Christian Missionary schools. Notable institutions in Dehradun include The Doon School, St. Joseph's Academy, Dehradun, St. Thomas' College, Dehradun and Welham Girls School and Welham Boys School. The Rashtriya Indian Military College is a public boy’s school and feeder to the National Defence Academy.

The city boasts of a good number of schools and educational institutions, which are either affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) or National Open Schools. There are exclusive schools for girls and boys as well as co-educational schools among which some are residential, and hence the city is home to some of the most competent and experienced teachers of the country. The city is ideal for the promotion of the Award since it has trained adult manpower. A training center is therefore ideal for the functioning and the promotion of the award.

Five YES Centers, Special Projects and Rural Projects
APF has set up a number of YES centers and special and rural projects in the region and hence the training needs of the same can be addressed with an Award center in Dehradun.

Great camp and service areas in and around Dehradun/ Adventure and recreational hub
Trekking and adventure tourism in Dehradun is the most important part of the campaigning in Dehradun. Dehradun, is blessed with lush green mountains, extensive wildlife, deep gorges which attracts the both adults and youth to explore the land and embark on a journey of unfolding the secrets on the land.

Trekking and adventure tourism in Dehradun reveals a harmony between the supreme beauty and the harshness of nature. Adventure sports like trekking; jeep safari, skiing, camping, and water-sports offer a chance to witness the wild beauty of the greater Himalayan range and alpine meadows. The setting is ideal for motivating the youth and the development of the program.

Starting place of the award in India/ Economical getaway from bigger cities
Award has been running in Dehradun since its inception in India. Dehradun is a economical and viable option for training since its well connected by rail, road and air from the bigger cities. Dehradun offers a pleasant economical getaway from city life and is an attraction for tourists from India and abroad.

Bordered by Three States
The city has been chosen as one of the counter magnets to the NCR region and is being developed as an alternative centre of growth to help ease the migration and population explosion in the NCR area. The city is also bordered by three states i.e. Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab which are also known for a number of prominent educational institutions. A training centre in Dehradun can be develop and promote the award in the surrounding states.

Arun Deoli
Development Manager


For young people internships can bridge the gap between formal education and a career, where the emphasis is on training rather than employment. For youth development organisations, internships are an excellent way of channeling and mainstreaming the engagement of young people in the organisation. The IAYP offers internships to young people as a way of positively demonstrating our commitment to youth engagement and acknowledging youth perspectives, as well as the development of the future of the Programme, its renewal and regeneration.

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International Gold Event (IGE) 2011 Delegate and India Open Awards Centre (OAC) Leader visits the International Secretariat in London

Devanjali is a Gold Holder from Welham Girls' School, Dehradun. Since 2010, she has not only been studying Economics Honours from Lady Shriram College, University of Delhi but also been heading the Open Awards Centre India Project as Gold Intern. This summer, Devanjali did a Summer Programme at the London School of Economics, United Kingdom. During the course of her summer programme, she visited the International Secretariat located at St. Matthews Street in London. 

Her visit was a pleasant and fruitful one as she got an opportunity to meet the entire team at the Award House. Devanjali says that 'the highlight of the visit was an interaction with the team working on the International Gold Event, scheduled in Nairobi, Kenya this September. A sneak peak into their preparations, and a session with the team regarding my expectations from the event makes me really excited to attend the IGE with Raj."

Photo Courtesy: NAA India Photo Stock. HRH Earl of Wessex in India, October 2010

Award Interns Dhruv Bahl and Ridhima Oberoi share the experiences from the International Youth Camp in Lombok, Indonesia

The Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia in collaboration with ASEAN Secretariat are hosting the ASEAN +6 International Youth Camp 2011 under the theme “OptimizingThe Potential of Marine in South East Asia Region” from July 9th to July 13th, 2011 in Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat province, Indonesia.

Authority will be represent by Mr. Dhruv Bahl and Ms. Ridhima Oberoi, both from the required 18-25 years age category.

Appreciation to the Programme Team and the two young leaders for accepting the challenge to be prepared in the tight timeline.

Dhruv and Ridhima represented the 18-25 age category from IAYP India at short notice. Award Interns for about a year, they share the the action from tree-planting, discussions on climate change and climate preservation, cultural night and the fun they had engaging with peers from across the Asia Pacific during the International Youth Camp (IYC) from the 9th July to 13th July 2011. 

