The YES Way - Dec 2012

Youth Engaging Society (YES)
Empowering young people with skills and meaningful education

Leading India with affordable quality rural education
The Fabindia Schools are managed by a non-profit organisation Bhadrajun Artisans Trust (BAT). BAT was established by William and John Bissell to build social development programmes with a focus on education and crafts. BAT is run by a Board of Directors and is a registered society in Delhi. 

We at BAT are more than happy to have you partner us and work for affordable quality rural education.
1. We welcome volunteers
2. Schools are welcome to do Skills as a well as Service Projects with The Fabindia Schools
3. The students of The Fabindia Schools are good in sports and will welcome opportunities to visit schools
4. We are happy to do Exchange Programmes and Teacher Training 
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The London International Youth Science Forum 2013 is a wonderful opportunity not only for students but also for staff to help upgrade their knowledge and skills.

Wish you a very Happy New Year and hope this Christmas is full of surprises!

Sandeep Dutt
Youth Engaging Society

Dinesh Gajendran leading the way in the South...

Dinesh has been a very active Gold Award Holder, having served as the Regional Head for The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Asia-Pacific Region and currently serving on the National Training Panel of the National Award Authority. He is based in Vellore and drives many campaigns and projects for the South Indian region.
He is also among the 51 participants from around the world who have successfully completed the "Embracing Commonwealth Values" eLearning course run by Commonwealth of Learning ( commonwealth youth programme. 

Last month he organized the first ever Award Ceremony in the British Council for South India's award holders working on Special Projects. 

He's working on bringing the Vellore project back in focus which has been inactive for the past 2 years. He is the Founder and Executive Director of Audacious Dreams Foundation. 

The Audacious Academy for Sports and Social Development  has launched a Vocational Training Institute which is providing diploma courses to rural and marginalized adolescent women. This is a highly noble cause as many young women in the region are forced into marriage at an early age and made to drop out of school.

Dinesh is initiating a 'Sports for Development' project from this month onwards with focus on teaching, health and career guidance. And there is lots more that he is simultaneously working on. Kudos to Dinesh for his splendid work in effortlessly promoting the Award and providing empowerment opportunities to the youth... We are proud of you....

Do visit and

Union Minister of State for Home Affairs - a Gold Award Holder

Shri Ratanjit Pratap Narain Singh, from Kushi Nagar Constituency in Uttar Pradesh, represents the Indian National Congress in the 15th Lok Sabha.
He has also been a Member of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly for three terms.

He attended The Doon School and graduated from St. Stephens College, University of Delhi with B.A. (Hons.) History.
He reads in his pastime and loves to travel, having visited France, Indonesia, Italy, Thailand, U.S.A to name to few. He's also fond of sports.

He's a true Gold Award holder as he continues to serve the society and the nation at large...

YES and Personal Social Development

       See our YES Way....


We have along with our International Partners developed ‘integrated programme’ combining interactive and interesting class tuition with a range of exciting onsite activities, including excursions & sightseeing opportunities.
During the programme, the student practices his social skills and critical thinking abilities outside of the controlled class room setting thus providing an uncommon opportunity to benefit from hands-on learning of the practical real-world lessons.
All our programme are designed to create a safe and enjoyable environment in which to learn, have fun and make new friends from different cultures.

Come Find Yourself @ The Studio – 27th October 2012

The stage is set yet again for you to delve within and chart out your Goal for life.
Our YES Way! of E = 4S will help you realize why you are a full 10/10 and how you can find your passion in either of the 4S and thus connect with the community in this process of ‘Finding Yourself’!

We have had plenty of successful workshops so far with the recent one being on 1st October 2012 @ Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi.

Some of the reviews from the students at Tagore:

The workshop was good. Very interesting. We learnt quite a lot. We learnt that each of us are 10/10 yet we may have different likings, ways of thinking and passions. We learnt to work with a team, make something creative and new. The workshop was FUN!!
Thank you. J
-         Sreoshi Mukherjee

I’ve attended a lot of leadership summits and this is the only one where the Trainer was intellectually able to connect to the audience.
To make the process finer, kindly see if certain written material/ handouts can be provided for the person to refer to them in future and retain the ideas for a longer period.
-         Raghav Mendiratta

This is a great initiative. The workshop was good and it helped me significantly in balancing my studies, sports, skills and services. These workshops should be held more often.
-         Abhishek Jayaram

It was a good experience with “Youth Engaging Society (YES).”
-         Yashish Sharma

Just ‘60’ days of YES, what a success! I’m sure this ‘Brand’ is going to go a long way. Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Full of FUN and excitement.
-         Tanya Roy

I think I am going to really sit back and think once in a while really if I could find myself. This workshop has inspired me to a great extent though in the starting this really didn’t interest me, but towards the end it leaves strong mark and question in my life.
- Rubani Seth

Get a glimpse of our previous workshop.

