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 “A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring and sharing person inside” – Denis Waitley

Everyone must play a role in circulating beliefs and practices to the youth, giving them a sense of solidarity. We as teachers endure a unique responsibility as students spend hours in our classroom. We always devote a lot of time to creating a classroom environment that fosters values that help children work together as a team. Let’s take a glance at some other techniques we can strengthen personality development in our classroom. To create a collaborative and caring classroom, we need to help children promote values like Courage, Patience, Happiness, Tolerance, Honesty, Unity and Caring. I tried to incorporate these values into my syllabus to help children learn and perform and suggested videos to encourage their learning.

Unity is a strength Video.

(Tap on unity, Click on the right side and open with open hyperlink)

We know that achieving certain goals are not only the hard work of an individual, but it is the unity among each member of the group towards their goals. Let us know from our little ones (Class 4 Students), what they have learned from the videos and what they have to say about unity?

Ishwar- Unity is strength. Always help your friends. Never be scared. We may seem weak from the outside but are strong from the inside. It is said, “United we stand, divided we fall.” We should travel in groups. Always be kind to others. Don’t bully people.

Swastika Unity is essential for any team or group. Only when we are united we can enjoy the taste of success. Unity is the essence of a group’s happiness. We should always remember that “unity is strength”. Unity means oneness or togetherness. You can’t break a heap of bricks, but you can break a single brick. A family is called a family only when the members live together. If we stand together, we can fight any problem.

Aashita There is power in unity. We can win every hurdle with Unity. If we are united, no one can destroy or harm us. We can win every obstacle in our life.

Shaayna “Unity is strength” means stay together in all situations. Unity has great value in every work of life. Without unity, we cannot do a single work. If we stay united, we can do everything. The development of our society and country depends on this spirit. Unity protects us from evil doing.  Individual players do not win any match. It is the unity that helps to get a victory from the stronger team. So, we should always stay in unity.

Srijit This video teaches us that unity is strength. We need to work together in our society. Unity gives us courage, hope and strength. When we get support from others, we can get the courage to fight together. When we are united, we can bring change. If we stand together, we can fight any problem.  Unity is essential for any team or group.

Rriana-Both the videos show us that teamwork is essential. If all of us stand together, we can defeat our enemies. Weak people or animals become strong when they work together. When everyone helps each other, they feel happy. Ants are such tiny animals; they defeated a giant pig by standing together; that’s why we should travel in groups. We are confident when we are together.

Tenzin Khandu- In the first video, people try to get food for themselves. They all look hungry and weak. They fought each other to get food, but nobody got food. When they started helping each other to get food, everyone got food. This shows everything is possible if we work in unity. In the second video, a shark attacks a group of penguins. A group of penguins worked in unity and saved themselves. A giant animal and a large bird also attacked a colony of ants and a group of crabs. They worked together, and they were safe.

Chahak- We should help each other. We should be polite. We should be kind. Unity is essential for our life and strength. It is always better to work as a team. If we are alone, we can do so little, but we can do a lot if we are together. Unity gives us courage, strength, and hope. If we are together, we can defeat our enemies. We should help others in hard times.

Student can adjust or give their best in any group when they care for all in the team. So when children enter into a school, initially they always think about themselves, but slowly and gradually when they work together in a team, they start caring about each other. I shared my thoughts, explaining that respecting someone means taking care to not harm someone's feelings. I asked children what they think it means to care about someone or something. I told them, if you are caring, you express it by being cooperative and generous. When you care about another person, you are not harsh but kind. They expressed their feelings in drawings. I talked about the ways people show they care every day. I discussed the things the children can do, such as taking care of parents and grandparents, looking after helpers, watering plants, feeding a bird or fish, taking time to listen to a friend, etc. I asked children to make a Caring Card for anyone they care about. 

Let us see how these little hands have tried to present their ideas through drawings.  

- Anubhuti Sharma
Joy Of Learning Cohort 2020-21
Learning Forward Academy

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