Day 1, 9th July: We arrived in Lombok, a little tired and relaxed at your hotel.  

Day 2, 10th July : We interacted with delegates from different countries and had an 'ice breaker' session. Post the session, we left for Gili Tarwangan islands on a ferry. The area is known for its mangroves; treest crucial in preventing soil erosion and curbing drastic  effects of tsunamis. Here we got an opportunity not only to observe how to plant mangroves but also to plant them on our own. After having planted the mangroves we boarded our boats again to another island. After lunch we learnt how to transplant corals using media( a mixture of sand and cement) which was followed by scuba diving and snorkeling to view the beautiful corals and marine bio diversity around the area.

Day 3, 11th July: After waking up early in the morning, we headed for the opening ceremony of FIBOP, a watersporting event . The event was declared open by the Vice President of Indonesia. The ceremony show cased a lot of traditional dance and music performances of Indonesia. After the inauguration we headed to a village of the ‘sasak’ people –traditionals of the Mataram district.  In the evening all delegates presented their country reports and we got an insight on how every country is trying to protect their marine bio diversity.

Day 4, 12th July: A workshop was conducted by Mr. Rob Oliphant on International Award for Young People. After this we went to a village to learn how to make media for coral reefs. After lunch we headed for shopping.Since it was our last day we had a farewell party in the evening where each country made a cultural presentation. 

Dhruv believes that "The trip was one that gave me experiences that i shall remember for life. Being a part of the award gave me a lot which i could pass on to my fellow participants in ways more than one. The sheer joy of meeting so many people coming from different diversities , backgrounds , cultures, organised into one team engaging in funfilled activities to keep the marine biodiversity thriving is an experience that can never be repeated." 

Ridhima says that "Í got a wonderful opportunity not only to be a part of the conference but also to interact with so many people. I got an opportunity to contribute my bit for a social cause. Iayp is a platform to be a part of social causes and has helped me to see the world from a different perspective thereby, helping me to develop into a person the world needs today!"

Photo Courtesy: Ridhima Oberoi for NAA India, Lombok, Indonesia 2011

ICNL Expedition led by Bivujit Mukhoty

Institute of Climbers & Nature Lovers (ICNL), which is an official service partner of The International Award for Young People,India, is organizing a mountaineering expedition to peaks Mt. Jogin I & III (6465m & 6116m respectively) during August - September, 2011.

The mountain, located at Kedar Ganga Valley in the Garhwal Himalayas, lies in an area which is very popular in the international climbing circle for its challenging features and natural beauty.

This expedition is approved and sponsored by Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) New Delhi, and the 11 member team is being lead by the ace climber of the country Mr. Bivujit Mukhoty who had led several successful expeditions in the Himalayas and is known for his technical expertise in this field.

We wish the expedition team All The Very Best !!!

