Hope and Friendship - Byju Joseph

Hope is the feeling or expectation to happen something in a positive manner. Everyone has hope. It is always optimistic. But life is not according to our expectations. There are many tough times in our lives. We need to face them fearlessly. Hope always provides confidence to fight against the adverse circumstances and help to achieve success. There are many situations in our lives where we expect a cent per cent success but at the final stage, we lose our expectations. In all such situations, our hope will help us to analyze and correct our mistakes to achieve better results. Our lives become colourful and meaningful because of hope only. When we fall ill, our body and mind become weak but our hope helps to form a mind set up that leads to an easy recovery.
If there is hope there is a reason to live. Hope strengthens our mind. There is a proverb that says, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. When it is absolutely necessary to do a thing, and there is no way of doing it, we strain our brains and invent the possibilities. We are using the technologies and facilities without thinking about the hard work of those people who worked behind to create them. We must be thankful to those people or scientists who have invented so many things for mankind by their hard work for many days with patience and curiosity. Beyond these all efforts and success, there must be hope.

Parents have expectations from children and children have expectations from parents. Teachers have expectations from students and students have expectations from teachers. In the same manner, as citizens of the country, we have expectations from other fellow beings and vice versa. Thus mutual expectations exist among us. We understand each other and mutual relationships become stronger. These cordial relationships strengthen gradually and lead to friendships and we hope to fulfil our needs.
Friendship is a divine gift because it is purely based on love. It is a close relationship formed by mutual understanding among different individuals where we can find love, caring, acceptance and sharing. We all like to have true friends. True friends are those who feel happy in our success and feel sad in our failures. Due to the influences of certain factors, true friendship becomes rare and only a few people experience it on these days. The weakening or failure of friendship should never be promoted. School is the proper place where true friendship can originate and flourish. Childhood friendship will continue smoothly and last for the whole life. Educators and parents have equal responsibilities to correct the mistakes of children and to inculcate and promote values in them. Byju P. Joseph The Fabindia School bjh@fabindiaschools.in

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