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Hope is a feeling of expectation for something to happen. Hope gives wings to our desires. Without
hope, life will be sad as hope gives us the strength to face the challenges and stand again after failure and move forward towards our destiny. Hope is a positive feeling about something we desire for. It builds trust within one's self. It can help a person to start from zero and reach to the top. The person who is hopeful in life, will never lose his confidence and never be frustrated. We also need patience and hard work with the hope to become successful in life. Hope is the only thing which can relax our mind in difficult situations. It creates a second chance for us to get what we want and win in life. The people whom we love also contribute to stay hopeful in life and help us to come out of frustration. Our family will always be with us which is quite natural but friends which we make in life also bring sweetness in our life. It is the pure relation which is beyond selfishness. It is the relation which is made up of love, care, support, understanding and trust and can last long to eternity. Friends must have enough faith in each other that no one can create misunderstanding between them. A real friend is one who stands with us, no matter if hundreds of people are against us. There is no life without friends. Friendship is the only relation which reduces the differences of caste, religion and financial status. It is the relationship between two souls. We can't open our hearts with anyone except whom we trust. We can laugh, cry, share happiness or grief, good or bad experiences and have fun with friends. Life becomes more joyful with friends. At the same time, friends should correct our mistakes and help us to avoid bad things instead of being quiet even if we are on the wrong path just to make us happy. It is better to have few friends who are true rather than having many fake friends. Monika Vaishnav The Fabindia School mvv4fab@gmail.com

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