Simplicity and Trust - Sharmila Vijayvargi

Simplicity is the quality of being simple and uncomplicated. In other terms, it also implies purity, clarity and beauty of thoughts. Being simple is a virtue to anyone. When we look around ourselves, we find many people, but we call only a few as "simple". This is because simplicity has to be developed. One needs to understand the target of one's communication and accordingly uncomplicated and simplify things. For a teacher, this value is even more important.
Teacher plays the most important job of shaping the future of the nation and hence, while in the classroom or otherwise interacting with students, a teacher needs to be very clear in his/her thoughts and convey even the complex of things in a simple understandable manner and that's when he will be regarded as a great teacher. Not only a teacher, but every successful individual is also an epitome of simplicity. For eg; Mahatma Gandhi, very clear in his thoughts, simple in his living and very strong and bold in his fight against injustice. While simplicity is a great virtue leading to effectiveness, it also helps to develop and build trust among people. One who is simple and doesn’t unnecessarily show off will attract respect and trust from everyone around and as we all know trust is the building block of every relationship and most importantly, the relationship of a teacher and student is also based on trust. Lastly, continuing with the example of Mahatma Gandhi above, it was his simplicity which led the entire nation to trust him and it was the trust of his fellow nationals that helped him walk the path of injustice and emerge as a warrior without weapons. Sharmila Vijayvargi
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