Youth engaging society for The Gold Award Holders' Society

The YES Way workshop - 27th October 2012

Youth Engaging Society (YES) is organizing an in-Studio Youth Empowerment and Leadership Workshop.

It is all about finding the leader within, you will be able to discover your hidden self, and then can even volunteer and help others in your community. Mentors, students, teachers, parents, business managers, volunteers of any age and anyone who wants to live the youth within is most welcome to join us for the Workshop.

This one day workshop will help connect, communicate, collaborate and create, from dreams to reality! Don’t wait for another day and enroll yourself to this self-fulfilling day’s adventure!!!

You can register on the following link:

If you want to know more, feel free to call
Apula @ +91 90-13-020763
Youth engaging society for The Gold Award Holders' Society

Hopetown Girls' School having fun!

I am in class 8 right now and I was not sure before this workshop whether to join IAYP or not but YES has actually convinced me a lot and I would love to prove that “I am a Young Person.” I will surely reach till the best levels I could. Thanks a lot and seriously had FUN.
-Navya Kalra

It was really refreshing and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this. Sandeep Sir & Devyani Ma’am were really good. We laughed, played games, made projects, showed presentations, and ate toffees. This was a really good ecperience.
-Muskan Periwal

Fair enough I never considered myself to be the right person to make decisions in my life. But after this session I was extremely thrilled and realized it is me who has the right to carry on with my life as I want to. So hats off!! I hope we have such sessions again in near future.
-Radhika Agarwal

Thank you Devyani our very special Gold Award Holder and one of our key volunteers who helped establish GAHS India. This workshop could  not have been possible without the great effort of Devyani!


E= 4S


Education = 10, and every person for us is a full 10/10. 
What matters is the emphasis we as individuals give to each of the four S's. For some 'Study' could be full 10, some 'Sports' could be 10, yet the most complete individuals will value each of the four S's and find themselves.

The YES Way Workshop at schools, work places, and anywhere empower you to:
  • use your existing curriculum in the youth work setting
  • assist young people to identify and plan their challenges
  • assist and support young people in enhancing their skills
  • work within operational and administrative guidelines
  • understand the available opportunity for youth in your community
  • build relationships to the different levels
And this is the best way to find yourself!

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The YES Way for youth development

Get Involved..!..

Greetings Gold Award Holders!

It is my honor to introduce you to YES (Youth Engaging Society) platform that we have designed for youth leadership development and through YES you will be constantly provided with opportunities to engage with society.

Our model of 4S (Education = Skill + Service + Sports + Study) lays stress on empowering you by means of interacting with the community and keeping you involved in activity.

We are continually signing up with partners to provide you with a range of activities to be part of.

Upcoming YES Youth Empowerment and Leadership Workshops:
1st October: Tagore International School, New Delhi
27th October: In-Studio Workshop for 10 people.

We have partnered with The FabIndia School, Rajasthan and you could certainly volunteer with the School activities.

The International Spiti Gold Solar Project 2013 is another activity in offing for you. Enroll yourself for an experience of a lifetime…

Happy  to share all the news!

Apula Singh

Email: Apula@EBD.IN

GAHN Workshop Singapore - a report


On the 16th of August the delegates arrived at the National Community Leadership Institute [NACLI] in the evening and to begin with we went out for a nature work around Kent Ridge Park, which was an amazing experience, this gave us time to get to know each other.

Day 1: 17th September 2012, the day began with a warm welcome by Prof Leo Tan, Chairman, National Youth Achievement Award Council [NYAA], followed by an introduction and overview by Jenny Jacob who represented the International Secretariat.

We had the opportunity to visit the residence of the British High Commissioner, His Excellency Antony Phillipson. A lavish afternoon tea spread along with his very kind and supportive words marked the beginning of the day’s activities. 