Experience of our students to NIM

NIM (Nehru Institute of Mountaineering) is one of the most famous and best
mountaineering institute of Asia. Abhishek Maurya, Mohd Aneesh, Annapurna, Rohan
Panwar, Sagar Sharma, Ritesh Singh, Deepak Thapa, Rishabh Jain and Ayushi Rana
were the ten lucky students who got a wonderful chance to visit NIM and to participate
in 181st adventure course .We all have only heard about this and now got the
opportunity to be a part of this institute.
Tired with the monotonous work, wishing for something new and exciting and thankfully
god has listened to our pray. 20 days before we were told about the trip to Uttarkashi.
10 students have to be chosen for this .We feel very lucky to be a part of this trip and its
like dream come true for all of us.
In the beginning we were very nervous as well as very excited as for the 1st time we
were going for a mountaineering trip without our parents or teachers which serve as a
guidelines for us and help and guide us in every problem. But for 15 days we have to be
all alone with no one around whom we know much and who cares about us expect our
group of 10 students but we overcame and hid our anxieties because we want a break.
On the 1st day of our journey we were told to assembled there in Purkal and with the
blessings of our teachers and elders we started our journey to Uttarkashi. We all were
very happy and were busy weaving our thoughts – what will be there, what we will be
doing there, how much fun we will be having so everything was going on and on in our
mind. In the evening we reached there we all were very happy as we were feeling like
free bird. There we first registered our name and were allotted the rooms in the hostel.
Next day we had a brief introduction with all 90 students who were selected for this
mountaineering trip like all of us, our instructors and principal of NIM which followed by
division of students into groups. So we had 10 groups comprising 9 students each. We
were very happy as we made many new friends. They shared their experiences and
some beautiful moments of their lives with all of us. Our instructors though not very
interactive but helped us whenever we asked. They showed as their campus. Every day
we had physical exercises. After doing that we were like full of energy and felt very
active. It was very tiring but we used to do that with full enjoyment and the breakfast we
had after that was osem that we forgot all our tiredness we were in.
We were shown the equipments which we have to use during our adventure course
.Some of them are Rucksack (bag), Mattress, sleeping bag, long selling, water bottle,
mustine (utensil for eating food), wind sheeter, poncho (raincoat) etc. each one of us
was given the equipments and we were very happy to get that and it seems as if a child
has got some toys to play with. We were also laughing after hearing the names of the
equipments. That day we were full of laughter. There we were given many tasks to do
which were both adventurous as well as dangerous.
Next day we all packed our bags for 4 days outing at Tehkla. It was a beautiful place.
From hostel we marched 13-14 km to Tehkla! We were very tired after that long walk,
so we had juice to refresh our body. After that we were back on our work, we pitched
tents and made arrangements for our task. There we did rock climbing, jumaring,
rappling which we were finding very difficult after seeing others doing that. We were
very nervous and scared but when we did ourselves then that was the thing which we
were enjoying the most. We were no longer timid and nervous and if given a chance we
would have done it again.
In the beginning we were very nervous as everything was new for us. We were thinking
that it will be a little difficult for all of us to do but somehow we gathered our courage
and were successful in accomplishing the given task. The task which we found the most
difficult one was that of river crossing because the flow of water was very high as well
as it was very Cold that we were finding it very difficult to keep our balance in that heavy
flow .Since we had not bathed for three days so we were also very excited to go into the
river. So all and all it was both terrifying and enjoying. In the evening we came back
from there walking and we were so tired that we were looking for a bed where we could
stretch our arms and legs. We all looked pathetic.
In the hostel we also had seen a movie ’Vertical limits’ which was based on Everest
expedition. It was a very beautiful movie, very inspiring that we wanted to climb the
Everest in the same way as was done by the characters of the movie. Before our
second outing we did artificial wall climbing, obstacle racing, cross country and also had
speech competition. Artificial wall climbing was very tough but was very interesting to
do. As a lizard crawl on the wall, in the same way we were also crawling on the
mountain. It was great fun. Obstacle race was also full of enjoyment, one of the most
interesting part of this activity was Brahma bridge which was very scary and where we
have to maintain our balance on the rope.
There in every step we were learning something without sitting in just one corner of a
room .We learnt how to pitch tents, reading maps etc .In the second outing we did point
to point march which was a group competition. In this we have to use map and had
been told to reach to our destination i.e. Oyali without the assistance of our instructors.
It was very interesting; the distance which we had to cover was very long and had to
cross the forest where the most troubling thing we faced were the leeches. We were
very tired that we did not want to walk further and also we were carrying those heavy
equipped bags on our backs that it almost broke our backs.
On reaching Oyali, we found it a beautiful place with grass looking so serene and quiet.
There we pitched our tents, took rest for some time and then had dinner. In Oyali we
visited Chaurangi khal and Nachiketa Taal which were in the middle of the forest. Oyali
was a big place. There we enjoyed the beauty of the nature and felt how calm it is. We
were feeling lucky to be in the lap of nature. From Oyali we came by bus to hostel and
feeling so happy and relaxed that we do not have to walk back. There in the hostel we
prepared for graduation ceremony and camp fun. We prepared dances, skit, songs,
small plays etc for camp fun to relax ourselves. Preparing for camp fun was very
exciting as for the first time in those 15 days we were enjoying together and were free to
do whatever we wanted . In graduation ceremony we got batches of NIM by the Chief
Guest and students were also awarded who came up with flying colour in different
activities and competitions,
In the evening we had our camp fun where we enjoyed a lot. We saw different types of
dances and plays and they were very thrilling. We also gave our performance in front of
those 90 students and were feeling very confident and we were not taking that for a
competition, we were just enjoying ourselves and feeling free that we do not have to do
any activity.
But in some corner of our heart we were also sad as very soon we will be leaving that
place and friends with whom we had spent those 15 days which were some of the most
beautiful moments of our lives. We left the place at 6: 00a.m. All were very sad and
depressed. There we exchanged our numbers and id’s with our colleagues. Also we
were happy to go back home which is considered to be the most peaceful place for any
person. All and all it was a good experience for all of us. We learnt many things from
this trip to Uttarkashi and the most important of all, we want to thank PYDS and IAYP
for giving us this wonderful opportunity where we got to learn many new things and it
was a good exposure for all of us. Lastly we can say that always ready to face
challenges and enjoy life as much as you can that is what life is all about. Don’t back
step in any stage of life whether it is good or bad. In fact dare all the challenges for a
successful life.

