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There are times when I feel like writing nothing at all, not for the lack of something to say, but because there is immense contentment within. To write, to think, to breathe - all seems too much of a distraction. On the other hand, there is also a pressing need to share the source of this contentment for it cannot simply be consumed for oneself. It needs to go out there, be absorbed, be multiplied, be scattered in the wind to be picked by those who tend to take in their breath with a sense of expectancy.... read on the Next Future Blog

‘Four-year course will make DU student-centric’ - The Times of India

‘Four-year course will make DU student-centric’

A paradigm shift — in approach, curriculum and structure — is being introduced at Delhi University. PC Jain, principal, Shri Ram College of Commerce, Dinesh Varshney, deputy dean students' welfare, J P Sharma, dean, faculty of commerce and H C Pokhriyal, executive director, School of Open Learning — all from DU — explained how things work there to a packed hall. 

Poor English, computer skills make graduates unemployable - The Times of India

Poor English, computer skills make graduates unemployable 
Of the five million odd graduates that India produces annually, only a little over half are employable in any sector of the knowledge economy. Inadequate English and computer skills are key factors holding back students, especially those from smaller towns.

The National Employability Report by Aspiring Minds, an employability solutions company, revealed this, based on the computer adaptive test on 60,000 Indian graduates. The students were tested communication skills in English, computer knowledge, analytical, cognitive skills and basic accounting knowledge.


EBD's new school management company is there to help and even handhold schools, by enabling them with process, training and finding solutions to help them do whatever they are doing in a better way. The key focus of the company is partnering with existing schools and institutions to offer 'affordable quality education'. This is no run of the mill consulting or a design enterprise, a unique company with the specific goal of not putting additional burden on the school budget, but enabling them to use their resource better.
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