The main topic taken up that afternoon was ‘Beyond Gold- How to remain engaged in the Award.” This discussion became even more interesting as we were joint by NYAA gold Award holders and current participants putting forward their practices and challenges as well. We managed to have a detailed discussion, which was very well summed up by Major General Chan Chun Sing, Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports and Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Defence.  His very inspiring words helped us consolidate all the ideas brought out by the various groups during this session.

A chance to witness a Meet-the-people-session conducted by Members of Parliament on a weekly basis to hear the grievances of the public and support them with all possible aid was the perfect way to end the day. 

Day 2: 18th August 2012, we started the day with a keynote address on ‘Servant Leadership” by Dr. Tan Chi Chiu, Member NYAA Council. 

Followed by which we were split into five groups in order to discuss the five main issues:
  • International Award Network and Opportunities
  • How to set up an Alumni/Award Holder Association 
  • Life after Gold-Engagement
  • Life after Gold- Advocacy
  • Life after Gold- Events 
All the groups began working and were given the next few hours to prepare presentations to put forward all challenges and potential solutions revolving around our respective topics. Rest of the day was marked by a couple of brainstorming sessions and preparations for next morning.

Evening visit to Singapore’s newest attraction Gardens by the Bay, which is a park, spanning 101 hectares (250 acres) of reclaimed land in central Singapore, adjacent to the Marina Reservoir. The park consists of three waterfront gardens: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden.

Gardens by the Bay is an integral part of a strategy by the Singapore government to transform Singapore from a "Garden City" to a "City in a Garden". The stated aim is to raise the quality of life by enhancing greenery and flora in the city.

Day 3: 19th August 2012, the day began with all the groups presenting and an interactive question and answer session. 

Devanjali formed part of the group that tackled “Life after Gold-Advocacy” and presented the issue in the form of a role-play taking various situations where Advocacy plays a major role. 

The stage now set for building a network for alumni bodies from all over the world. Thank you Singapore NYAA and the IAA for making this possible!

- Report filed by Rohit Saxena and Devanjali Dutt the delegates from India
For any feedback or questions welcome to email or

Welcome Apula Singh

We are most delighted to welcome Apula Singh who has so kindly joined the GAHS Team. 
She will be the Hon. Exec. Secy. and will be connecting with all the members and partners. 
Apula will be at the GAHS Office every Saturday from 11.00 am to 4.00 pm, to assist our members and help in the development of GAHS as a major partner in YES (Youth Engaging Society) Projects.

Key areas of work for Apula:

1. Connect with the individuals
2. Collect subscriptions
3. Market the events of GAHS and the partners
4. Attend / work as Event manager
5. Take care of the PR and communication needs of GAHS

All GAHS members and Award participants doing the Gold can participate in the workshops and events. The Youth Leadership Week scheduled for Sept. 2012 and the Spiti Gold Solar Project 2013 are now our annual events, do sign up fast as we only take limited numbers. In addition you can also participate in the Youth Empowerment & Leadership workshops of our partner YES.


Connect with Apula:
The office numbers are +911126493400 or +911126497154
Email: and you can also call her +91 9899415665

Team India all set for GAHN Singapore


The NYAA Singapore
APAC Region and the IAA 

Dear James and all the key allies for the GAHN Workshop,

Much appreciation to the NYAA of Singapore, the APAC Region and the IAA for hosting the GAHN Singapore Workshop in the coming week.

Happy to share our Alumni website and all the resources for the forthcoming GAHN workshop.


We are sending two of our finest young leaders Rohit Saxena and Devanjali Dutt for the GAHN Workshop and are certain they will add value to your efforts to help develop the GAHN Network. The delegates have many of the resources and formats in soft copy and have access to our data online too. They have both worked hard for the last few months and contributed a great deal to the GAHS and IAYP in India. Further most of the delegates attending the GAHN Network are on our social network and have followed us closely too. All this would not have been possible without the active support of the IAA and the IAYP India management, and for this we are most grateful to them.

Wish you all the best,

Sandeep Dutt
For and behalf of THE GAHS Executive Team

GAHS is a Registered Society in India

The Gold Award Holders Society was registered on the 6th of March 2010, as a Society by the Government of India, and the Registration No. is S/68685/2010

We are committed to working for youth empowerment and support The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award as an alumni body.

Nivedita hope you do well always!


