Enhancing Collaborative Learning

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Digital Learning Platform for Schools 
With the advent of accessible, available and affordable digital technologies like mobiles and other computing devices, the Internet is now reaching every school. Everybody wants to be a smart and connected school to enhance their learning eco-system to improve learning skills of their students. 
To take the learning forward to next level and building smart schools using digital technologies, mGurujee’s cloud-based collaborative learning platform is enhancing learning eco-system of your institution to connect and collaborate with its key stakeholders to improve students’ learning skills. 

mGurujee’s platform is a real-time & collaborative platform for your institutions among teachers-students anytime anywhere for learning, tests and Info.

mGurujee’s platform enhances academic excellence for your educational environment to effectuate an efficient, effective and enhanced the learning experience. Primary differentiation is to provide a collaborative ability for teachers and students at your institutions for course, materials, lectures, notes, homework, assignments, books, tests, video, audio, etc. 

The platform has Admin, Teacher, Student modules part of the basic offering for enhancing learning skills for students. Connect and collaborate using email/ live chat /SMS anytime with teachers and students. It has also survey, multi-centre, parent, attendance,  modules. 

The platform enables teachers to post class/lecture notes, slides, reading materials, video clips, audio clips, images, reading materials, homework assignments, reports, projects, class communications, tests, quizzes and a plethora of teaching aids "ON A DAILY BASIS" for students in his/her class and  for students in the class to have 24x7 access to all of this class content, in class, outside class, at home, on the road or where ever, to enhance learning productivity, submit assignments electronically, communicate with teacher to clear doubts and so on. And save paper/trees/ink in the process to protect the environment.

With a secure cloud-based solution, there are no capital expenditures to incur for the institution or enterprise, no software or hardware infrastructure to install and no need for any IT staff to maintain. The platform seamlessly integrates into any existing school management system and scales easily without being tied to any specific infrastructure. Unlike overly complex and high priced solutions, mGurujee platforms are focused on delivering key collaborative learning value for teachers and students in a blended classroom environment that are easy to deploy, customise and scale at a fraction of the price and at highest levels of reliability and security. 

  • Custom Branding as per your institution 
  • Enhance your learning eco-system 
  • Improve learning quality 
  • Be a smart school using digital technologies 
  • Learning and Assessment anytime 
  • Blended mode for classroom users
  • Saving of time, resources and money  
  • Focus on core learning and assessment 
  • Upload contents for teaching and assessment
  • Collaborate with students and teachers anytime 
  • Improve learning skills of your users  
  • Offer as a value-add service to your users 
  • Access contents using computers or mobiles
  • Lower investment
  • Deploy in days 
Please contact: Shantanu Dash, Email: shantanu@mospay.com, Mobile: +91 9818442041

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