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Living simply entails stripping away the nonessential and focusing your time and energy on the things that matter the most. When you simplify, you’re left with a life filled with meaning, a life that is lived on your own terms. You have the time and space to pursue your interests and to create the life you truly desire. If you are simple in your life then you tend to have more opportunities in life. You can make your life simpler when you have the ability to make simple decisions. A simple person usually wins the trust of any person in any situation. A simple individual can be a trustworthy person. So these two values have a special meaning in life. 
It is often in the most simple things that we find true happiness. Living a simple lifestyle allows you to see the reality of the situation more easily. Your mind is less stressed because it has less to worry about. It is easier to make a wise decision when you know your principles in life. You only say yes when you can and firmly say no when you can’t or don’t want to. It’s easier to focus on the other person when your life is simpler.
The interaction is also sincerer since you’re free of the need to impress them. Choose people in your life whom you can really trust. If the level of trust is low in a relationship or organization, people limit their involvement and what they are willing to do or share. They might think to themselves, “This is all you deserve,” or, “This is as all I am willing to give.” In contrast, when the trust level is high, people reward it by giving more. But, more often than not, people feel that their distrust is not safe to share. So a leader or loved one may be slow to discover that they have lost a person’s trust. 
To be effective, a leader must earn the trust of his or her constituents to ensure their participation and allegiance. Indeed, any successful relationship — whether it’s the leader to follower, consultant or coach to the client or the relationship between spouses, siblings and friends — relies on a level of trust that must be earned. Yet even trust that is earned can be quickly lost and cannot be quickly regained. If members of a team or relationship lose trust in each other, it takes a great deal of work to restore it. People are not quick to reinvest in a relationship where trust has been broken. They generally move on. So yes, trust can be blended with simplicity. If you have simple desires and choices in life then you have the power of controlling your lifestyle, expenses etc and you can be a great partner in a relationship with anybody in the course of life.
- Swabhi Parmar, The Fabindia School

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