The National Award Authority along with Award family express our wholehearted thanks to Ms. Nivedita Samanta for all the great work she has done in the last few years. Nivedita had consistently shown herself as a hard working integral part of the team, and a good friend. With her ability to communicate being a Communications Manager, she helped in the overall execution of the Award's public relations, communications, and development strategy. She was immersed in a media relations and a dynamic internal communication environment. We appreciate the amount of efforts that Nivedita put into the job during her tenure since 2010. Nivedita, as an Award Volunteer, will continue her support to the Communications team, as she was doing earlier and can be reached at We wish all the best for Nivedita's new career and hope that she will achieve greater heights in her life.

---- From Award Weekly of 8th August 2012

Platinum Jubilee Expedition to Draupadi- Ka –Danda II (5716m)

International Award for Young People: Platinum Jubilee Expedition to Draupadi- Ka –Danda II (5716m):

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Well done Welham Boys School, Dehradun India!

This is youth empowerment

GAHS in association with PYDS is organising the 
YOUTH LEADERSHIP WEEK - 28th Sept 2012, Sign up today

International Spiti Gold Solar Project 2013

After two successful years, The Gold Award Holders Society (GAHS) is happy to announce the Spiti Gold Solar Project 2013. We only accept limited numbers, and are happy to assist young people from all over the world. Gold Award Holders are most welcome and work with the Indian alumni; Gold participants will be able to complete the Residential Project and the Adventurous Journey.

Look forward to building the event of major significance and have the international community work with us for our YES (Youth Engaging Society) Projects. The office of GAHS India is  at New Delhi and the President of GAHS is the spirit behind Ecosphere (the partners for the Spiti Gold Solar Project 2013).

Welcome to write to us on for any further information.

The Indian Himalaya in Himachal Pradesh.
June 2013
Duration: 18 days
Route: Delhi - Manali – Spiti – Manali – Delhi
Maximum Altitude: 5000 mts.
Key features:  Volunteering on projects mitigating the impacts of climate change, Homestays, weekend excursions

During this journey you will be assisting the local community in construction of a solar bath. The volunteers will participate in the actual construction of the solar bath and the set up of a solar water geyser (Evacuated Tube Condenser) and will be assisted by a dedicated team of a qualified mason and representative from Ecosphere. The activity will entail physical work. The construction period will be 7 to 8 days. The trip is intermixed with work and pleasure. During this trip you will also be visiting some of the highest villages in the world, going on a high-altitude trek, visiting some ancient monasteries dating back to over a 1000 years and take a yak safari and mountain bike if interested. Traditional homestays further enrich the experience by giving one an authentic understanding of the life and culture in a Spitian home.

Significance of this Tour
The construction of a solar bath is of great significance in this region as great amounts of fuelwood, coal and wood is burnt for heating water which contributes to CO2 and black carbon emissions. The latter having far more damaging affects on the melting of glaciers and snow on a local level. Through the set up of a solar bath which includes both a passive solar structure as well as a solar water heating system, we enable the people to cut down on emissions (especially reducing black carbon) as well as enable them to have better hygiene through regular availability of hot water. 

Costs and more...
This is conducted in association with Ecosphere and EBD Educational Pvt Ltd, the cost for Indian Nationals is Rs. 36.000.00 thousand (from Delhi to Delhi). Foreign Nationals pay $ 750.00 (form Delhi to Delhi)

Costs including taxes for a group of 15 persons
-  All accommodation starting Day 2 to Day 15
-  Meals starting Day 4 dinner to Day 14 dinner
-  All bus/ jeep transfers Day 1 (with bus to Manali) to Day 15 (bus to Delhi)
-  Project support
-  Support staff on days required
Mineral water and beverages (other than those provided), Monastery Fees, Tips, Insurance  and expenses arising out of unforeseen circumstances 

Please Note:-
a) This is a carbon neutral trip. It is Ecosphere’s endeavour to generate minimum emissions on this journey and whatever emissions that we do generate are calculated and offset through investments in our in-house renewable energy projects within the region. These include construction of passive solar houses, green houses and investing in other sustainable renewable energy alternatives such as solar water heating systems, solar cookers, solar lighting, etc. 
b) A different kind of holiday - Ecosphere is a social enterprise and your travel with Ecosphere will contribute to the development and conservation of the region. Insights into the local development and conservation issues and a peep into Ecosphere’s initiatives 

Sign up Form online
You may want to simply fill the From shown below and or email us if you have trouble accessing the Form. Please email us at for early bird discount and more help.


