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1. Communication - Ankit (Intern)
2. Programme Development - Interns - Devanjali, Jyoti, one more?
3. GAHS - Intern ???
4. Training - Intern ???
5. Office - Intern Ridhima

Total need:
7 Interns (paid Rs. 5000 per month, commit 50 hours), work five months in the year minimum.

20 Volunteers - participants or simple volunteers, need to commit 10 hours a month.

3 Managers ( two in place); need ONLY a fully paid Programme Development Manager, four to five years experience, passion to work in social sector, and gets about fifty thousand a month.

Gold Holders and Individuals keen to support are welcome.

Month for Volunteer Action

September is the start of the Volunteer drive, we encourage young people to register, and attend the Role of Volunteer Workshops. There are two Workshops in September 10, and we will sign on 25 Volunteers for 2010-11.

YES Partners Meet

27th August 2010; another turning point!
With huge success in the YES Centre model, we now have a set of nine YES Parters, who will upgrade to licensed operators. A great day of training and foundation laid for the Award as a Social Business, for Youth Engaging Society.

Youth and Sports

As part of the 2010 Asia Pacific Regional Meeting - and to celebrate the spirit and values of the Commonwealth Games - we will be hosting a Youth in Sports photo exhibition at the British Council New Delhi in October. If you would like to submit your photos from the region, please upload them to the following site 31st August. Pictures must be provided in a jpeg format.

Programme Development Manager

We are looking out for a Programme Development Manager; roll out the Award Programme across India. Gold Holder with marketing and business development acumen welcome.4-5 years work experience, IT friendly, social network and more a passion to work with youth. Location New Delhi, scale Rs. 4-5 lac pa.
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