Humility and Appreciation - Byju Joseph

Humility is a humble nature to be possessed by everyone. It is one of the personality
traits. A humble person will always be loved and respected by others. He never expects any reward from others for doing any favour. We can observe this virtue in all great people.  Humility has its own attractive power. Humility in a person can make several changes in others. There was a real incident in Mother Teresa’s life. When she was serving in the slums of Calcutta she had some orphan children with her.

One day it happened that they did not have anything to eat. Mother Teresa called the children and told them, “We have nothing to eat today. So let’s pray to God, He will give something to us.’ After a while, she told them, “Come let us go and start to beg. The children followed her. She saw a shopkeeper and humbly asked him to give something to eat. But the shopkeeper hated Mother Teresa and he angrily spits saliva on her palm. She slowly wiped the saliva with her sari and said, “Thank you for what you have given for me. Will you give something to my children?” The shopkeeper was astonished at these words. He was shocked at the humility of Mother Teresa. He apologized for his misbehaviour. At that time onward he changed entirely and started helping the orphan children and it continued regularly. This is one of the most heart-touching real examples of humility.

Humility is a golden value which always entitles appreciation. The person who is humble will be appreciated everywhere. When we appreciate anyone, we value him and respect him. Appreciation is a beautiful gift that we can give to others for their service. It provides happiness and satisfaction to them and the same effect will be there towards us.

Being educators it is our duty to inculcate these values in our children. But these cannot be taught by lecturing. Teachers are role models for them. They are copying the behaviour, attitude and personality of teachers. So it is very important to be humble enough for them. For their minute contributions and humble acts, appreciation is important. We should appreciate them and make them aware that they are precious in their life.  Then they also will learn to appreciate others. These attempts will surely motivate them and that will inspire them to do many useful things in their life.

Byju P. Joseph
The Fabindia School

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