Simplicity and Trust - Richa Solanki

Simplicity means something easy to understand and the quality of being simple. It’s easier to understand other people when your life is simpler. The interaction should also be sincere, it can build trust and this impresses students. If we make things complicated it is harder to understand for students. Choose a simple way to express something then it will build trust and this is connected to simplicity.

Simplicity is staying in the present and not making things complex. Simplicity is giving patience, friendship, and encouragement. Simplicity is accepting the small things in life and being natural whatever you are showing off is not simplicity.

Trust is to know someone and judge them by yourself. The more you spend your time with students the more you will understand them and give them a task and trust them that they can complete it on time and properly. This will take some time until you know their behaviour, how they will react to something. Observing with details will help them to understand better.
And it builds trust because we see simplicity in them. Sharing our problems is a good way of connecting with others and we can share anything with someone if we trust them. So, it important to build a relationship of trust between students and educators and this will be possible when there is simplicity in explanation. Complexity will not help to connect simplicity and trust with each other.
Richa Solanki
The Fabindia School

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