The Spiti Diary 2012

Spiti Report
9th June 2012 to 12th June 2012
The 15 day Gold Solar Project took off with an overnight journey to Shimla. All the participants were randomly divided into two groups to increase interaction among them and boarded two separate buses for Shimla. After reaching Shimla early in the morning the next day, we immediately took off for Kalpa in 3 separate taxis. Kalpa was our introduction to snow capped mountains. After an overnight stay in Kalpa, we left for Kaza, a part of the Spiti Valley the next day where we had an overnight stay as well. The next day we left for the Key monastery. After reaching the monastery in the later part of the day, we were given an informal orientation. Thus, after 3 days of travelling, we settled into our accommodation for the next 2 weeks. 

13th June 2012 to 16th June 2012
We started with our first day of work. The participants were divided into groups and each group was given a separate task everyday. The tasks basically included farma work, mud work, path work, tank work and tractor duties. The groups were so formed that participants from different institutions were clubbed together in a group to enhance inter-regional interaction.

17th June 2012 to 20th June 2012
We left for our 4 day trek early in the morning on the 17th of June 2012. The first day was an 8km uphill trek to a village called Komik. It was indeed a difficult task for the participants as they weren’t acclimatised to high altitudes. After an overnight stay in Komik, we left for Demul the next day. This was a 12km uphill as well as downhill trek and we reached Demul late in the evening. The next day, we trekked upto the highest point called Bhalari. Later in the day, the villagers had organised a cultural event for all the participants. After staying overnight, we left for Lalung, a downward trek and visited the sarkang temple also.
We later left for the Key monastery.

21st June 2012 and 22nd June 2012
These were the last two days of our stay at the monastery. Much of the work being completed, we were left with only the plastering and painting and setting of the solar panel. This, according to the participants, was the fun part of the work. 
The completed Solar Bath was inaugurated by the King of the Spiti Valley in a ceremony held at the monastery. Later, the participants performed various skits and songs as a part of the “closing ceremony”. 

23rd June 2012 to 25th June 2012
The next day we left for Manali early in the morning. But, unfortunately, we got stuck due to a landslide and had to spend the night at a dhaba. The next day we crossed the landslide hit area on foot and went to the nearest bus stop sitting in the back of a truck. After the roads opened, we left for Rohtang Pass in our respective taxis but got stuck in traffic, again. We reached Manali in the evening on 24th June and left for Delhi immediately. 

Become a Member today

Associate members, sponsors and individuals are welcome to sign up for the membership of The Gold Award Holders Society.

Lifetime membership has a down payment of Rs. 10,000.00 (rupees ten thousand).
Sponsors and partners pay Rs. 25,000.00 per annum
Gold Holders pay a joining fee of Rs. 1000.00 and then pay an annual fee of Rs. 500.00 per year.

The funds are invested in projects and for doing youth development work.


Sandeep Dutt
Founder & Mentor

Rohit and Devanjali are representing India at GAHN 2012


We are excited to have Captain Rohit Saxena (founding member of GAHS) and Devanjali Dutt (India Youth Rep) attend the forthcoming Global Award Holders Network (GAHN) Singapore Workshop being held 16 to 20 August 2012. We wish them all the best!

The programme will build on the work of the 2011 IGE/Youth Forum and work towards key outcomes. These will include looking at how GAHA’s around regional and international communities can interact together to support the growth of the Award. The participants will work on developing a 'how to' guide on ways to start an alumni association and connect with Awardees from other countries.

Spiti Gold Solar Project 2012

The 15 day Gold Solar project took off on 9th June 2012 from Shimla. The groups were randomly divided into two groups to increase interaction among them. After 3 days of travelling the participants settled into the Keyh monastery for the next 2 weeks. 

On 13th June 2012 the participants started the first day of work. They were divided into groups and each group was given a separate task everyday which included farma work, mud work, path work, tank work and tractor duties. The groups were so formed that participants from different institutions were clubbed together in a group to enhance inter-regional interaction.

On 17th the teams left for a 4 day trek early in the morning. The first day was an 8km uphill trek to a village called Komik. It was indeed a difficult task for the participants as it took some time to acclimatise to high altitude. After an overnight stay in Komik, the teams left for Demul the next day. This was a 12km uphill as well as downhill trek and they reached Demul late in the evening. The next day, participants trekked upto the highest point called Bhalari. Later in the day, the villagers had organised a cultural event for all the participants. After staying overnight, teams left for Lalung, a downward trek and visited the Sarkang temple also. Later they left for the Key monastery.

