Story Of A Sailor - Arundhati Shukla

There was a young professor who went on a long voyage and being a professor, he took a stack of books with him. There was an old sailor on the ship, and he came to the professor and said that I am an illiterate man. On this long voyage, would you teach me? Professor said, of course. So on the first day when the sailor comes, the professor says,” Old man, do you know what Geology is?  

“I don’t know, never heard of it.”

He says,” You live on this Earth, and you don’t know Geology. 25% of your life is over.”

Poor sailor goes to his room rejected. 

The second day he is asked, do you know what Oceanography –never heard of it. You live on this ocean 50% of your life is over.

Third-day Meteorology – you don’t know Sun and stars. 75% of your life is over. 

On the fourth day, the sailor comes running and says, professor, do you know Swimology. 

He says No, never heard of it. 

Sailor says that the ship is sinking and 100% of your life is over. 

To me, Swimology is the art of living – a meaningful, joyous life and reaching out to others. 

Listen to the story in the words of Arundhati.

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Arundhati Shukla, currently working as a Senior Physics teacher and the Dean of Pastoral Care at Unison World School, Dehradun. With a rich experience of 29 years in boarding schools, she has evolved as a lifelong learner and trained herself and her students and colleagues in multiple aspects of pedagogy, public speaking, critical thinking, innovation, inquiry-based learning and pastoral care. 

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