Responsibility and Cooperation - Monica Vaishnav

It is very important to be responsible in life. Responsibility means duties or the work. It can be official or non official. We have responsibilities towards our family, our work, our friends, our country and the whole community. We should fulfill our responsibility with honesty and willingness. 

Responsibility makes a person punctual and dedicated towards his work. Sometime we see people becoming irresponsible in life, it is because either they are over pampered or people don't give them responsibility thinking that they won't do it properly.Giving responsibility is the only way to make someone responsible. 

They may make mistakes for once or twice but slowly they will become responsible in life. The one who takes responsibility at the early age, becomes stronger and more successful in life. We should make children responsible by giving them small tasks according to their age. They should be taught to take care of their own things, do their work by themselves and take care of their dear ones and surroundings where they live. When they are in school, they must take care of school property and when they are at home they should help their parents and take care of them, how much they can. Fulfilling our responsibility, gives us inner satisfaction. 

Cooperation is the essential part of any task or work to be given as a team. Without cooperation we can't achieve our goal. When we work as a team, we all have to help, support, guide, listen and understand each other. When a person becomes successful in life, there are many hands who support him to reach his destiny. None of the institutions could work properly without cooperation of the people working there whether it is school, hospital, company etc. For example, school is the true example of cooperation as to run any school properly, the teachers, Principal, children, management, parents, support staff, driver and admin staff cooperate with each other and work together to achieve a common goal which is overall development of the child.
Monika Vaishnav The Fabindia School

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