The last two days during the stay at the monastery the teams did the plastering and painting and setting of the solar panel. This, according to the participants, was the fun part of the work. The completed Solar Bath was inaugurated by the King of the Spiti Valley in a ceremony held at the monastery. Later, the participants performed various skits and songs as a part of the “closing ceremony”.

As reported by Surabhi Vaidya - volunteer and intern at IAYP

Youth Leadership Week Sept 2012

Youth Leadership Week Sept 2012: Communicate, connect and create ; this is the best way to help the young people find themselves and we at Brewing Knowledge are supporting ...

The day plan:
27th Sept 2012 - arrival day, reach Purkal in Dehradun by 7.00 PM positively
28th - Workshop day- Youth Leadership today
29th - Training for the Adventurous Project
30th - Journey to Kalyani camp at the base of Dodhital in Garhawal Himalaya
1st  - Trek to Camp
2nd - Day at Dodhital
3rd - Descent to road head
4th - Return Journey to Dehradun and closing ceremony at Purkal, celebration evening
5th Oct - Departure day, starting 5.00 am

Gold Award Holders and Award Participants  pay Rs. 10,000.00 each. Volunteers and all who feel young post 30 years of age pay Rs. 12,000.00 each. 
For more call Devanjali on +91 9811133430

Details for making payments:
Name of Bank          : State Bank of India
Address of the Bank : Asian Games Village Complex, Hauz Khas, 118 Shahpur Jat, New Delhi - 110 016, India
Bank Account Name :  Gold Award Holders' Society
Bank Account No      : 31130205363
Bank IFSC Code      : SBIN0007407

Spiti Gold Solar Project 2012, a big success

26 young people complete the 2nd Gold Solar Project with Ecosphere in the high altitude region of Spiti

Gold Award Participants and Gold Holders from Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and India-Welham Girls' School-Dehradun, Good Shepherd International School-Ooty, The Scindia School- Gwalior, Ansal Institute of Technology-Gurgaon, Open Awards Centre enjoyed the 2nd Solar Project in the cold desert of Spiti, Himachal Pradesh while building a Solar Passive Bath at the Kee Buddhist Monastery. 

We are happy to announce The 3rd Gold Solar Project for 2013, get set for more!

Email us

Third AGM of The Gold Award Holders Society 2012

Present: GAHS Executive Committee Treasurer - Sandeep Dutt and 64 members

Observers: Programme Manager- Mr. Bivujit Mukhoty
Communications Manager/GAHS Executive Summary- Ms. Nivedita Samanta
Office Manager- Mr. Chittaranjan Das
Parents of some GAHS members

Special Invitees: Mr. Ajeet Bajaj- Gold Holder and Adventurer 

  1. About GAHS and 50 years of The International Award in India
  2. Approval of the Minutes of the last meeting held on 16th May 2011 at Lok Kala Manch, New Delhi
  3. Reappointment of the auditor and approval of audited statement
  4. Any adoption or amendments of Rules and Regulations of the Society, if necessary
  5. Any other matters- Introduction of Special Invitee and his address to the GAHS members about the importance of Gold Holders to be role models as committed citizens

1. Meeting was called to order at 1635 hours by Nivedita Samanta on behalf of GAHS President-Ishita Khanna. She proceeded to talk about the importance of GAHS, its inception to address opportunities for Gold Holders post their Gold Awards. The Gold Award Holders’ Society registered on March 8, 2010 is the premier Alumni network for Gold Holders in India. With the motto of Cherishing Service and Relationship (CSR), GAHS is an effort to create more awareness about the Award in our country and to rope in exuberant Award Holders, who feel for the Award and are keen to give back, GAHS exists for the provision, promotion and preservation of the International Award in India. GAHS will function as a completely independent set-up to assist in alumni relations and growth of the Award Programme as per the Strategic Plan of the National Office.
The GAHS has had a successful year in 2011-12 where members have represented the country at the International Gold Event in Kenya, in Israel Youth Conference and at key training and orientation events in India. 

