Common Participation Form

New Common Participation Form introduced. This is secure and is numbered, to facilitate tracking and realtime data management on the DOFE Server. Forms will be available at Zone Offices, YES Partners, YES Centres and at the Open Award Centre. We are all excited about the Online Award Management coming soon via the DOFE.IN server!

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Meeting on the 14th Sept 2010

GAHS executives meet at The Studio, New Delhi. Please contact Tripti for further information.


The International Secretariat would like to improve on previous IGEs and would appreciate feedback from NAAs as important stakeholders - in response to the questions below - by 23rd September 2010.

Thank you for contributions to Steph Ball at " "

1. What are your expectations in the lead up to the IGE?

2. Do you have any feedback or recommendations for the context and framework of the IGE?

3. What do you believe the purpose of the IGE is and the tangible outcomes that could result from such an event?

4. Do you have any recommendations for themes, and the workshops to come from these?

5. Do you have any feedback or recommendations for the Youth Forum which takes place during the IGE, including “what next” after the Youth Forum?

6. What are your expectations of the host country?

7. Do you have any recommendations on the selection process of delegates for the IGE?

8. Do you have any recommendations on how to improve the understanding of the Youth rep role? And the election process?

9. What do you expect after the event has taken place? E.g. activities/delegate/Youth Rep involvement

10. Any other comments?

For more inputs contact the National Office "

The Award through my eyes- Amateur Video Competition

IAYP India invites all Award units, participants, Award Holders and partners to the first Award Video Competition. The best Video will show a fair understanding of the Award Philosophy of self-discovery, non-competitiveness, perseverance and enjoyment for all. We encourage you to show how each section of the Award allows you to have fun, learn new skills, make new friends and truly allows you to discover yourself through active engagement in your school, community and society. The winning team will be invited at the "India Showcase day" during the Asia Pacific Regional Board meeting to officially showcase their video, and their video will be used as the Official Award India Video for promotional purposes.

To help you get started, feel free to look at the following videos that talk about the Award in general and also get perspectives and experiences of Award participants:

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award- International Award Film

The Duke of Edinburgh's Awards Australia-Web Promo
The International Award-Get Involved
Experiences that last a lifetime-Duke of Eds Australia

Share your Award experiences with a clear, high definition five to ten minute video. Upload your video on YouTube, save it as "your name_city_IAYP India_Video2010" and share the link with the Communications Team by September 30, 2010. You are welcome to simply send your CD to us too!

Gold Volunteers in Training Team

Freya, Ankit and Devanjali are working in the National Training Team. Look forward to the Training Workshop planned 21st and 22nd Sept 2010, for Max India Ltd.

Join in for the Volunteers Training on the 5th

12 Volunteers are expected to attend the Role of Volunteers Workshop on the 5th Sept 2010 at the studio, in New Delhi. Call Saachi for more +917838983502

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