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3rd of July 2017 - the boundary between the Trainer and Learner will vanish!
Learning Forward India Professional Development Programme (PDP) is an extended and profound learning experience that immerses members in a model of inquiry and problem-based learning. Staff members work collaboratively to gain knowledge to solve significant student learning problems in their schools. We seek to understand individual members' needs and then assist them in meeting objectives through a collaborative learning environment and with the support of experienced coaches. The training programme comprises of Workshops, Webinars, Staff Exchange with partner schools, eLearning and finding solutions to not only teach but learn and help the school deliver better. The PDP is based on the philosophy of 'Schools Can Change', developed by Lick, Clauset and Murphy. The Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) take charge of their own learning by establishing Whole Faculty Study Groups (WFSGs) and Action Teams.

Enhancing Collaborative Learning

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Digital Learning Platform for Schools 
With the advent of accessible, available and affordable digital technologies like mobiles and other computing devices, the Internet is now reaching every school. Everybody wants to be a smart and connected school to enhance their learning eco-system to improve learning skills of their students. 
To take the learning forward to next level and building smart schools using digital technologies, mGurujee’s cloud-based collaborative learning platform is enhancing learning eco-system of your institution to connect and collaborate with its key stakeholders to improve students’ learning skills. 

mGurujee’s platform is a real-time & collaborative platform for your institutions among teachers-students anytime anywhere for learning, tests and Info.

Make Critical Decision Quicker, with Yugma

Solution For Schools

A new way for parents and schools to communicate in a timely and secure manner with ease and transparency. It is designed to give parents a voice, teachers a mechanism; and management an easy way to see the performance. Yugma will not only make you and your staff efficient and productive but also will increase pupil and staff retention.

All the stakeholders – parents, teachers and school management; must work in tandem to achieve the shared goal of children’s physical and mental well-being for their better future and help them excel in their lives.

Mistakes Are Beautiful

Mistakes play a very important role in determining all relations -  relationships with others and also with oneself, ones work as well as our overall approach towards life.

We often bring up children with rules that are strict, it's good to have rules but it's important to be realistic. Mistakes are important for success and growth. Breaking rules happens, even if we try not to because there's nothing absolute or 100%. Inventions, innovations, reflection, introspection, learning, relearning - won't happen if there's no room for making mistakes.

Let's stop to put strong mental boundaries in relationships. Let's stop to expect everyone to match our intellectual capacity or our expectations. Let's be open to diversity, be open to others making mistakes and let's fill in the gaps with patience, compassion and tolerance.

So next time when one of your student breaks a rule or makes a mistake, let's see it differently. Let's hold ourselves from reacting, let's step back within our mind from holding judgements and labelling the child bad, silly, unintelligent or good-for-nothing - let's instead become aware of our own aggression, intolerance, irritation. Let's give space to people to grow, let's point out mistakes but let's not point out at people. People are dynamic, ever changing.

However please don't make this concept an excuse to adhere to your 'blindness' or as a means to escape from reality. Mistakes are beautiful if they are accepted with compassion and reflected  upon with wisdom.

Thought provoking piece by Venus Upadhayaya, a contributing Blogger and inspiring individual. 

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