IAYP India Brand and Supplies

To all IAYP Operators and Zones,

National Award Authority (NAA) of IAYP India, is the exclusive Licensee of The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Association in India.

The Facebook page, the IAYP website and IAYPINDIA (GAHS) blog are the official and only authorized websites in India. Please note no individual, institution, school, operator or partner can use the Award branding without permission of NAA.

Zones are advised not to please produce any stationery, items, supplies and memorabilia.

Welcome to order all supplies from the NAA Office, please contact Nivedita (nivedita@dofe.in).

Thank you for honoring this request and are committed to building a strong brand.

For your Programme needs call Bivujit 09212233900.

Thanking you,

Sandeep Dutt
National Director
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