2. Nivedita proceeeded to read the minutes the last meeting held on 16th May 2011 at Lok Kala Manch, New Delhi. Anwesha Ghosh proposed approval of the minutes and was seconded by Ajeet Bajaj. 

3. Sunil Trehan, Sunil Trehan & Co. Was approved and re-appointed as auditor for GAHS by GAHS members Dinesh Gajendran and Juzer Shaikhally. Audited statements read where the income for the GAH is only through membership fees and training expenses of members is the primary expense. 

4. Members are free to apply as ad-hoc Executive Committee members by sending in a formal request with their resumes to The Applications received so far are:
  • Anwesha Ghosh
  • Dinesh Gajendran
  • Ankit Durga
  • Shreya Ghosh
  • Shubhankar Chaudhary
  • Devanjali Dutt
  • Shubhda Hirawat
In addition, Communications Manager Nivedita Samanta who has been acting as Honorary GAHS Executive Secretary would like to move on from her term and proposed current India Rep. and GAHS Member Rajarshi Banerjee as the Nominee for the post.

5.  Any other matters:
    1. Calendar of Events available on website, GAHS Members welcome to attend any event of their choice
    2. Mr. Ajeet Bajaj was introduced as Guest Speaker for the evening. His biography is attached as an appendix to these minutes. (present in the Blog archives)
The meeting concluded with a round of applause for everyone. These minutes were made to the best of Nivedita Samanta’s knowledge and documented by Shubhda Hirawat.

Jodhamal Public School opens the First Youth Engaging Society Centre (YES) in Jammu and Kashmir

Jodhamal Public School (JMPS) joins as a YES Centre and will provide key capacity building and training support in the region of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) for the Promotion, Provision of The Award Programme in the northern frontier of India. With the belief that young people should be given an opportunity to explore and develop every facet of their being to realize their true potential, JMPS faculty and staff team are trained for excellence in all round development of young people.
The YES Centre became operational in the Jodhamal Public School premises on 30/05/2012 with a formal inaugural orientation session. The Chief Guest of the inaugural function was Dr. Chander Mohan Seth, the WWF (J&K) Chairperson. 

Special Appreciation to Mr. Trilok Singh Bist- Award Leader for the last one decade and now newly appointed Principal at JMPS for his support and passion for youth development through The International Award Programme.

Bronze Award participants from International School-Aamby Valley share their Chopta Tungnath Trek experiences

The IAYP adventurous journey on the Chopta Tungnath Trek, amongst the Himalayas, was a huge challenge and undertaking for the students who participated, but was well worth the hard work and persistence that was required. Students set off on a 3 day camping trip which saw them climb to 4000 meters and included lunch at India’s highest temple, as well as a swim and kayak in the famous Ganga River! 
- Reid Litster, YES Centre Manager
IAYP Student Comments
Jay Patel- “This was the best trip I have been to in my entire life! In a span of three days, I climbed to the highest temple in India, saw the best scenery and learned a lot of different things.”- Jay Patel
“The trip was great.  It was a fun challenging adventure.  The best part was the dip in the Ganga river.”- Naman Khanna
“We did a lot of things in 3 days! We hiked over 4000 meters, swam in the holy Ganga river, and we even watched a movie, played cards and charades.  It was one of the best trips of my life.”- Aditya Jain
“IAYP trip was awesome! It was one of my best trips.  There were a lot of adventures and I had a lot of fun. I learnt many new things and had an amazing time with my friends.  It was a great experience.  I was the youngest amongst us and still loved it! IAYP rocks!”- Akanksha Gupta
“The thought of reaching the top of the mountain and the feeling of being on top of the earth made me not give up.  I actually completed the trek! The overall experience was amazing, as sleeping in tents, having food by the campfire and playing charades, is not what I do every day.  Yes, climbing up the mountains turned out to be the most difficult part for me, but to complete this trek successfully was my goal and I achieved it.  We all worked as a team, in searching for our train or helping each other with our heavy bags.  I would not forget having Maggie noodles up on the mountains near our camp.  What made this trip even more fun was our supervisors and friends.  Mr. Reid and Ms. Christina, thank you for this wonderful trip!”- Laxmi Borude
“It was a great opportunity for us to find ourselves in nature.  After climbing the beautiful mountain in the Chopta trek, I realized how gorgeous nature is.  I liked the snowball flights, the trek and the dip in the Ganga river.  The trip was something to experience and share." - Naman Jain

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