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As kids, we're told to hold a discussion on the topic ‘Unity and Care’. First, they wanted to know why I was discussing these values. After getting a satisfactory answer that it is for their emotional and mental development, they came up with their thoughts and ideas.

Some say Unity gives strength and power, while some emphasise unity comes only when we care for each other. Some discussed  unity in Dorm while some discussed more unity seen in school inter- house matches or inter-school matches. Some agreed that unity leads to caring, while some argued that caring coming before unity. They could relate to the Statue of Unity being put up in Gujarat. For everyone’s awareness, it is the statue of Sardar Vallbhai Patel. The unity of the Nation shown by that man has led to the formation of a large country like India by combining more than five hundred princely states.

As a teacher, I made them understand that caring is one factor that leads us to be together, as we have confidence and faith that during tough times that person or group will be there to lean back upon. If one is unwell, he will be looked after by others. I further explained unity is an essential value towards building a successful institution and eventually a better nation. 

School and family settings have always been perfect for teaching all the important values in a child's life, including peace, love, and care. Unity represents togetherness. Therefore, it is standing together for every thick and thin matter.

Students were attentive and listened carefully to both the values and their relationship with each other. I emphasized that the families to communities and societies are glued by showing empathy, love, kindness, care, etc., towards one another. This enables us to forge bonds and sustain them. Caring starts from a very early age as you care for your pets, younger siblings, plants. It is a lifelong process and rewards in a profound way. Caring for birds and nature has its own impact. I explained the significance of Unity by telling them that staying united is good for our growth and the nation’s development. This is also good for the family in the particular and all-around development of children. When we work together, we are motivated and encouraged to work harder. Also, we push each other to accomplish the goals.

The children were very enthusiastic during the discussion. And they agreed that caring is truly the basis for Unity. Be it caring done in our own houses to caring for the community.

Chandralekha Negi
The Doon Girls' School

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