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-A token of thoughtful moment
How small acts of thoughtfulness can change our lives! Nature gives a grand feast to our hungry eyes immediately after the winter season and just before the summer season. Common spring flowers are lilacs, daffodils, irises, tulips, lilies, and dandelions which can be found around the world. Spring certainly is the result of warmth. Spring Season significantly increases the motivation to do the workout. Furthermore, cold weather is a period of less physical activity. So, when spring comes, people get excited about physical activity. Really I like to enjoy the beautiful warmth of the Sun after such a goosey winter. Spring season always boost up my energy. Like my other friends, exuberantly I look forward to the Holi which makes our life so colourful. 

Generally, I do study after I come back from school but today I don’t like to perform any work. No spirit to do any new venture. I withdraw myself in my room. I lean back with the support of my lovely pillow, try to feel the comfort on my soft bed. Today was the last day of our academic session, we were apprehensive about the change which might occur in Grade-X. Right now I have reminiscence about the incident that suddenly evolved on the way while performing my duty as a member of the student council.

Truly speaking, hardly had I realized I could react in this manner. Apparently, I am facing difficulties to maintain a balance between the responsibilities as well as good rapport with friends. It is a crucial moment for me to understand every phenomenon and react appropriately without creating any nuisance. Sudden checking of my friends’ bags gave rise to a new problem for me which was beyond my understanding. As per the instruction and guidance of our teacher, we examined the bags of our friends. At this, unexpectedly I was accused by my friends when two mobiles were discovered from their bags.

Monika indignantly cast a look on me and said, “It’s due to you, all these things happened, you could have informed us. But you always want to create a good image in front of the teacher”, breathlessly she spoke failing to suppress her anger.

My defensive attitude went in vain. I gave the last trial to make them understand, “How can I be indifferent to my duty for which I was appointed?”

Reshma snapped me saying, “Now you choose, which is important in your life, duty or friends?”

Eventually, I couldn’t stand for myself before the entire class; neither could I avoid the looks of their aversion.

I walked out of the class, I was perplexed, “Who can solve my problem….Who can understand my predicament? I don’t want to lose my friends at all. I can’t neglect my duty as well as my friend. How can I make them understand that they are equally important to me?” These unstoppable thoughts are abruptly emerging in my mental plate.  
Fortunately, I met my class teacher in the corridor who always listens to us very intently. Something from inside stopped me from speaking eloquently when I stood facing her. I failed to hide my tears from my class teacher. Her soft voice touched my heart, “ Ayushi, you should not feel sad at their accusation, they are not your  true friends.”

I said to myself “How can I make out who are my genuine companions?”
She continued, “True friends always appreciate you for following the right path. Duty cannot be superseded by our evil motives. We need to be loyal towards our school.”
“I don’t want to hold my post further, please remove me from my responsibilities,” my voice quivered while speaking to her in a low voice.
My class teacher looked at me surprisingly because it is evident that she never expects this kind of behaviour from me.
Subsequently, she was very firm while speaking to me “Ayushi, responsibilities are always for the capable person, so don’t underestimate your worth. Don’t deviate from your principles at all cost. Be practical. It is the appropriate moment for you to retrieve what is right and what is wrong.”

After saying this she led me towards the class. Monika and Reshma were sharing their glances, perhaps they could perceive what might be happened. The teacher stood in the centre of the classroom whereas I was near the door looking at her helplessly. She started speaking to all ignoring the looks of Monika and Reshma, “ If a person is loyal to her/his duties, she/he will be always truthful towards her/his friends as well. So try to identify who is your true friend.”

Later they apologized for their misbehaviour and showing an impatient approach to her. Even she felt free from any sort of disbelief towards her friends. She understood that there would be ups and downs in the relations; we should form the attitude ‘let it go’. She celebrated the Holi Festival with her friends wholeheartedly. There was no indictment, no perplexity, no faltering, it’s all about consideration, it’s about generosity, it’s only about the fulfillment of love and understanding.

Harmony @ Billabong High International School, Thane 
- Abira Chakraborty, Pooja Khona, Bhumika Ailsinghani, Rajshri Rane, Soniya Kuril, Poonam Choudhary, Kavita Shetty


  1. It is an interesting and true story . After reading this I could recall what had happened during that day. At last everyone were filled with joy as it was our last day . Thank you for writing such a lovely story .

  2. True and inspiring story,I could recollect all that happened that day

  3. Highly motivated story with a moral message. Looking forward for more stories.

  4. A wonderful story, really inspirational. A great congratulations to the author for a successful story.Looking forward to more.....

  5. A lovely narrative ! Honest and soul stirring. Loved reading it. Could empathize with the protagonist. How often we face such similar situations,where we need to make a choice conscientiously.It's always, better sense prevails.
    Thank you for sending this !


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