The YES Way - Dec 2012

Youth Engaging Society (YES)
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Leading India with affordable quality rural education
The Fabindia Schools are managed by a non-profit organisation Bhadrajun Artisans Trust (BAT). BAT was established by William and John Bissell to build social development programmes with a focus on education and crafts. BAT is run by a Board of Directors and is a registered society in Delhi. 

We at BAT are more than happy to have you partner us and work for affordable quality rural education.
1. We welcome volunteers
2. Schools are welcome to do Skills as a well as Service Projects with The Fabindia Schools
3. The students of The Fabindia Schools are good in sports and will welcome opportunities to visit schools
4. We are happy to do Exchange Programmes and Teacher Training 
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The London International Youth Science Forum 2013 is a wonderful opportunity not only for students but also for staff to help upgrade their knowledge and skills.

Wish you a very Happy New Year and hope this Christmas is full of surprises!

Sandeep Dutt
Youth Engaging Society

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