Humility and Appreciation - Prerna Rathod

Humility is an ornament of a good human personality. It is the best quality of a humble man.
All great men & celebrities of this world are adorned with this quality i.e., humility. Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Swami Vivekananda are live examples of a humble person. Due to this quality, they have achieved all goals of life and society without war and non-violence and are remembered for the work they have done for the society.

Appreciation goes hand in hand with humility. A humble person always appreciates the good qualities of the other person and never fails to praise them. This act of them reinforces the opposite person to appreciate him & his humility in return. So mind it, where there is humility, there is appreciation also. Both these qualities are the two sides of a coin and go hand in hand.

Lord Rama is a unique example to explain this. Rama was so humble that he happily ate the tasted berries offered by Shabri without any grudges. Thus, Rama’s humility is appreciated by all of us until today.

In return, Lord Rama appreciated the love & faith of Shabri. Her humility touched his heart & without giving a second thought he appreciated her act & ate the tasted remnants of the berries.

These both qualities are important for an Educator. An educator must appreciate a child’s work even if it is not the best work of the class. This will motivate the child to do his /her work sincerely and one day he/she will produce the best work in the class.

Finally, we can say where there is humility; appreciation resides there and vice versa.

Prerna Rathod
The Fabindia School

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