As Hellen Keller had rightly said : "Life is either a Daring Adventure....... Or Nothing !!!"

Youth Football Talent Awards

FootballFirst takes up this brilliant social initiative to find and award talented youth football players from schools across NCR in an Annual Football Conference based on internationally recognized screening drills and processes.

Football Partner : Bolton Wanderers Football Club.
The Award Programme is conducted free of charge for all students.
The evaluation techniques are the same as used by the international scouts and talent evaluators.
Experts from sports/media/corporate will be present in the Award Ceremony to highlight the needs of Indian Football.

Techniques : Offensive, Defensive, Goal-Keeping.
Physical : Speed, Stamina.
Match : Formation, Game Strategy.

Step I : School registration for the YFTA Programme.
Step II: Set up Evaluation Date and Time (~3hours) in school.
Step III : Evaluation Drills conducted with Junior and Senior school teams.
Step IV : 6 selected students are invited for Advanced Evaluation with coaches from England.
Step V : Award Ceremony for talented students and coaches.

So Friends, what are you waiting for??? Enroll yourself and put your best Foot forward to achieve your GOAL!!!

Contact :
FootballFirst Sports Private Limited
Dhruv Arora : +91 99990 79889
Office : +91 11 4016 7013
e-mail :
website :
Facebook : FootballFirstIndia

Australian Sports Outreach Programme (ASOP) and IAYP India partner to Engage Youth in Society through Sport

Formally launched in India on 07 Oct 2010 by Australian Minister for Sport Senator- the Hon. Mark Arbib against the backdrop of the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games, ASOP India will use sport for development as an exciting way of strengthening relationships between Australia and India while fostering both sporting and life skills in marginalised children and youth.

Designed around the three core areas of Communicate, Connect and Collaborate, ASOP India will be implemented through five selected agencies: Magic Bus, Special Olympics Bharat, Rashtriya Life Saving Society (India), Goa Football Association and Naz Foundation (India) Trust. These organisations focus on social mobilisation through inclusive participation of disadvantaged communities in quality sport.

The 3-year IAYP India and ASOP India partnership will focus on Youth and Sports and engage the young people in ASOP Partners to participate in the Award Programme. Under the ASOP-IAYP partnership, sports coach trainers, mentors, peer leaders and volunteer community sports coaches from marginalised communities, who work with the 5 existing ASOP India partner agencies, will be facilitated to undertake the Award program, in order to incentivise and reward their spirit of volunteerism. They will undergo character and skill building experiences they would never normally encounter, leading to enhanced individual motivation. Pursuing the certified standards of bronze, silver and gold over a time span, they will grow as individuals, become better coaches and eventually qualify as IAYP trainers authorised to deliver and certify the Award program amongst the youth communities they work with, through Open Award Centres (OAC) and Youth Engaging Society (YES) Centres.

Without losing the spirit of volunteerism, the IAYP set of standards (bronze, silver, gold) involving character building activities will not only round off their existing skills, but also provide great motivation and recognition of their commitment to the young Sport Coaches. Motivating the enthusiastic Community Sports Coaches (CSCs) of the ASOP Project to engage in the Award Programme and thus be recognised for their dedication to their communities in the first year of the partnership. Special focus will be given to providing the CSCs with employment / vocational skills in their respective areas in addition to ensuring that their Expeditions and Residential Project experience is different and enriching.

Arun Deoli joins the National Team as Programme Development Manager

Arun joins the National Award Authority (NAA) Team in a crucial year of the Award Programme in India. He will be responsible for the key areas of: Developing Partnerships; Extending the Award; Brand and Marketing of the Award Programme. As part of the NAA Team, he will be closely involved in the coordination of activity, policy and strategy as per the annual plan.

