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You might have come around terms like depression, stress, anxiety, or any other similar negative terms. You might have read many intellectual articles reflecting the reason behind these negative feelings, but the only key reason common in all of them is Pressure or Stress. 

Pressures are of various types:- 
Physical pressure
Emotional pressure
Psychological pressure
Psycho-spiritual pressure

Everyone is going through some or other kind of pressure. The pressure of academic performance, the pressure of earning a good living in society, the pressure of feeding family, the pressure of making your own life successful, etc. And the fact is that no remedy can help you escape the pressures in life; you have to fight daily with these pressures and overcome them.
Some people become a conqueror and win over these pressures, while others lose their willpower and kneel before them.

Students are handling mainly three pressures in life:-
To achieve great academic results
To chase their aim and work accordingly.
To balance their skills between academics and other practical skills.

Learning healthy ways to cope and getting the right care and support can help reduce stressful feelings and symptoms. The symptoms may be physical or emotional. For example, if you are emotional and nervous or have trouble sleeping or losing appetite, it can all be normal reactions to stress.  It's very much important to handle stress to live a healthy life. 

Follow some tips to relieve yourself from the stress.
Take good care of yourself:- Eat healthily, exercise daily, sleep well and give yourself a break if stressed out.
Talk:- Talk about your feelings with your friends, parents, or the one you trust. Taking time to share your feelings and to listen and support others will go a long way.
Entertain yourself:- Watch a TV show, listen to music or podcast, watch a comedy show that makes you laugh.
Cook or bake something:- Just the thought of having something delicious to eat can bring you enough joy. 

You can't feed your mind well if you don't feed your body well. So during this unprecedented time, let us support and be there for each other.  Stay fit, Stay healthy, Stay strong. 

Nikita Rajpurohit
The Fabindia School

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  1. Dear Nikita
    This article reminds me of a beautiful story by a zen master : where in he states an analogy of a diver, when a diver is inside a pool he doesn’t feel any kind water pressure over his body , he rather enjoys swimming and goes deeper in the pool , however if the same diver carries a pot of water for a while he will feel enormous pressure on his head. So the crux here is that you don’t feel any kind of pressure in doing the things you enjoy.


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