Arun completed his MBA in International Marketing from the University of Wales, United Kingdom in 2008 and specialises in business development. We are certain that his experience in the UK and his enthusiasm to be involved in the development sector will Engage more young Indians this year!

Contact Arun at

Board Members: Rocket Fuel or Rocks? - Lucy P. Marcus - Harvard Business Review

Board Members: Rocket Fuel or Rocks? - Lucy P. Marcus - Harvard Business Review

IAYP India at the ASEAN +6 International Youth Camp in Lombok Indonesia from 9th to 13th July 2011

The Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia in collaboration with ASEAN Secretariat are hosting the ASEAN +6 International Youth Camp 2011 under the theme “OptimizingThe Potential of Marine in South East Asia Region” from July 9th to July 13th, 2011 in Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat province, Indonesia.

Two delegates from each country are invited to the event with the theme "Optimizing The Potential of Marine in South East Asia Region". At short notice, the India National Award Authority will be represent by Mr. Dhruv Bahl and Ms. Ridhima Oberoi, both from the required 18-25 years age category.

Ridhima started as an Award Volunteer in June 2010, enrolled to do her Gold Level from the Open Awards Centre based in the National Office and then worked as an Intern till February 2011. She recently graduated from the Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi and is working with a Sports Management Company based in Gurgaon. She still remains and Award Volunteer. Contact her at

Dhruv also started as an Award Volunteer in 2010 and is now an Award Intern where his core focus is on promoting the Gold Internship Programme- the placement project for new Gold Awardees in organizations of their choice. He is currently pursuing his Bachelors in Financial Management from the College of Business Studies, University of Delhi. Contact him at

Appreciation to the Programme Team and the two young leaders (seen in the photo with Programme Manager) for accepting the challenge to be prepared in the tight timeline.

Photo Copyright NAA India: Asia Pacific Regional Board Meeting Dinner 2011 archive

IAYP India Brand and Supplies

To all IAYP Operators and Zones,

National Award Authority (NAA) of IAYP India, is the exclusive Licensee of The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Association in India.

The Facebook page, the IAYP website and IAYPINDIA (GAHS) blog are the official and only authorized websites in India. Please note no individual, institution, school, operator or partner can use the Award branding without permission of NAA.

Zones are advised not to please produce any stationery, items, supplies and memorabilia.

Welcome to order all supplies from the NAA Office, please contact Nivedita (

Thank you for honoring this request and are committed to building a strong brand.

For your Programme needs call Bivujit 09212233900.

Thanking you,

Sandeep Dutt
National Director
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"My Summer was EPIC": Shubhda Hirawat-Gold Award Participant, Award Intern and University Student shares her experiences from the Summer

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I-I took the one less travelled by”

This Robert Frost quote very aptly summarizes my summer. Being a student of Business Studies in Delhi University, interning at larger-than-life corporates for the summer is a trend, the road taken on mostly. This time I decided to differ . Through Grassroutes ( I took a road trip for social change to Avani in the Pithoragarh District of Uttarakhand for over 4 weeks and that has “made all the difference”

Since I started doing the Award , it has almost become like a valid excuse for doing things I wouldn’t have ever thought of doing or wouldn’t have been permitted to do ! Spending a month in the hills working on Community Health and Hygiene with a concentration on Maternal Health and Nutrition.Learning about rural health has been an experience for me whose lived all her life in the glam of the city Delhi.The closest hospital ,rather a small health centre is a minimum 2 hour trek through the hills and imagine a pregnant woman walking to this centre .I worked on the documentation of traditional practices and medicines whose need increases manifold given the harsh living arrangements . I think my biggest learning has been “People”.The graciousness and hospitality of Indians moved me. Inspite of living in dilapidated houses ,empty bowls for grains and tattered clothes and barefeet, the villagers never failed to offer the standard Indian guest serving of “Chai”.Not even once. Happy faces welcomed me like home.

Apart from this, I had the opportunity to learn hard skills like welding and drilling. I nearly mastered the art of drilling because of which I was the mechanic for drilling to eventually make a solar geyser and its panels. I also understood the chemistry of organic dyeing and pigment making . I accomplished my teenage fantasy of Beekeeping and when I say the bees don’t sting ,I am not lying !

I am now back in the heat with a sore back, dyed clothing,bruises and insect bites but it has been all worth it for the summer that it has been .This summer has been my best so far and its because of the Award ,which is always a push factor in following what you like doing .

Good Schools of India Journal @ www.GSI.IN

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